Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Going Shopping For A Moisturizer In The Baking Aisle

{My recent beauty purchase found in the baking aisle.}

Sometimes I feel like I'm beating a dead horse by mentioning how dry my skin is on every blog post. But since this is mainly a beauty related blog, my face is a big part of how makeup wears on my face, so I feel it's a factor I need to always mention.  

Obviously the hundreds of dollars I've been spending on drugstore and fancy face creams and moisturizers isn't cutting it, so I recently decided why not try mother nature's cure...Coconut Oil.

So I did.  I had my 7 year old with me grocery shopping, and had him scanning the aisles for specifically VIRGIN UNREFINED coconut oil.  Once he spotted it (way up on the very top shelf, not sure how he saw it before I did) he immediately wanted to know, "Do I have to eat it??" Ha!

"No honey, no one is eating this, it's going in moms bathroom,"...cue the shocked and confused look. 

{Back of the jar. Confirmation I'm NOT crazy to want to put it on my skin!}

{The insides of the coconut jar.}

I could link a gazillion articles that have already been written about the benefits of coconut oil, so I'm not onto something completely groundbreaking here.  It has just taken me reading a bunch about it to actually go ahead and give me the confidence to try it for myself.  I do not eat coconut because I don't like the taste and texture, but the smell is nice and light and reminds me of my childhood sunscreen!

Things you should know about coconut oil:

1. Choose VIRGIN coconut oil. Unrefined kind of means the same thing as virgin (from what I've read) and so this means it hasn't been chemically altered as much as a refined version and means they've been first pressed from raw coconut and the natural goodness hasn't been removed. 

2.  It's easy for everyone to use all over your BODY if you've got the dry skin issue - from lips, around the eyes, to legs and elbows. It's been proven to heal major skin issues like psoriasis and eczema per Dr. Oz

3.  That being said, it's NOT for everyone's FACE.  I've had a great experience so far with mine because I have insanely dry skin.  But I've read that those with oily skin and acne prone, should probably just keep it as an eye cream or lip balm if you just have to try it on your face.  I do have one small blemish that has popped up since using it, but I think it's just bad timing.  
*I am using this oil ONLY at night by the way and my normal moisturizer during the day just because I know it's super concentrated and don't want to completely freak my skin out.*

4.  It can also be a HAIR conditioner.  If you put some on your ends and let it sit a few hours (or overnight in a shower cap or head wrap) then shampoo it out, it should make your hair super glossy.  Don't put it on your roots though - that's going a bit far and you could end up with greasy looking locks.  A deep hair conditioner with it is next on my list of things to try with it!

5.  It's CHEAPER than store bought facial moisturizers and a little goes a long way.  This jar cost me $8.99 and I probably won't get through all of it until Christmas 2014 at this rate.

6.  It turns from a SOLID to a LIQUID OIL quickly after the warmth of your hand hits it and you start to rub it in.  So a little goes a long way! Hence more for your money!

Of course it has great health and cooking benefits when used in preparing foods, but I'm not so good in the kitchen, so I'll leave that experiment to the food bloggers:)  Oh, and if you're allergic to coconut, I guess obviously don't go trying this at home!!

What's your experience with coconut oil as a moisturizer?  Have you or would you try this grocery store ingredient?

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