Monday, December 23, 2013

Lucky In Lip Gloss

I fall hard in love with lip glosses when I find one that treats my face right and goes with every outfit and every makeup look I care to create...

My lovely new shade:

I found this product after spending a little time "swatching" (if that's even a word!) in the Victoria's Secret beauty section. I had Vivian with me, and she helped me choose this color while insisting I use her little hand to draw stripes of glosses on! She really has become my mini makeup assistant.  Even though this shade isn't a look-at-me red or bold fuchsia, it still has a wearable wow factor in my opinion.

Why I feel lucky to have found this lip lacquer :

  • It is truly super shiny and lacquer-like and has reflective pigments that gives me that Candice Swanepoel pout (despite lips twice as small as hers), 
  • this neutral nude has an ever so slight pinkish base that goes well with smokey eyes, bright eyes, rosy cheeks, you name it, it works with it. 
For 14 bucks, I feel like this is a good deal for such a beautiful product.  Although I like it so much, I might end up wearing it every day, therefore causing me to buy another one in less than a month.  The only bummer is that this formula isn't offered in a plethora of colors - but then again it keeps the confusion down on choosing from the only 3 color choices!  Click here to see another post I did on Victoria's Secret makeup here.  They've got a good thing going for wearable and well made sexy makeup!

*SIDE NOTE ON ACCESSORIES*  My cute peppermint nail wraps are from and I received them in my POPSUGAR must have box.  They are perfect for showing off my Christmas spirit! And the leopard print faux jacket is an old one from Free People - but found a super similar jacket here from Dorothy Perkins.

What product makes you feel like you won the lip gloss lottery?

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