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Product Review : POP beauty Plump Pout

Who doesn't love a good lip gloss?  It's the easiest product a girl can apply (no mad makeup skills necessary like working a liquid eyeliner!) and makes a big impact with just a few swipes.  Time to shakeup your makeup with POP beauty...

Color swatches from L to R : 
Bare Nectar * Honey Rose * Peony Petal * Fuchsia Freesia

Bare lips to start out with. I have zero color to my lips - Ha!

 Bare Nectar.  
This starts off brown, but amazingly turns much lighter and wearable as it sits on the lips.  

 Honey Rose.
This is a deeper rose color and tends to go slightly mauve.

 Peony Petal.
This is a pink based rose color.  Very similar to the Honey Rose but with a more true pink base.

Fuchsia Freesia.
Bright fuchsia with slight a lilac undertone.

Woah, someone needs to paint their nails - Hahaha!

My thoughts on this POP beauty lip product, $16,  touted as a "liquid lipstick stain that combines the high shine of a lacquered gloss with the long wear of a stain." Their words exactly.

1. Plump factor on a 1-5 scale, 5 being Angelina Jolie lips.  I'd give it a 3.75.  The sensation that happens about 30 seconds after it's applied gives you the feeling it is blowing up your lips! It has a mad tingle sensation, that I actually love, and mentally makes me feel like I have fuller lips the way it feels!  When I look in the mirror, it's no miracle product (are any of them really?), but the shine does give my naturally thin lips the illusion of being larger than they appear in the mirror:)

2. Shades.  I love all 4 shades.  When I saw the Bare Nectar, I was skeptical because I hate any lip color with a brown base.  It's a personal thing.  But this turned out to be a really lovely neutral for those that love hardly any color but like shine.  My favorite is of course the Fuchsia Freesia because it's the most bold, but the most wearable color in the bunch has to be the Peony Petal.

3.  Is it a stain or is it a lip gloss or is it a lipstick?  I would categorize this as a lip gloss.  I would not say a stain at all, because of it's high shine and it didn't stick on my lips that long - or stain them at all.   Maybe you can get away with liquid lipstick, but it's definitely shinier than what I would categorize as a lipstick. 

4. Ingredient love.  I adore the super nourishing feeling because of the avocado and jojoba oils that are in the formula.  Most lip plumbers dry my lips out, but this one does not at all.

5. Shape.  I've never owned a lip product that is shaped like this one! I love that it's thin and flat, as I could slide this into my jean pockets without it sticking weirdly out with a round shape!  Packaging does make a difference in my world.

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I had never tried any of this beauty brand before (that started with a cult following in London), so overall I was really impressed with the formula, pigments, and packaging.  They want to give you the feeling of POP culture with their trendy products so I do love beauty companies that are on top of what's new and hot! 

Have you ever tried any POP beauty products before?

*These products were sent to me for consideration only by POPbeauty and Pretty In My Pocket.  All opinions expressed are my own and honest as always.*

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