Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Christmas Aftermath

This poor doll head pretty much says it all for how the day after Christmas feels.  She was brand spanking new as of yesterday until Vivian got a hold of her and a new cheap makeup palette she got from Ulta.  I tried for a few minutes to let Vivian in on a little secret that lip gloss goes on lips not eyes, but it fell on deaf ears. I guess she wanted her doll to have the dewy wet eye effect!! Can't blame the girl for thinking out of the box.

We are all extremely tired from a very full day of family get togethers, extreme present opening, and overeating.  My house is an absolute disaster but my kids could care less and are trying so hard to play with every single new toy at once!  

 {Literally couldn't get everyone to stay still for a Christmas morning picture - 
they were WAY too excited!}

Favorite gifts :

All 3 kids - The drum set.  Starting to second guess what Santa was thinking bringing them this noisy contraption;)
The boys - They each got brand new Nerf guns so they like battling each other. I haven't stopped hearing the sound of Styrofoam bullets buzzing past my head since yesterday morning at 8am.
Vivian - Loves the doll head above obviously, as well as some brand new dress up princess clothes she keeps switching out.  
Me - My husband replaced my iPhone 5S I recently ruined after 3 weeks of use by brilliantly dropping it in a small glass of water in my car cup holder. This was really all I wanted and I will be much more careful this go around.  I did receive a bunch of makeup from Sephora from my in-laws which runs a close 2nd and will now give me PLENTY of blogging material.
Hubby - It's hard to tell.  He never really wants or asks for anything, so he gets stuck with clothes! 

{Road trip selfie to celebrate with family taken with my new iPhone!}

My makeup from yesterday's festivities was pretty neutral but I did add a little bit of sparkly green eye shadow along my lower lash line only to add to the Christmas spirit.  The green color is from my Too Faced Smokey Eye Kit collection which is in the old one (prob about 2 years old) but I think their newer collection one does not include green.  My lip gloss was my new favorite I blogged on here.   

Overall, from start to finish, I am feeling so blessed to have such wonderful children who bring me so much joy, a fantastic husband, and sweet and generous family members.  Our time together yesterday was awesome - from the quiet and non-traffic-y drive home late last night, with 3 sleeping children in the back, while listening to Christmas music one last time on the radio, while staring at all the lights and decorations, it all gave me a warm fuzzy feeling of how the whole day went down.  

I truly wish it could feel like Christmas every day.

Did you get a favorite gift?  And are you feeling the Christmas aftermath today?

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