February 28, 2013

Eye Candy

Here are a few things from this week that I would categorize as EYE CANDY.  From eye makeup, cute kids, to shiny chandeliers, you can find beauty and fun filled visuals in almost anything if you just take time to look around!

 {A pair of *Lonjure lashes, in style Star Crossed, the company was sweet to send me.}

{Lonjure lashes on for a fun filled girls night out.}

My long bangs kind of hide these lashes!  Guess it's already time for a much needed bang trim so I can start seeing my eye makeup efforts.

 {L'Oreal Clean Artiste eye makeup remover - my new fave!}

On a side note about this eye makeup remover.  My all time favorite eye makeup remover is Lancome's Bi-Facil, but it costs me a whopping $28 for a bottle that lasts me only a month and a half.  So I happened upon this little drugstore beauty that removes all the massive amounts of eye makeup I wear without me having to tug and use multiple amounts of product.  I swear it feels very similar to the Bi-Facil, you shake it right before using just like the Lancome - and it only cost me $5.99!  Big Score.

 {I find this face to be eye candy...}

...especially with her messy morning hair, half-on Disney princess dress over her pj's, plus Hello Kitty bandaid covering a very small head wound from face planting on concrete. Even though the scratch didn't really need a bandaid, she loves to decorate her face however possible!

{Eye catching chandelier in 5 Bar from my girls night.  This place was ah-mazing.}

Hope you've had an eye candy filled week so far!!

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* I was sent this pair of Lonjure lashes by the company for consideration and was not paid for this mention.

February 27, 2013

Makeup Tips You Can Use From The Oscar Red Carpet

Even though Sunday's Oscars are over, people are still buzzing about all of the good looking females that roamed the red carpet!  Here are some of my favorite makeup looks and what we can all learn from them...
Let Statement Lips Speak For Themselves.

{Solange Knowles, via.}

{Rose Byrne, via.}

If you're going to wear a bright bold lip color, keep the rest of your makeup (eyes + cheeks) as neutral and low key as possible.  Let the lip color be front and center.  For a tangerine lipstick like Solange, try this one, and for a cherry red like Rose, try this one.

False Lashes Create Immediate Glamour

{Big Winner! Adele}

{Kerry Washington, via}

If you are terrible at applying eye shadow and shading, then the best way to highlight your peepers 

is to apply a strip of false lashes (or probably 2 in Adele's case).  
Bam, you immediately look glamorous.  Here are some of my fave lashes.

Every Eye Color Looks Sexier Smokey

{Big winner! Jennifer Lawrence, Via.}

{Salma Hayek, via.}

It's a no fail way to make your makeup look sexier - smoke out the eyes!  Take a dark eyeliner, 
whether it be brown, black, navy, charcoal, whatever! just line the entire eye and
 add a matching shadow over it and blend outward.  Add 2-3 coats of mascara on top and bottom too.
Here's a recent smokey eye created by moi.

If You've Got Naturally Flawless Skin, Let It Shine!  

{Halle Berry, via}

{Charlize Theron, via}

Halle and Charlize have obviously really good skin, and they showcase it by not distracting 
your eye from it with lots of colorful shadows and dark cheeks or lips.  
If you've got skin this good, use a little highlighter on your cheekbones (like I used in this post here), keep the lips shiny and sheer, and call it a day.

Whose Oscar makeup look did you like best?

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February 26, 2013

Beauty Budget :: Where To Splurge And Where To Save

{Marilyn painting her face, via.}

I get asked all the time, "What beauty products are you willing to spend more money on and when can you save by buying less expensive products?"  This answer of course would vary depending on a persons individual needs, but I do have a general rule of thumb for categories of where I don't mind spending more and where I refuse to buy anything but drugstore.

Here is where I typically splurge and where I save when it comes to cosmetics and skin care products...


{Dior at Bergdorf Goodman.}

1. Makeup brushes.  Michelangelo wouldn't have used a plastic Crayola paint brush to paint the Sistene Chapel now would he?  You shouldn't use those cheapy applicators that come with your drugstore makeup to paint your face.  Invest in good makeup brushes - here are my faves - your makeup will go on and look better.
2.  Eye shadows.  It's rare to find shadows with excellent pigments and staying power from a drugstore product (L'oreal Infallible shadows are an exception to this rule).  
3. Moisturizers/serums/eye creams.  Even if I buy these from the drugstore, I buy the more expensive ones from brands like Olay and L'Oreal that contain ingredients like Hyaluronic acid and retinol that my aging skin needs.
4. Skin primers.  Skin primers make the rest of your makeup perform better and I have yet to find a drugstore eye or skin primer that works as well as my more $$ ones.


{Drugstore wall}

1. Lip colors.  This is a category where I own more lipsticks and glosses than I could seriously count.  Even though I do love to pull out a beautiful expensive tube of lipstick, I haven't found that I love a Chanel lip color more than a Cover Girl one when it comes to the formula.
2.  Face wash.  Of course if you have super sensitive or acne prone skin, you might make an exception to this rule.  But for me with normal skin, I never buy pricey cleanser because it's only on my face for less than 30 seconds then it gets rinsed off.
3. Mascara.  I've tried the gamut of mascaras on the market and drugstore mascara almost always trumps department store ones.  Especially since you should replace your mascara every 3-4 months due to bacteria.  Who can afford to do that with a $25+ tube of mascara??


Foundation and Concealers.  I use L'Oreal True Match on all of my clients (as shown on this bride) and myself.  It is amazing and comes in every color under the rainbow.  I like how blendable it is and I can layer it for maximum coverage.  However, I also just purchased this Stila foundation and love how it stays all day (plus it includes a concealer in the top!).  I recommend this drugstore concealer to lots of women, but also use MAC and Laura Mercier concealers for spot treating for my clients with extreme breakouts.  So I'm on the fence with this category!

What about YOU - Where do you splurge and save?

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February 25, 2013

Bold Dramatic Matte Lips With Kat Von D Everlasting Love Liquid Lipstick

I'm really into matte lip colors lately.  I find they give me a dramatic look without the glare of a gloss and looks very sophisticated.  So when I picked up one of Kat Von D's newest Everlasting Love Liquid Lipstick, $19, I was thrilled to see it was SUPER matte plus had SUPER staying power.

{Wearing "Jeffree" which is a bright coral pink shade.}

{Actual product.}

Plus, I was shocked to see how closely it resembled the makeup look seen on the models for the Spring/Summer 2013 Missoni collection - they had to use 4 products to get their lip look, I only used ONE!!
{Missoni model sporting their "fluro pink lip look.}

 I'm always on the search for the next best stay put lip color.  And most of them always fall short by either being too drying, flaky, patchy in their wear, or just not staying put at all.  This one goes on very wet, but dries instantly to a matte thin finish.  Unlike other long lasting colors, this one doesn't feel thick and super dry - it dries to where you literally almost don't feel like you have anything on. It almost weirdly disappears!!

{PLUS- It didn't leave a trace when I smooched my kids little cheeks!}

I will say, the first time I used this product was on my trip to Vegas where my face, skin, and lips were in shock because I was so dried out, so it kind of felt TOO dry on my initial use.  But once I got back home and got back into my lip exfoliating and conditioning routine, this product worked SO much better.

I get about 4 hours worth of wear out of this color before needing to touch it up (even through eating a greasy monte cristo sandwich - it hung in there!).  I think this is pretty darn good.  My trick for keeping this stuff working at it's peak performance, is to have well exfoliated and moisturized lips, apply in two thin layers, let it dry completely (about a minute) before rubbing your lips together or licking your lips.

Overall, I'm a big fan of this liquid lipstick and how bold and dramatic it looks on.  It's only offered in 6 colors which is a bummer, but I am now wanting to try out the "Outlaw" brick red color since I know this won't run all over my face!  Since this line is created by a legit tattoo artist, Kat Von D, I should've known this product was going to deliver drama and long wearability. If you want proof - check out Kat's Instagram of her wearing her product through a root canal and it not budging here!!

Do you like matte lip colors?  Have you tried this Kat Von D liquid lipstick?

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February 23, 2013

If I Were Attending The Oscars

"If I were attending the Oscars" is a fun dream to imagine.  Here is what I would look like from head to toe this Sunday if I were taking cues from past Oscar best of the best looks...

{Rosie Huntington Whiteley via.}

I would want my hair pulled back and sleek so I wouldn't have to worry about it loosing body/curl 
if it was all down.  This would also naturally give me a mini face lift 
to have it tight and all pulled off my face!

{Milla Jovovich via.}

Flawless skin, structured brows, pink cheeks, and a vibrant red mouth 
is the ultimate classic Hollywood look.

{Michelle Williams via.}

Color would determine my dress choice because I would want something bright and original - meaning NOT black.  This yellow dress worn on Michelle was one of my all time favorite looks because it was the perfect balance of sexy (plunging neckline- but not too much), feminine, and flowy with just enough of a train.

{Jennifer Hudson via.}

I would want to wear diamonds, diamonds, and more diamonds.  
Stacking diamond bracelets and a huge cocktail ring would be my go-to jewelry look.

{Angelina Jolie via.}

And of course, I'd have a signature pose that would get me press in every single 
magazine and blog for weeks like Mrs. Pitt did with that exposed leg.  It might have been awkward but everyone sure took notice!

What would your Oscar look include?

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February 21, 2013

Las Vegas Magic Market Week 2013

I've been gone from my blog for a while.  I've been spending some time with my former life as a wholesale clothing account rep.  I have reconvened out here in LV for the WWD Magic Trade Show where all of the big names in contemporary clothing meet to break and sell their latest collections for the upcoming seasons to retail stores.  "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas," doesn't really apply to this trip, as it's all work and no play.   Well, maybe just a little roulette, but that's it!

{My room with a view of the strip.}

I won't bore you with all of the details as to how everything gets done, but I will say, it is a fun experience and one that I have been fortunate enough to take part in for many years after having my babies.

{My New Bangs came to Vegas too. Buxom lipgloss in "Berry Blast."}

Just picture the biggest convention floor you can imagine, throw in some designers and lines like Betsy Johnson, Free People, and Miss Me Jeans (the one I'm working with) and you've got what I've been doing for the past week.  It's cool to get back into the apparel world to see what's trending clothing wise in the coming months by seeing the upcoming collections that will be in stores months down the road.

 {Can you see me? Just getting my walk on the red carpet}

So these are some of my pics I've taken so far.  My hubby was sweet enough to throw up this blog post for me while I've been out here without my computer.  Our roles are reversed as he's the one holding down the fort at home with three little ones while Mommy gets to play in the land of fashion and fun!!

{My trade show fuel that is both "Smart" and "Not-so-Smart"}

{A pic of Moi in the Miss Me Jeans booth}

I will be back in action very soon after I get back home to Georgia, gotten over my jet lag, and get some snuggle time with my little people.  And hopefully a few dollars richer if I can get lucky at the tables...

Have you ever won BIG in Vegas??  

February 18, 2013

Hold Me Bag Giveaway!

KRISTEN, @foodieville!!  
Please email me at jennysuemakeup@gmail.com with your ship to address and info within 48 hrs or a new winner will have to be chosen.  Thank you so much for all that entered!!  I absolutely loved reading ALL of your comments and hopefully the next giveaway will go to YOU!

I am ecstatic that one of my favorite cosmetic bag companies, The Hold Me Company, is giving away ONE of their super cute + tiny versions of their original, The Baby Bag, to one of my lucky readers!!  This $55 cosmetic bag is a staple in my large purse or carry on bag to hold my makeup must-haves for on the go.  My personal experience with the baby bag here.  Their logo, "Be beautiful, be inspired, be organized!" says it perfectly.


The bag that is being given away is the "Beauty Birds" print shown above (also shown up close HERE,) and is a gorgeous deep pink background with smart cute birds and flowers all around.  Made of black vegan suede fabric with an easy to clean interior and exterior, this expandable bag can fit many makeup brushes and various sizes of lip colors, powders, mascara, whatever you want to slide in there!

{My Hold Me Baby is going with me to Las Vegas this week in my carry on!}


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*Make sure to leave a comment below to let me know what you're currently storing your makeup in 
and that you followed along on any or all of these above entry ways. *

Don't forget to leave me your email address in case you're the big winner.  Can only ship to addresses located within the United States. (Sad face :( for all of my abroad followers!)  The giveaway winner will be announced on February 25, 2013.  Best of luck to everyone!!

February 15, 2013

What Makes You Feel Like You?

I am a loyal reader of Glamour Magazine and recently got around to reading their January Self Expression issue where they posed a question that I decided to ask myself..."What makes you feel like YOU?"  I'm sure my answer will not shock you...

 {2 of my 3 kiddos celebrating Valentine's Day at Walker's elementary school.}

My answer would be a combo of  : Having my FAMILY around + Having my MAKEUP on

After giving this question some thought, I knew it wasn't as simple of an answer as putting on my favorite pair of jeans.  Because those jeans wouldn't feel very good if I couldn't run around with my kids in them AND it wouldn't matter how good they fit if I had a bare colorless face!

All of these pics are from Valentine's Day yesterday, which ended up being a really great day filled with love from all of my family plus it was a really good makeup day:)  Even the lady at the McDonald's drive thru complimented me on my lip color!!  There's nothing like a random compliment to brighten a girls day.

 {My VDay look : Purple winged liner + hot pink glossy lips!}

Kat Von D Tattoo liner in "Lapdance"
MAC lipglass in "Full Speed Ahead"
Sonia Kashuk blush in "Flamingo"

 {Seriously, this is how Vivian checks herself out in the mirror. I can't handle the cuteness.}

{Viv admiring the flowers her daddy gave to me and her!}

So when it comes to my husband and my kids, it's them that make me feel like the me I want to be!  I found this inspiring love note off of ToriSpelling.com (which on a side note, is really great, I LOVE her even more now than I did during the 90210 days!) that sums up how my family makes me feel when I'm around them...

When I'm with them, they make me better and feel like me...plus a little lipgloss...

Now I throw the question back to you, "What makes you feel like YOU?"

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February 14, 2013

New Drugstore Beauty Products :: Breakthroughs OR Busts

If you were looking for a Valentine themed blog, rush to the bottom of this post to find my favorite links.  If you're already over this much hyped about holiday, stick around for this part that has zero to do with Cupid.

There is a magnetic force in the drugstore that draws me towards the makeup aisles.  I'm not kidding - completely serious.  Even if I'm just there to buy baby wipes or bananas, I feel the need to buy a blush.

 {L'Oreal Colour Caresse Wet Shine Stain in "Pink Rebellion." $9.99}

{Cover Girl Clump Crusher mascara by Lash Blast. $6.99}

Here are two new drugstore products from L'Oreal and Cover Girl that have been getting lots of love in the way of multiple ads in magazines and TV commercial air time.  Here are my personal opinions on whether or not these two were worth all the hype.

1st product : Wet Shine Lip Stain

This stain is supposed to be a semi knockoff version of the much talked about YSL Glossy Stains I tried out here, that is to have the staying power of a stain with the look of a lipgloss without the sticky feel.  This formula feels just like I'm swiping on water - almost weirdly water-like.  It took 2 coats of it to get this deep of a shade, which still doesn't look nearly as pigmented as the advertisement (of course I bought the same shade in the ad - I'm a sucker.).

 {Bare lips on left,  two coats later on right.}

 So did I find it to be a BREAKTHROUGH or BUST?  I'd hate to categorize it as a total bust bc I do love the feel of putting it on, very hydrating as claimed.  However, it's not the breakthrough it claims to be because the staying power is not all that and the color payoff is certainly not what it looks like in the ad campaigns (major shine! photo shopped shine obviously).  The color in the tube looks light a super bright and punchy Pepto Bismol pink - It has a lot less punch on. Will I try another shade to see if performs differently, probably.  I like to give second chances.

2nd Product : Clump Crusher Mascara 

{The magic wand.}

{From L to R - 0 coats, 1 coat, 2 coats. Clump FREE!}

{New mascara and lipstick ON!}

So BREAKTHROUGH OR BUST for the mascara?  Total breakthrough.  I tried my best to get this stuff to clump up.  I took that wand every which-a-way on my lashes and the wand just crushed up any slight clump on my lashes and separated effortlessly.  I found this mascara to be more lengthening than thickening though. My lashes look longer than ever but not super thick.  But that's okay, because I didn't have to spend any time trying to comb thru yucky spider lashes.

*For those of you that were wanting a VALENTINE inspired post - here are some links to get you in the mood for love*

Lovebird lips for the bold.
Pink cheeks + red lips do work together on the same face.
Sweetest manicure  if I had lots of time on my hands.
90210 alum Donna Martin, speaking on the subject of love.
Heart sweater I'd wear year round.

JennySue Makeup is sending lots of LOVE your way today!!

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February 13, 2013

Bigger, Better, And More Beautiful :: Pretty In My Pocket App

I'm super excited to announce that the beauty app for iPhone, Pretty In My Pocket, is launching its bigger and better version of its original app TODAY!! If you are anything like me, your iPhone is literally glued to your side (or safely inside your skinny jeans pocket!) and is a tool you use for, well, anything!!  And if you're obsessed with shopping for all things beauty, cosmetics, skin care, perfume, etc, then this is the app for you girly girl!

As one of its inaugural Power Primpers, I feel like a part of the PRIMP family and am very proud of all the new and exciting changes and additions they've made to this app.  My "seal of approval" is placed on the right side of my blog if you've never noticed it.   And not to toot my own horn, (but toot toot!) I was a part of the filming of their how-to video and they joined me on my first ever makeup master class event. 

Caroline Van Sickle, the founding mother of this genius app, is a fellow UGA grad of mine - Go Dawgs!  She is a prime example of what an ambitious + smart woman can do to help the rest of us make better decisions with our money when it comes making beauty purchases.  I think this is why I believe in this app so much, because it was the brainchild from a female who truly gets our struggles as women when it comes to buying makeup.

SIMPLE BREAKDOWN of what this app can do for your beautiful face below.

As one of their Power Primper, I'm basically one of their "beauty experts" that you can follow on the app to see what products I personally recommend in "My Bag" and even products I've reviewed that maybe I don't recommend and why! They've also got a new "My Looks" page where you can see some of my favorite looks (and others, you can even download your own looks for other people and friends to follow) and what products are included on those looks and reviews of those specific products.

My absolute FAVORITE part of this app, is the BAR CODE scanner option.  You can just walk into your favorite beauty store - Sephora, Walgreens, Target, or any other place that sells makeup - line this puppy up to a bar code on a product you're curious about and zap it for info! It will pull up a review from any Power Primper, Makeup Maven, or other beauty lover, and their thoughts on that specific product along with a star rating system.  

Sometimes it's nice to have another persons opinion on a product that you've never personally experienced, to help you make your buying decision.  We all get confused in drugstores when there's no salesperson around to assist you in what that product can do for you (or pester you into buying something you don't need!), and this nifty little app takes care of that problem in an instant.

So what are you waiting for?? 
Download it now HERE!!  It's FREE!
Why wouldn't you want to play with such a fun and useful beauty tool??

I want to hear from you if you download it.  Make sure to follow me on the app, JennySue Makeup of course, and then let me know in the comments below when you're on the PRIMP app and I will follow you back too!

*By the way, this is my 800th blog post today!! Woah. Cannot believe I've been spewing makeup advice and thoughts for that long.  Thanks to you all for sticking around and following me through all of these blog posts.  I seriously wouldn't keep it up if it weren't for you. * 

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