March 30, 2013

"Peep" This Shade For Easter

When I think of Easter, the first thing that comes to mind are those yummy, soft, pillowy, yellow, sugary, marshmallow things called Peeps.  These sweet things inspired my shadow look...

YELLOW peep colored shadow is usually the LAST shade I would pick for my eyes, but I figured the upcoming Easter holiday is reason enough to give it a whirl.  And you know what, it worked when paired with an equally "sweet" pink cheek and lip - Sonia Kashuk blush in "Flamingo" and L'Oreal Colour Caresse in "Pink Rebellion."

I must say that the yellow shadow worked for everyday life when used in small doses (just from lash line right to crease) and balanced out with a black winged liner and pink cheeks + lip - all normal everyday additions to the wacky Big Bird color!  Oh, and the crazy colorful head scarf with yellows and pinks, really pulled it all together.

Have you ever "peeped" the color yellow on your lids?  Happy Easter Weekend everyone!  

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March 28, 2013

Questionable Beauty Trend : Dip Dyed Hair

I know I'm likely to get lots of opinions on questioning this oh-so-popular beauty trend right now, so here I go...What's up with the DIP DYED HAIR look??

{Christina sporting lavender tips.}

{LC and her hot pink pony. Via.}

{Paris adds many other colorful accessories to her dyed hair. Via}

Granted, I always caution myself questioning any beauty trend because I think there are NO hard fast RULES when it comes to hair and makeup - experimenting is everything.  And never say never, because goodness knows I've questioned things before, and then a year later end up trying it on for size and actually liking the one trend I vowed never to sport and eating my words!!  

I know hair chalks and dip dying your hair rainbow bright colors are everywhere and everyone is doing it...everyone in Hollywood that is.  Have I seen it around my neck of the woods in real life?? - hardly at all.  It's a very happy and colorful trend to look at, but is it really that pretty and flattering on?? I can't decide.  It borderlines a bit trashy on some, while Lauren Conrad actually pulls it off by pairing it with a classic pony and perfectly winged liner.  

I think when you do this trend, your outfit + makeup either make or break which way this dip dyed look can go - cartoonish or cute.   

What do you think of this dip dyed hair trend - am I way off base or right on target?  Also, have you personally tried it or is really just the celebrity crowd we see sporting it?

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March 27, 2013

Wednesday PowWow : What Did You Want To Be When You Grew Up?

This is one of my favorite topics...Dreams.  I think it is safe to assume that we ALL had childhood dreams about something.  I believe a childhood dream says a lot about ones true self, because children have no boundaries set on themselves and think and say exactly what is inside them.

{Natalie Portman from the movie, Black Swan. Via}

So, today's PowWow is all about...."What did you want to BE when you grew up?"
And of course, did you follow that dream or go down another path?

Mine was definitely not to be a makeup artist.  I always thought I wanted to become a prima ballerina, which I talked about in this 25 Things About Me post from exactly a year ago.  However, my love of makeup was actually a part of this dream, bc one of the main reasons I loved dancing and being on stage, was because of all of the makeup you were required to wear so the audience could see your FACE from the stage!  Dancing is such an art form and I've always found it fascinating how professional dancers can interpret music and emotion with their body and create beautiful images without a paint brush or a word.  I need to pick up an adult ballet class and see if this 35 year old body still has it in me to strap on a pair of toe shoes...ouch.  It's never too late follow your dream right??!

On a side note - did you see Black Swan?  Yes, it was disturbing as all get out (I hid my eyes for half of it), but Natalie Portman sure was fascinating.  Oh, and the demented Black Swan makeup was pretty amazing....

Alright ladies, PowWow time!  What did YOU want to be when you grew up?  Did you make it happen, are you still working on it, or did you go another direction?

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March 26, 2013

My B.Fab Look

 {Giving my best attempt at a pose!}

If you missed yesterday's post, it was all about my surprising "Best Beauty Blogger" win at the B.Fab Awards brunch held by local Atlanta online magazine publication, Tastemaker Magazine.  I told you I would give the details on my look for the afternoon, so here it is! 

 {My face put on the big screen during the nomination announcements! Remember that post here??}

Here is a list of the main components of my makeup look:

L'Oreal True Match in N3
NYX Stay Matte Not Flat powder in #02
MAC shadow in "Woodwinked"
Motives for LaLa gold shadow from Fall/Winter 2012 collection
Ardell False strip lashes in Demi Wispies
Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in "Trooper"
Motives "Onyx" eye liner
MAC blush in "Fleur Power"
MAC lip pro longwear lip liner in "Staunchly Stylish"
Radiant Cosmetics lipstick in "Reef"

These two up close pictures were actually taken AFTER the brunch, 6 hours later, after my first application.  Not too shabby staying power huh??  I think I can owe that to my 2 primers from Too Faced Cosmetics I used before applying everything listed above - their Shadow Insurance eye lid primer + Primed and Poreless primer.

{Kickin' my JustFab heels up after a long afternoon in the car ride home!}

I actually won these bad girls on a Twitter contest, JUST for retweeting something from @JustFabOnline!! Now how FAB is that??  Even though these were opened toed heels that I thought I'd only wear when the temps got warmer, I just layered some tights underneath them and got some early wear out of them.  Yet another example that REAL people do win things!!

Thanks again to everyone over at Tastemaker Magazine for giving this mommy blogger and extra confidence boost.  I genuinely appreciate the award and recognition.  

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March 25, 2013

Mommy Bloggers Can B.Fab!!

{My award + a few of the products I painted my face with for the awards brunch!}

I'm still beyond shocked and awed that I was honored with the B.Fab Award for "Best Beauty Blogger" given by local Atlanta online publication, Tastemaker Magazine, this Sunday.  I am amazed everyday where my little ole makeup blog has taken me and how it has allowed me to meet such a wide group of amazingly talented and kind people in this blogging world.

{Selfie pic taken in the car of my makeup look. Yes, my husband was driving, not me!}

I took pictures of the whole event with my iPhone, so please excuse if some of them aren't the clearest or closeup!! I probably should've come with something a bit more professional to capture pics, but they still get the job done - ha!  It's been a cra-zy week as I mentioned here, so I was doing good to just get out of the house with a shower and outfit that actually matched! 

I took bunches of photos, so I will do this blog post of the awards ceremony in two postings.  Tomorrow's will be a more in depth on my actual makeup look - since this is a "makeup" blog and all right?!! 

  {Got to meet the super cool Jessica of on the red carpet! }

I thoroughly enjoy meeting new people like Jessica who I've only known through social media (isn't it crazy how you can already feel like you already kind-of know someone thru these channels??), so it was just wonderful to actually talk and get to know her in PERSON!  Along with the other nominees in my category that I got to meet all too briefly in the hullaboo of the afternoon (wish I had had more time to chat with these other lovers of makeup!) were Mimi of (another mommy blogger like myself!) and McKenzie of  Bloggers are seriously the nicest people in the world, so make sure to check these ladies out.

{"Say Cheese!!! Mimi, Tiffini (editor of Tastemaker Mag), Moi, McKenzie.}

{The hubs is always my ultimate supporter!}

Being totally shocked that I was chosen, (have I mentioned that yet??) I realized after being called up onstage to accept this award and to say a few words, I forgot to thank the one person who actually encouraged me to start this whole blog - Scott, my husband!!! Aghhh.  I always get annoyed at actors/singers who get awards and forget to thank their spouses in their acceptance speeches (why do I care, I don't know), but now I see that when you're that caught of guard, you're lucky to remember your name and what event you're at!!  

So here is me making it up to the man who told me it would be a good idea to start a blog almost 5 years ago....thanks honey for pushing me to keep it up.  People actually DO read and enjoy my makeup and mommy ramblings!

This goes to show me, that if you genuinely love what you do and work super hard and diligently at it, someone is going to take notice.  Oh, and your kids will think you're the coolest when you show them you got an actual shiny award!!  The ultimate prize.

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March 22, 2013

Beauty And The Bug

It's been rough around my house for the past 7 days.  My family members have been dropping like flies with this yucky stomach bug that is apparently going around nationwide (is there comfort in knowing that we're not alone?? I don't think so) and it's been absolute chaos and sleepless nights.  But I did have a few bright spots along the way that have helped me to survive and feel some normalcy...

{My Survival Beauty Products.}

From top to bottom:

*Color Me Monthly polish in "Adorned"
Lancome Hypnose Star mascara
Maybelline Baby Lips clear
Hanae Mori perfume
L'Oreal LeGloss in "saucy mauve"
*Rodan + Fields Anti Age Multi Function eye cream
InStyle Magazine

 {These sad sweet faces kept me going. Sick babies resting in dad's comfy recliner.}

{My first born tuned 7 on Wednesday. Luckily, he was the healthy one!}

 {Color Me Monthly polish came just in time to brighten my week w a new mani!}

{My JT (Jack Thomas) got excited that I bought the other JT's (Justin Timberlake) new CD!}

Special thanks to 2 ladies who helped me feel like a beauty despite the bug this past week:

Meghann at for sending me their March polish that came just in time for me to paint my nails the fun purple shade since it wasn't real "fun" around my house!! Color Me Monthly is a monthly polish subscription for only 7 buckaroos a month and you get a surprising new polish shade delivered right to your door.  They are truly focused on being environmentally responsible from their formulas, bottles, and packaging down to the box and paper stuffing!  They believe high quality polish doesn't have to be high priced due to all the flashy marketing that drives up your cost.

Ryan at Rodan & Fields for sending me their eye cream to try out.  I love it.  I used it every night and morning (kept it in the fridge bc cold eye cream feels awesome) since my eyes felt so puffy and tired for a whole week.  Using this eye cream made me feel like I was actually taking care of myself in some small way!
*These products were sent to me for consideration and I was not paid for my opinions or review, as usual!

We are now thankfully on the mend and everyone is looking healthier and happier - thank goodness!  After all this craziness and being stuck at home with sick kiddos,  I'm really looking forward to attending the B. FAB Awards brunch this Sunday hosted by Tastemaker Magazine that I was a nominee in the Best Beauty Blogger category. You can still buy tickets here on Eventbrite if you want to come and meet me and the other nominated bloggers in beauty and style!!

Hope you all have a great and healthy weekend!!

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March 20, 2013

Wednesday PowWow : Which Celebrity PERK Would You Choose?

I had SUCH a great response from all of you on my first installment of "Wednesday PowWow" and thoroughly enjoyed each and every one of your fun comments, so lets keep it up and start the 2nd week of discussions!!! 

{Kelly O enjoying getting pampered by hair + makeup artists. Via.}

Here is today's topic.  "If you were a big time celebrity, which PERK would you choose to have daily..." 

1.  Hair/Makeup team
2.  Stylist
3.  Personal Chef / Maid
4.  Nanny (obviously only applies to those of you with kiddos like me!)

Now you can only choose ONE (I know, hard right??) so I want to hear which category you would deem the coolest or most helpful to have around in your daily life if it were affordable.  It's fun to dream right?!

Me, I would definitely choose the chef/maid combo because I do not cook very well and don't enjoy it because I hate the clean up involved and the dishes.  It would give me more time to enjoy my children and husband (and spend more time on my makeup/hair and getting dressed!) if I never had to worry about fixing a meal for 5 people 3 times a day and not having to pick up after those 5 people.  It would be heavenly.  Heavenly.  Makes me want to be super successful one day so I can make this happen.

Let the PowWow begin!! Which PERK would you choose??

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March 19, 2013

Radiant Skin Through Josie Maran Argan Products

As mentioned in my previous post, I've been caring for my sick 2.5 year old, who is now luckily on the mend.  This obviously has kept me very busy and also left me stuck in the house for days on end.  So as not to go crazy in between 5 loads of laundry a day, I made sure to take a little time to pull myself together with my Josie Maran Argan complexion set...

{Maran's 4 Argan oil based products.}

Unfortunately, this set seems to no longer be available through Sephora at the price I got it, $64, boo.  I've only had it over a month, but guess it was a special I got lucky with.  However, good news is, ALL of the products are still available individually.  Yay!  Here they are from left to right...

Argan Daily Moisturizer, mine 0.5oz, $14
Argan Illuminizer (mine 0.5oz), full sized is 1oz, $28
100% Argan oil, mine full sized 1.7oz, $48
Argan Matchmaker Serum Foundation in light/medium, mine full sized, $42

The Josie Maran lines seems to be known for providing a naturally beautiful look that isn't super made up and heavy.  Have you seen this woman?? She's a mom of 2, model, and now makeup maven - she's got it going on.  These products were perfect for my time spent inside with a sick kid, but still helped me feel put together just in case I had to answer the door!  Here is how I used all of the products found in this set to get a radiant complexion.  

{Self adjusting serum foundation that starts off white, then adjusts to your skin color.}

This foundation only comes in 3 shades, I chose the one in the middle (not the lightest, not the darkest) and it proved to be just right.  Maybe a tad bit darker, but I actually like that bc it gives me a bit more color to my skin that I don't have right now due to the winter temps, so I welcome the extra color.  

*Tip* I found this foundation worked MUCH better when applied and rubbed in with your actual fingers as opposed to using a sponge.  I think it needs the warmth of your skin to turn into the correct color.  When I used a sponge, it left a whitish cast.

{Showing placement of where I dotted the illuminizer before rubbing it in.}

{With blush applied, I have radiantly glowing skin!!}

My makeup was kept to an extreme minimum for 3 days with only 1 shadow color, blush, mascara, and lip gloss in addition to these skin care products.  For someone like myself who loves to add the extras of primers, eyeliners, and multiple shadow colors, this is kind of a big deal and hard to not wear a FULL face of makeup!!

Additional makeup products:

Sonia Kashuk blush in "flamingo"
MAC eye shadow in "satin taupe"
Prestige Wonder-Full lip gloss in "polished"

{I used the 100% oil on the ends of my hair and overnight on my skin.}

Josie's motto on the outside of this box reads,
 "I believe in balance. I believe that doing the right thing is glamorous. 
I believe in beauty without the baggage."

I like this motto.  After using these Argan products for a month now, my skin is really thanking me and I love how it makes my skin look and feel.  It does feel "balanced" and it makes me feel "glamorous" without a bunch of fuss.  Mission accomplished Josie!

Have you jumped on the Argan bandwagon or used any of the Josie Maran line? 

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March 18, 2013

The Most Perfect Lip Gloss Ad

My poor baby girl has been sick with the nasty stomach bug for this entire weekend, sad face:(  So in between caring for her, disinfecting, and doing massive loads of laundry, I've been catching up on a few magazines while holding her in my lap.  I kept coming across these gorgeous print ads for Dior's Addict lip glosses ($29.50) with model Daphne Groeneveld, and have decided I need a couple of these glosses in my life...

{Model Daphne could be the most perfect lip model. Image via}

{Showcasing a few of the 24 new shades.}

I confess, I've only owned 2 Dior lip glosses in my lifetime. **Gasp!! This is crazy to admit seeing as though I've probably owned more than 300 total lip glosses.  No I haven't counted, just an educated guess.

The French brand's Addict lip glosses are somewhat "Iconic," which is why I vow to bump my # up one or two this spring because of how beautiful this current ad is.  Yes, I've fallen for yet another beauty advertisement.  But how could you not be inspired to buy these glosses when her makeup is so flipping perfect??  Granted, she is only 18, so she hasn't a wrinkle in sight, but aside of being jealous of her youthful glow, I love love how fresh she looks!  With her peachy colored eye makeup (going to rock this shade very soon!), lots of mascara, and matching nail polish + lip gloss (yeh, did you catch that??), it all just comes together so beautifully.  Oh, and her bleached white blonde hair just caps it all off - so cool.  

Sure this lip product is pushing 30 bucks, but I'm sure it's worth every shiny penny.  Check out this review of 4 of these glossy beauties from - I want to grab this "Diablotine" shade up ASAP!

If you follow me on Instagram (@JennySueMakeup), then you probably saw this pitiful little picture...

{Even though she wasn't feeling like Wonder Woman, her mani was Wonder-fully cute!}

I knew my Viv was super sick when she preferred to wear her paci over putting on mom's lipgloss - a daily occurrence!  Despite living her life on top of beach towels (just in case), she sure has been a fighter.  I'm hoping this new week will bring me a healthier little one so we can enjoy the upcoming warmer weather.  Maybe well enough to run to Sephora to buy some new Dior??  Here's to wishful thinking!

Does this Dior ad make you want to buy a new lipgloss, or is it just me?

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March 15, 2013

Sun Swept Skin

{The perfectly sun kissed Nicole Scherzinger. via}

I'm over my pasty pale skin and jonesing for a golden glow on my skin as warmer weather is quickly approaching.  I've done some research on what the latest and greatest products are to get a realistic healthy bronzed look without the sun. 

Here are the top 3 products I'm going to invest in this spring/summer 
to fake like I've already been beachin' it in the Bahamas...

Prep My Body :  Vaseline Spray & Go Cocoa Radiant, $5.99    
For the FACE  :  Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanning, $35  
For My Body :  Jergens Natural Glow Foaming Daily Moisturizer, $8.99

All of these products have been getting lots of love in the magazines and blogosphere as some of the best skin products for bronzing and softening.  
  • I love the idea of the Vaseline spray moisturizer that is supposed to absorb in seconds and now I can get my back without any one else to help! It even comes in 2 other formulas, aloe and pure oat extract.
  • The Jergens foam I actually used last year and fell in love with its super fast drying time and zero smelly odor.  The price is just right too since I go through about three cans throughout the summer.
  • Lastly, the Clarins self tanner for the face + neck is supposed to be the best in the biz.  It's supposed to be lightweight and super gradual in it's ability to tan, which is exactly what I would want when it comes to my face.  I don't want any oompa loompa orange action!
Are you ready for a summer swept glow yet? What are your favorite self tanning products?

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March 14, 2013

Simply Intense Lip Color With Clinique Chubby Stick Intense

The last Clinique Chubby Stick I used, I honestly wasn't too blown away with.  Now I see it's because the shade just didn't have enough "oomph" for me because the formula and feel of the colored balm was actually quite nice.  If at first you don't succeed, try try again...

  {Clinique Chubby Stick Intense in "Plushest Punch," $16.}

{Just enough intensity and PUNCH of color with this shade!}

{I love a good BEFORE and AFTER.}

{Bright lipstick makes me smile.}

This chubby stick gives some serious color.  And I do love the marker like applicator that feels amazingly moisturizing when applied.  I can't express how INTENSE this color is once you start swiping- I never would have expected this kind of pigment from this stick.  So happy to have found this shade before spring is officially upon us next Wednesday (which also happens to be my sons 7th birthday!).  This bold balm is gonna get a lotta use in the next few months...

Do you like intense lip colors for spring?  Have you tried the much talked about Clinique Chubby Sticks yet?

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March 13, 2013

Wednesday PowWow : Do You Wear Makeup Because You LIKE To Or Because You HAVE To?

{Even supermodels take makeup tips from each other, via.}

Ok ladies, I've got a new weekly discussion I'm going to start implementing, called "Wednesday PowWow." 

And it's only going to be fun if you all participate and comment!  I'm serious when I say that, my absolutely favorite blog postings aren't the ones with the best pictures or most descriptive, it's the ones that YOU comment back to me on.  I LOVE to hear from you and read every single comment (even if I can't respond back individually, I DO hear you!)  So every Wednesday I'm going to pose a question that I want to start a discussion amongst all of us - and it could be about really anything, mostly anything that has to do with being a female! 

So my first question to you is..."Do you wear makeup because you feel like you HAVE to, or because you LIKE to?"  

It might sound like a silly question that you don't ever actually think about when you're at the drugstore picking up that duplicate tube of trusty lip color that you know works every time.  Of course this also helps me as a blogger, because I'm curious if you read my blog because of your similar love to everything makeup like me or if you read it because you're hoping to pick up a tip every now and then you can utilize in your everyday life because applying makeup just frustrates you.  

I am definitely a combination of why I wear it.  I actually dig the art of applying it, but also because at my age (35, if you were curious), with 3 small children who keep me from sleeping very well through the night (or our random fire alarm that went off at 4am this morning!), I have to wear it to keep from scaring the general public with my dark circles and colorless lips!!   So even if you never comment on a blog post, I want to start hearing from you every Wednesday if the topic applies to you!  

Let's start a PowWow ladies!   

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March 12, 2013

Enhanced Skin With Oil Products

I have really dry skin, so heavy creams and oil based products are the way my skin seems to breathe a sigh of relief and feel comforted.  Recently I've become quite impressed with TWO OIL BASED PRODUCTS that I feel deserved being shared with all of my dry-faced-friends...

{L to R : Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate + Josie Maran Pure Argan Oil.}

I find that both of these oily products feel lightweight but super hydrating at the same time -unlike their heavy creamy counterparts.  You can tell how shiny my skin looks after slathering myself with these oils below, but by switching off every other night with my other nighttime creams, I've really found a good balance that my tight skin seems to love.

{My skin sans makeup but lathered up with oil products on face and hair!}

The Kiehl's Midnight Recovery product is actually a targeted nighttime treatment that I received a sample size of, but will DEFINITELY be purchasing a full size here, $70, once it's gone. I adore the way it immediately makes my skin feel, and especially how it feels the morning after.  I apply it by itself with no other competing creams in the evening after washing my face with my beloved Clarisonic.

The Josie Maran Argan Oil I had heard tons about and feel it's also a great alternative to a cream with just the right amount of hydration.  This bottle also gets used on the ends of my hair and cuticles at night - you can pretty much slap this stuff on anywhere!!  Argan oil is a serious miracle treatment bc it's full of Vitamin E and fatty acids which are great for the skin.

What do you think about oil based beauty products?  Do you use any?

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March 11, 2013

My Dream Room

Every girl has a FAVORITE ROOM in her house that she likes to spend a lot of time in.  I wish I could say that room is my kitchen (I'm sure my kids and hubby would like for me to say the same), but alas, it's the obvious...My Bathroom.  I wish I had an extraordinary vanity space.  Here are my dream vanities and their components...


I like mirrors, I like a comfy chairs, and I like TV. I could enjoy all 3 while putting my mascara on in
this mirrored vanity space.


If I could have a view of beautiful outdoor landscaping with that much natural light being let in by a window this big, I'd be in heaven.  Natural light is best when applying makeup you know.



Every glamorous dream bathroom is not complete without a fabulous chandelier. 


Would you go wallpaper or accent pieces to add color to your large dream bathroom space?  If I had tons of money to throw around, I'd always have fresh flowers in every room of my house.

A rockin' closet would be my 2nd favorite room I'd love to redecorate and make super fabulous.  If you've never visited the stylish site,, that takes you inside todays style influencers, then you need to check it out.  You can see and sometimes even SHOP inside some of your favorite celeb closets.  It's pretty major.  

If you could redecorate any space in your house to make it your DREAM ROOM, which one would it be?

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March 8, 2013


Here are some chameleon-type looks I've found over the week via my iPhone and other avenues...

{Bang options.}

Bangs - pushed to the side or worn straight down?  I'm torn which way looks better, but glad I have more options than I thought when they get a bit longer.  Red lips by MAC in "Lady Danger."

{Singer Pink is blonde.}

Redbook magazine has changed their image to be a bit cooler than I remember when my mom used to get this subscription.  By putting tattooed, new mom, Pink on the cover,  I'd say they're ability to change with the times is right on! 

{Changing my makeup color palette to welcome spring!}

It was the first warm day here we've had in awhile yesterday, so I felt compelled to wear brighter makeup.  Purple eyeliner is Make Up For Ever Aqua pencil in "purple 11L" with Motives purple shadow on top (palette discontinued), and Fresh Sugar lip treatment in "coral" on lips.

{Rhinestone glittered eyes anyone? Chanel Paris Fashion Week 2013.}

Here are the top 10 Most Innovative Beauty Looks from Paris Fashion week via  These ideas are surely to spark some creative chameleon-like changes you might could make to your beauty routine.

{Jessica Chastain is proof red heads can have more fun with makeup. via} just did a post on how hot actress Jessica Chastain is rocking multiple makeup looks (being a chameleon) with that gorgeous red hair of hers.  I like seeing a ginger take color risks and it paying off!!

{Kids are smarter than we give them credit for.}

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and have fun embracing any exciting changes that come your way!!

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