May 31, 2013

Luminously Lifted Cheekbones With L'Oreal Visible Lift Blush

Every now and then I stumble upon a gem of a drugstore product that deserves some much needed praise.  I'm a big blush fan and find the older I get, the more I need to put extra color back into my face because I'm losing that youthful glow, *sigh.  In walks my miracle glow...

L'Oreal Visible Color Lift Blush in "Rose Gold, $12."

Here are the highlights of this blush:

  • Consistency is satin-like, seriously.  It goes on smoothly and is super lightweight in feel, not greasy in the least.
  • The gold addition to the color gives me a highlighted look to my cheekbones without the highlighter - so that takes out one extra step and product!
  • The finish gives the most gorgeous sheen on the skin and looks like it gives me an internal glow.
  • Price is around $12, which seems high for drugstore but reasonable compared to my $29 Nars blushes!!
Only downfall is that it doesn't have very long staying power.  But, I actually enjoy applying this stuff, so I don't mind the reapplication process!  It seriously "lifts" my cheeks and makes me feel like I have such a luminous glow.

Have you tried this glorious L'Oreal blush yet?

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May 29, 2013

5 Pool Time Preparation Products

The kiddos and I are visiting their grandparents this week and one of the activities they are most excited about is of course, going to the pool!  Here are the 5 products I use to get prepared to hit the water...

 {My daughters Hello Kitty beach towel from Target.}

1.  Jergens Natural Glow foaming moisturizer.  I use this as often as possible the night before I know I'm hitting the pool to give myself the illusion of a tan and so as not to blind anyone with my fluorescent white skin tone! I am obsessed with this self tanner because it does dry super fast, is non-streaky, and has no funny smell.  I buy the darker shade because one application gives me a lot of realistic color fast so I don't have to keep applying multiple coats to get tan - one coat does it!!

2.  Coppertone Water Babies in the spray lotion.  If you've got kids, you know the best most efficient way to get them coated fast in sunscreen is with a spray application. This 50 keeps them super protected from the sun as well as myself, so I use it on the whole family.  I even use this on my face because I figure if it's gentle enough for my 2, 5, and 7 year old, it's gentle enough for me.

3.  Garnier Skin Renew BB Cream.  The light/medium shade matches my face perfectly and gives me just enough lightweight blendable coverage to hit the country club pool.  And it's got SPF 15 UVA/UVB sun protection in it.  I know this might seem crazy that I actually apply face makeup before going to the pool, but it shouldn't be too shocking after reading my blog for awhile...I wear makeup everywhere, ha!!

4.  Maybelline Great Lash Waterproof mascara.  The waterproof version of this old school mascara favorite is just enough to keep my eyes from disappearing should I happen to run into anyone I know back in my hometown at the pool!  If there's one makeup product I won't be seen without, it's mascara.  This inexpensive stuff doesn't budge so I won't have scary raccoon eyes should I start playing Marco Polo with the kids.

5.  Maybelline Baby Lips with SPF 20 in the peppermint flavor.  This product feels so good with the tingly peppermint addition but not overwhelming at all.  One must NOT forget about covering your lips while in the hot sun, so an SPF product is very necessary bc burned lips does not make for a good look.

6.  Cynthia Rowley shades from TJ Maxx.  Big plastic inexpensive shades are best for a mom of 3 hanging at the pool with her kids.  I don't need to worry with losing expensive designer shades that could get knocked off to the bottom of a chlorinated pool while playing.

 {Viv trying out her pool gear in her pajamas.}

{Road trip shenanigans with the same inner tube.}

What products do you use to prep for the pool this summer?

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May 28, 2013

Mid Year Makeup Wish List

Is it too early to start making my Christmas list?  Nahhh!!  I'd like to implement a mid year wish list of products I'd like to have.  Who says Santa can't come early...I've been good!!

{Jen A. sporting a Jennifer Meyer WISHBONE necklace I'd love to have.}

Despite the fact this dainty wishbone necklace is a little out of my league price wise, it's still fun to wish/dream for isn't it??  Of course Jennifer Aniston could make wearing a piece of string around her neck look amazing though right?!

On a more realistic note, after looking through a few of my fashion and beauty magazines, I've found 4 current beauty products on the market that I'd really like to add to my everyday routine after some fabulous reviews they've received...

Nars Yachiyo Kabuki brush, $50  | Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette, $30

I'm a sucker for makeup brushes, and this Nars blush + sculpting brush is getting rave reviews.  It's tapered and domed head will allow you to sculpt cheekbones with ease! 

The Naked brand of products from Urban Decay impress me every time.  I'm sure this one will no doubt do the same with it's bronzer/highlighter/and rosey and coral blush mix of shades!  I'd of course use my new Nars brush to apply these with.

SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic, $153  | tarte Glamazon Pure Performance lipstick, $26

I've read lots of great things about this Vitamin C product from SkinCeuticals (also mentioned in InStyle's Best Beauty Buys issue this year) and heard two personal accounts from clients I've worked with about the miracles this product works.  It's a serum that is packed with vitamins C & E and also helps to build collagen in the skin, which we all know is a super anti-aging ingredient!

I'm always on the lookout for the next best long wear lipstick and this Glamazon one by tarte promises to wear true for 12 hours and stay creamy and smooth without drying out your lips like most long wear products do.  It was created to be pool proof because it was inspired by a synchronized swim team called the Aqualilies seen on Glee by the creator of tarte.

What current products are on YOUR mid year makeup wish list??

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May 27, 2013

Have A Wonderful Memorial Day

{Photos of my husband's granddad Somewhere in Germany in 1945 (right).}

Today is a day of remembrance for all of those military men and women who have sacrificed their lives while serving this wonderful country of ours here in the U.S. of A.  Wikipedia describes it as the official beginning of summer, whereas Labor Day marks the end of the summer season.  

These photos are of my husband's grandfather, T.O. Duvall Sr., who served in the 14th Armored Division of General Patton's 3rd Army of the U.S. military.  To clarify, he did not die in combat, but served this great country in World War II.  The stories I hear about this man and all that he did, truly blow me away, and I'm sure there are many other military families with similar stories.  

There is one story in particular that reminds me how much not only service members sacrifice, but that their families give up more than any of us can imagine in our normal every day lives.  It's the story of his wife giving birth to her first born while her husband was preparing to go overseas to fight for our country.  As she was in Atlanta having her first child (my father-in-law), her husband was training at Camp Edwards in Massachusetts about to leave for the war.

It amazes me that he heard the news of his son being born over his radio in his military half-track (Sgt. Duvall pictured far right), which was broadcast to all of the men.  He later named that half-track, "Tommy" in honor of his son. Of course, at that time, he wasn't sure if he would ever get to meet Tommy.  I've had the chance to read the personal note that Scott's grandfather mailed to his son just in case things went bad while he was serving - it's a tear jerker that you almost can't get through because of the emotion.  I seriously cannot wrap my head around this, because even when my hubby is gone away for just a few days for work, perhaps only a few states away, for a job that doesn't put his life in danger, I'm an emotional mess. Not to mention not being able to experience the birth of your first child!!

Luckily, T.O. was able to meet Tommy for the first time after he turned four months old right before he left for combat in the European theatre.  He made it through some of the fiercest battles of WWII, fighting in France, Belgium, The Battle of the Bulge and eventually making his way to Germany.  His armored division was nicknamed the "Liberators" because they liberated several concentration and POW camps. To put it all in perspective, when he finally returned from WWII, his son (my father-in-law) was 18 months old.  Amazing.

I never had the honor of meeting Scott's grandfather, but the stories and photos shared by those that knew and loved him, make me realize how much of an awesome influence he was in his work life and in his everyday actions of love for his own family.  He raised four children, had eight grandchildren and if he were alive today (at 93), would have a total of twelve great-grandchildren.  We are all grateful for Sgt. Duvall and his service, valor and love of country and family.  The epitome of an American Hero.

I want to take this moment TO THANK ALL OF YOU who are either currently serving or have served in the military. To those who are a military spouse, son, daughter, parent or child of someone in the the ultimate gift of service and support to this wonderful country we live in. You are the reason the rest of us can take this day to focus on the good weather, barbeque's, and quality time with our family members because you are working so hard to keep this country safe.

Happy Memorial Day to everyone.

May 24, 2013

Champagne Face On A Beer Budget

I don't know very many women who would prefer to spend a ton of money on their makeup products.  As much as I adore my cosmetics, if I can get by with scaling back on them so that I can spend more money on other necessities (um, groceries for my family of 5, gasoline, a good haircut, etc) then I'm pretty happy.  So I am going to show you that it IS POSSIBLE to look like a million bucks on a beer budget...

{My ENTIRE makeup look from Walgreens - BAM!!}

My entire look, minus the tank top and earrings obviously, came to a whopping 40 bucks!    

For my SKIN, the products that were my magic bullets to looking pretty darn flawless were : 

  • Maybelline's Dream Smooth Mousse in "classic ivory" - applied all over.
  • Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser in "neutralizer" - applied under eyes, around sides of my nose, and around my mouth before applying my red lips.
  • For highlighting, I got creative and used my Wet n' Wild Coloricon shadow trio in "walking on eggshells." I used the pink shade as blush, the brown as my bronzer/contouring, and the ivory part as the actual highlight on tops of my cheekbones and nose. They're all shimmers by the way, no flat colors in this trio.

For my EYES, the best way to look expensive is to have lots of lashes, so scoring the false lash strips was key.  

  • Andrea ModLash strips in Bat those Lashes #21 - these were put on after all of the other eye makeup was applied.  Luckily, it came with a tiny sample tube of glue so I didn't have to buy that separately which helped keep my total bill lower! Score!
  • Wet n' Wild Coloricon in "walking on eggshells"- I used this trio for my entire eye bed including the brown to fill in my brows. Which honestly doesn't look that great because it's not dark enough and has shimmer in it, but luckily I have heavy bangs to hide that! Ha!
  • Wet n' Wild mega impact mascara -  this actually turned out to be an excellent choice for mascara, and it was only a 1.99 after using my Walgreens card - woah!  You literally can't beat that.
  • Wet n'Wild H20 proof liquid liner in black - this liner is a product I've been using for over 3 years now and it produces the best stay put cat eye in the biz. You have to scrub, scrub, scrub to get this stuff off.  Which is great in my opinion because with a cat eye as thick and exaggerated as I've created, it has to stay precise to look sophisticated and can't be fading or running around your face.

And last but certainly not least, the bold RED LIPS addition is what tops this look off to making it look expensive... 

One tool that I did use a lot while shopping the aisles of Walgreens, was my Pretty In My Pocket app.  This thing just gets better and better with helping me to make wise makeup buying decisions.  And it's super fun to be able to scan barcodes on my own with just my iPhone to pull up reviews of the various products while in the store!! Yes, a 35 year old mom of 3 can get her kicks off something so simple!! Ha!  Even a professional makeup artist like myself can use a little help and advice from others in their experience with these drugstore options. This app is changing the way I buy makeup by helping me to not spend unnecessary money on products that won't work for me.

So what do you think of my champagne face?  Does it look more Dom Perignon than Andre??! Ha!! (Andre is a much cheaper version of champagne if you didn't get that comparison!)

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May 23, 2013

9 Life Saving Makeup Products

I have my go-to makeup products just like any other girl.  Even though I have probably over 500 products (maybe more, never actually counted, too overwhelming) from glosses, powders, blushes, liners, and foundations, oh my!, I still have my favorites.

Life saving, or face-saving, here are my top 9 at the moment... 

{Yes, that's a tiny life jacket prop. Pretty creative huh??}

  1. L'Oreal Infallbile eye shadow in "Continuous Cocoa."  I can use this stay put powder for multiple things - it's my new brow filler (the perfect shade!!), eyeliner, or for a deep brown smokey eye shadow.
  2. Too Faced Shadow Insurance.  I wear this eye lid primer EVERY day.  I can't wear eyeshadow without it anymore.  It makes my shadow stick, stay put, with no fading or creasing.  It's colorless, so every skin tone can benefit from it.
  3. Cover Girl Lash Blast Volume mascara.  This gives me perfectly thick lashes without the clumping. I buy the waterproof formula because it has longer staying power, no flaking, and keeps the curl better in my lashes, which brings me to...
  4. Tweezerman Eyelash curler.  I curl my lashes every day too.  It's an immediate eye opener, especially since my lashes are stick straight. Mascara always looks better on curled lashes, always. Here are some recent stylish Tweezerman products I blogged on here.
  5. Too Faced Matte Eye Shadow Collection.  I'm into matte shadows right now, especially for when I need to look polished without a bunch of glitter fuss. Every single shade is so sophisticated and very grown up.
  6. Maybelline Dream Lumi concealer.  Can't say enough good things about this drugstore priced dark circle under eye cover up - so here's a blog post about it.
  7. Physicians Formula Youthful Wear Powder in the illuminating finish.  If I don't have any time for foundation (yikes!) I know my skin will look 10X better if I can just swipe a little of this powder across my face to give me a luminous glow.
  8. MAC blush in "Pinch O Peach."  My go-to bright pink, (not sure where they get the peach description from) blush for the summer time.  This color brightens every complexion, seriously, example of me sporting it here.
  9. L'Oreal Infallible lip gloss in "Sangria."  Such a great lip gloss, I own every color in this collection (what?? I need them for clients!).  The price is right, the shine and staying power is awesome, and this color in particular gives my lips just the right amount of plummy pink shine I can pull off for everyday.
What beauty products are saving your face at the moment??

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May 22, 2013

Wednesday PowWow : What Was Your Very First Makeup Purchase?

{Dr. Pepper Lip Smacker - the ultimate lip balm.}

I loved makeup from the moment I started watching my mother apply it to herself, post about that here.  But there is something about wanting to own your very own products as a little girl and not having to borrow/share it with mom.

So I vividly remember one of my first beauty products that was bought just for me was the Dr. Pepper flavored Lip Smackers from Bonne Bell.  I realize it's not a "true"makeup product if we want to get all technical, but it had just enough color to be more legit than clear chapstick, it tasted and smelled heavenly, and I had myself convinced it was lipstick. This product actually brings back so many great memories of my Granny who also wore this same product.  I remember her keeping it right by her chair she used to watch TV in and would constantly reapply it while watching some of her favorite shows like Good Times and The Lawrence Welk Show - does this show my age??  Just so I don't sound like a complete old fogy, this product is also one of cutie hip actress Rachel Bilson's favorites!

I saw this lip smackers while scanning the Target aisles yesterday and just had to buy it again for old times sake.  My first Caboodle, Sun In, and Designers Imposter's Body Sprays came right behind the lip smackers...very 1980's right??!

I know you remember your first makeup purchase, so what was it??  Share in the comments below! 

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May 21, 2013

How To Get Nicole Kidman Canne's Look For The Every Day Lady

After looking through all of the photo footage from the Cannes Film Festival, I kept going back to the pictures of Nicole Kidman.  She looked SO beautiful.  The hair-do aside, (I can't make up my mind if I liked it or not, but it did showcase her pretty face) she was lady-like perfection from head to toe. Here's how I would recreate this look to work for an everyday lady...

From top to bottom:

Eyes - MAC "Satin Taupe" eye shadow  
The perfect shimmery deep taupe to highlight blue eyes...or any eye color for that matter!
This is one of my favorite glamorous neutral shadows.

Skin - Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder
This pressed powder is getting all kinds of love for giving skin the most illuminating finish.

Lips - MAC "Crosswires" lipstick
This cream finish lipstick is a deep melon-pink shade that is the perfect summer lip color 
for most skin tones.

Alice + Olivia "Rosie" Peplum Top

I obviously can't even fathom where I would ever need to wear such a stunning dress, (it certainly is too dressy for Target and the park) but I loved the intricate beading and sequins on the white crisp background.  The best way of duplicating this look for everyday life but with a fancy touch would be with this Alice + Oliva sequined top.  And I love the idea of pairing it with beat up denim!!

Did you like Nicole's look at Cannes?  Who else did you love style wise? Link to more Cannes style here.

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May 20, 2013

Revlon PhotoReady Kajal : One Eyeliner Double The Fun

Any beauty product that delivers me a two in one bonus, is a steal in my book...especially when it is available at a drugstore price!!  One of Revlon's newest products, the PhotoReady Kajal Intense Eye Liner + Brightener delivers one single liner with double the fun and double the color.

{I'm sporting the Blue Nile shade.}

From left to right :

#002 Blue Nile
#003 Emerald Empire
#004 Purple Reign

I applied my normal eyeshadow ahead of time, and then added the blue nile shade to add some excitement to my boring brown shadow.  The brightener side of the liner (the white and flesh tones) goes inside the inner waterline on the lower lash line to make the whites of the eyes seem brighter.  This is one of my favorite makeup artist tricks to helping make your eyes look more awake and vibrant! Then you use the intense colored side to line the upper and/or lower lash line to add some nice contrast  to your eye color.

 {BEFORE liner.}

{AFTER liner.}

{Showing the liner LOVE with each color + its matching brightener shade.}

These pencils will be available this June 2013 in 4 fabulously intense shades including mine shown above plus a Carbon Cleopatra color. These will get used in heavy rotation in my makeup routine for sure.  I highly suggest you keep an eye out for these eye liners next month!

*I was sent these pencils for consideration and review by for their Beauty Blogger Awards contest that I was an alternate for.  Which unfortunately, they ended up not needing the alternate position, boo, but I was lucky enough to get to keep all the crazy good box of Revlon products they sent me.  Not a bad consolation prize right?!*

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May 17, 2013

Time Flies

"The only reason for time is so everything doesn't happen at once," Einstein.  Thank goodness for time then, because I wouldn't be able to handle it if all of this growing up my kids are doing happened at one time...

My 3 little people are officially done with school for this year.  If you have children, you really understand the meaning of the saying, "Time Flies."  This especially rings true when the school year comes to an end because it's a huge reminder of the time already gone by.  It's super cliche, but it literally seems to be flying by.  I am not sure where this year went - remember this posting back in August when they all first started school??

My goal this summer now that they will all be at home with me, is to soak them and this age in.  Looking at all 3 of them today knowing this current school year is over and they'll all have bigger responsibilities next year when it comes to growing up, life lessons, and of course harder academics, I want them to enjoy their break.  I also want to be able to enjoy them since we'll be having a lot of quality time together.

With all of this time together ALL day, I'm not sure how I'm going to juggle blogging, keeping up with my freelance business, and general house maintenance as easily as I did when they were all in school!  However I do realize I'm lucky I'm going to get the opportunity to figure out how to do all of that at home with them this summer.  It will certainly be a struggle and a bit chaotic at times, but I can't wait.  I appreciated this quote from mom of 2, Ivanka Trump, in a recent Redbook magazine issue about the working mother debate.

Who knows what the next 2 months of blogs will look like - so hang in there with me!! Maybe I will finally be able to train a photographer who can help me out with self portraits...and the man behind the camera will be 7 years old!  Ha!!

If you're a parent, how does the end of the school year affect you having the kids at home - glad, sad, sentimental, relieved, stressed??  Do you agree that time seems to be flying by?

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May 16, 2013

Product Review : Arcona Los Angeles

My makeup looks only as good as my skin does.   That's why amazing skin care and product use is near and dear to my heart because it makes my life, and my makeup application, look easier and more flawless.   And isn't flawless skin what we all strive for??

{My generous amount of Arcona products to play with.}

I appreciate and realize how blessed I am for all of the opportunities I get as a beauty blogger to try out some of the latest and greatest makeup and skin care products that companies are nice enough to send me.  Some don't ever get mentioned if I don't find my readers will benefit from knowing about them, but then some blow me away that I MUST share with you all.  Enter Arcona products into my life.  

This brand was born from a German nurse turned esthetician named Arcona Devan who began making products in her home from the desire to use clean, natural, products from live active ingredients.  One of the main points I liked when I read the back story, is that the ingredients are all cold processed, which helps to keep them active and effective as opposed to heat processing which renders them inactive.  To make an easy comparison, it's like when you cook vegetables instead of eating them in their raw state, you take away a little of the good nutrients by adding heat. I'm learning something new everyday!! 

This line has been around for over 15 years and has been used by celebrities such as Diane Lane, Regina King, Cher, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Madonna, just to name drop a few!!  

{My skin in the true sunlight with minimal makeup on.}

I have been using these products for over 2 weeks now.  I find you need to give most skin care products at least that long to give them a chance to really perform or make a difference.  On a scale of 1-5, 1 being ho-hum and 5 being awesome, I'd give this brand a 5.  I am truly impressed by Arcona.  

I was sent a lot of products from the line to try, but I wanted to highlight a few of my absolute favorites that stood out from the crowd for my dry-tired-35-year-old skin.  

*I will be honest, I do have on a little bit of makeup in these photographs.  I had to attend a school function for my 1st grader,  so I couldn't go completely SANS makeup - you know that's not my style:)  However, I do have on minimal skin makeup for me, just concealer and one of my favorite drugstore powders I mentioned here.  No foundation or tinted moisturizer used.*

My first two loves from this group of products were in the cleansing category.

  1. The cranberry exfoliator smells amazing (almost like a light grape bubble gum), has super fine grains, and makes my skin feel incredibly smooth.  It was an Allure Best of Beauty in 2011.  A lot of cheap exfoliators have large grains that feel like you're beating up your skin, but this one is makes you feel like you're really doing something good for the surface of your skin!
  2. The white tea cleanser is another product that has a super fresh scent, is full of great ingredients like Vitamin E, yucca, and of course soothing white + green tea.  It's super gentle and I use it with my Clarisonic every night.

{My goal is to get 2 year old skin like Miss Viv with zero makeup on!}

One of their "anytime" category of products that I have fallen in love with are the Triad Pads that are used for refreshing, cleansing, toning, and removing minimal makeup anytime.

 {Each thin Triad Pad is a soaked in yummy ingredients, $30.}

Again, the scent is where it's at here.  I could sniff these pads all day long and they do immediately make my skin feel refreshed and toned.  These are good for on-the-go for the office, travel, or for a handbag refresher.  With Omegas 3,6, and 9 plus rice milk to nourish the skin, these do not dry out my already dry skin and are very soothing.  I even used these on my hubby, who would never do the whole face wash and water thing, so these are a great quick cleansing option for men in my opinion. 

{Another close up of my skin after 2 weeks of Arcona use.}

The last two stars of the group were from the PM Serum and Hydrating categories of products.

{Gentle Solution repair serum for night, $50 + Magic White Ice hydrating gel moisturizer, $40.}

  1. The night serum is actually one of the only ones I didn't love love the scent on, but it performs so well, it didn't matter.  This was for nighttime treatment and contains a Glycolactolymer complex which is used for rapid cell renewal and gentle exfoliation.  This product made my skin feel like it glowed and gave me more refined pores by morning time. 
  2. The hydrating gel moisturizer was just that.  It's lightweight, smells lovely, and can be used daily.  It's got hyaluronic acid in it which is key for anti-aging.  And goodness knows I can use all the anti-aging properties I can get my hands on!!

One of the best parts about this line is that they have an average price point of $45-50, which is super affordable for products this wonderful and contain these types of powerful ingredients.

**If you are in the Atlanta, Ga area this Saturday May 25th, they'll be at the Nordstrom at Perimeter Mall doing chair facials and consultations with the line, so make sure to stop by if you want to try out these products. **

BIG BIG THANKS to Jim at Arcona for reaching out and giving me the opportunity to try out this wonderful line of skin care.  I'm now a huge fan for life.

*The products in this post were sent to me for consideration by the company for consideration.  I was not paid for this post and all opinions expressed are my own and based on my personal experience with Arcona.*

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