July 31, 2013

Product Review : Cashmere Like Skin With Caudalie Divine Scrub

 {Caudalie Divine Scrub, $38}

Even though I don't get to take as many showers and relaxing soaking baths as I'd like to as a busy mom of three, when I do get the time, I like to make the most of it.  I've also got super dry skin from my face to my feet that needs massive amounts of attention, so my bath products have to be geared towards adding moisture.  In walks this Caudalie Divine Scrub to the rescue thanks to the nice people over at Birchbox.com

4 oils included in this product:
Hibiscus oil, grape seed, sesame, and argan

This scrub is recommended to be used 2-3 times a week, and I can see why.  I've been using it in the shower, and when I get a little over zealous and try to use it more than 3 x a week, the floor of my shower starts to get super slick!!  Slippery shower floor is a small price to pay for the slippery smooth skin this scrub gives though.  The scent is kind of hard to pinpoint, but smells warm, delicately woodsy, and fresh - but not fresh like flowers, if that makes sense.  It smells expensive, really.  The texture is grainy and milky once the water hits it which is what makes it feel like it's soothing on my dry skin.  It's not a super fine grain, but isn't harsh and scratchy.  
My skin feels like cashmere soft after rubbing it everywhere.  I can especially see the most obvious results on my knees and elbows right after jumping out of the shower - I don't have elephant skin anymore!  Caudalie Divine Scrub is just that, truly divine for my dry skin.  

*Extra tidbit of info - I'm always interested in the background history of beauty brands.  Caudalie is a French brand that has a neat story and it all started with a husband/wife duo, grapes, and using the maximum amount of natural ingredients possible. Click the link above to learn more.* 

Have you ever tried any Caudalie products?

*This product was sent to me for consideration by Birchbox and was not a paid post or review.  All views, opinions, and ideas expressed are my own as always.  

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July 30, 2013

The Bare Essentials

You gotta prep the canvas before you can apply the paint I always say.  These are the products I am currently using to prep my skin to give it that even flawless finish before I apply the color - the bare essentials of makeup if you will...

 {Yes, a bear showing my bare skin essentials.}

{L, complete bare skin. R, skin after I used all of the above products together.}

Before we continue - Please pay no attention to my slightly red left eye - I had a mascara wand accident that took a few hours to die down!  And of course I have a limited window of time to take blog photos with a tight schedule and 3 little people running around so I had to go ahead and take pics, irritated eyeball and all!!  Ok, moving on...

From The Lab Eyelift Primer  |  Eclose Daily HydraPrimer

1st Step : PRIMERS for eye lids and skin.

This From The Lab lid primer is pretty flippin' fantastic!! It creates an even, vein-free, smooth lid in an instant and gives my shadows amazing staying power.  The FTLab is a revolutionary concept of a monthly beauty subscription box filled with innovative beauty products, just click the link above to find out more.
This Eclos daily HydraPrimer with SPF 30 is a product I received thanks to my Klout influence. They send out Klout Perks every now and then I can choose from to redeem, which is super fun!  If you're a blogger or on social media a lot (like me!), then you should sign up to see what your Klout # is and to potentially receive new and exciting products.  I have been using this primer alone when I run to the gym or pool bc it evens out my skin just enough without any foundation, plus the SPF 30 is key!  It also promises to be anti-aging with regular use so I'm just waiting to look 5-10 years younger:)

MAC Studio Conceal and Correct Palette, Medium | Revlon PhotoReady Foundation in Nude 


Next I apply my foundation like this Revlon one I've been loving (bc I read somewhere it was actress Olivia Wilde's favorite - seriously).  Then I spot treat any areas like the under eyes and blemishes with this amazing MAC concealer palette which has so many wearable concealer shades to hide, disguise, and contour with!

Physician's Formula Happy Booster Light Bronzer

Last Step : BRONZER. 

The slight breakage at the bottom of this product is thanks to my almost 3 year old :)  This is a new purchase for me, and I love the mosaic of dark, medium, and light bronze shades plus the cute little pink center heart!  Definitely a mood booster when brushed around the perimeter of my face and along the cheekbones to give my complexion just the right amount of warmth and light!

{No color yet, just perfecting the skin base. Good start!}

These simple steps and products are what help to create the illusion of even and vibrant looking skin that didn't start off that way!

What are your makeup essentials to achieving a flawless face before color?

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July 26, 2013

JennySue Makeup Spotlighted On PopSugar Beauty

Ever since I was contacted by the wonderful people over at PopSugar Beauty to become a part of their blogger family, I've been giddy about being connected with such a reputable website.  They're seriously  on the pulse of everything style, celebrity, moms, food, and of course beauty related!  They've pretty much got every base covered:)

 {Duck face action shot of highlighting cheekbones for my PopSugar post!}

Now was my time to shine over on their site! Yay!! I contributed a piece on "How To Fake A Sun Kissed Glow With Makeup!" So as not to ruin the surprise and tutorial on how to do this, click on the link above to check out which products and techniques I recommend.  And be sure to leave me a comment/question on the PopSugar post or click the thumbs up (please not down-ha!!) if you like what you've read!  I'm ready to chat with all of you!!  I promise once you get on their site, you'll want to browse around to check out the many other fabulous bloggers they have brought on board and to see what other posts they've got to entertain and inform you with.  I could literally spend all day on their site.

On a Friday note, here's a pin from my Pinterest boards I just felt the need to share with you lovelies  on this kickoff to the weekend...

Thanks again to the PopSugar team for highlighting JennySue Makeup today 
and for including me in your circle of beauty buddies! I am honored.

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July 25, 2013

THE Makeup Look For Fall 2013

Louis Vuitton has hit a home-freakin- run with this stunningly simple ad campaign featuring actress Michelle Williams...
{Photography by Peter Limbergh, image via.}

It is SO refreshing to see this high end fashion house featuring a look in their ads that isn't super editorial, outlandish, and weird.  One that most of us ladies could actually pull off!! This ad makes me want to buy that bag (in my dreams) and do my hair and makeup just like Michelle's. Seriously. Well, minus dying my hair blonde, but hers looks amazing.

From the dark vampy short nails, to the slightly messy hair,  her naturally full brows, porcelain skin that embraces winter (no fake bake there), finished off with the most perfect shade of terracotta red lipstick - dang it she makes me ready for FALL so I can try and mimic this look!!  On a side note, Michelle is a mom too, which makes me love her all the more - Hot mom alert!

If you'd like to see the 2nd ad featuring Michelle, you can check out the telegraph.co.uk.  Believe me, I will definitely be doing a post very soon on recreating this sophisticated makeup look once I find the exact shade of lipstick...I'm on a mission!  Right now I'm going on record as saying this is going to be THE makeup look for fall 2013.  At least for myself it is. 

What do you think of Michelle's look? Would you be on board?

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July 24, 2013

Wednesday PowWow : Did You Catch The Royal Baby Fever?

{The newest addition to the royal family! Image via}

I love babies. I have 3 of them. Well, none of them are "technically" babies anymore, but you get my drift, they once were.  I was pretty excited for their arrival, I have been very excited for all of my girlfriend's babies to arrive, and I won't lie, I was pretty interested each time Angelina Jolie was about to have and/or adopt each of hers. Even baby North's arrival, I was happy to finally know her name whether I liked it or not.  But none of these babies consumed my day, my television, or my social media outlets like the little prince.  Oh, and the little guy now finally has a name!

This royal baby anticipation, wowza.  I couldn't believe the amount of attention yesterday to this!!  After switching the channel a few times to find a network that wasn't broadcasting live across the pond, or searching for a tweet in my Twitter feed that didn't mention how everyone was on "royal baby watch" for the heir to arrive, I realized I needed to give in and share in the excitement.  Even though I'll never hold this baby nor will he ever really affect my life in any way shape or form, it was nice to see a national event attached to something POSITIVE.  In this crazy mixed up world where our media usually likes to sensationalize the negative and depressing in our society, celebrities acting up, politics, and Paula Deen, it was refreshing to see the media switch gears to focusing on a couple who seems to have their heads on straight.  So thank goodness this baby finally arrived and put a smile on a few faces or at least took peoples minds off of the ugly in the world for a day.

Here are some really great pics from yesterday's heir arrival from the dailymail.co.uk if you're interested.

*On a Kate STYLE NOTE - she looked ridiculously fresh and relaxed for JUST giving birth. 
In addition to her perfectly ombred hair and non-swollen fingers (she was still wearing that amazing wedding ring!), if I had to take an educated guess on makeup products that would mimic her 
just outta the hospital look they'd be:
  •  Blush similar to Nars "Mata Hari" & lips could be L'Oreal Infallible gloss in "posey," both products I blogged on HERE
  • Neutral eye shadows like Stila's "twig"or "golightly."

So who's about to run out and buy themselves a polka dot dress now?? New trend alert?!

So did you catch onto the royal baby fever yesterday? 

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July 23, 2013

Date Night Makeup

 {My date night face.}

If you read yesterday's post, or you saw my many Instagrams, or my Facebook page, then you know I got to celebrate my 12 year wedding anniversary this weekend!  So I figured it was an appropriate post to show you what kind of makeup look I sport for a big date with my man!

When I want to make my husband feel like he's still got a hottie for a wife after all these years, I follow these simple rules and products:

1. Little black dress. Yes, it really works.  This one would be a cute & flirty affordable option! 

2.  It's hot and muggy here in Georgia. A teased high pontytail works best since we also sat outside for dinner.  Remember my tutorial on how-to here.

3.  Smokey eyes are always hubby approved...
MAC shadows in motif, vanilla, embark, and cork | Lancome eyeliner in "black coffee" 

4. Youthful flawless skin...
 L'Oreal True Match foundation | LORAC Tantalizer bronzer | YSL creme blush #7.

5. Nude lips that don't compete with my smokey eye.  It's all about a balanced face... 
Rimmel London exaggerate liner in "eastend snob" |  MAC "myth" lipstick 
 Kardashian Khroma lipgloss on top.

What is your go-to makeup look for a hot date?

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July 22, 2013

12 Things I've Learned From 12 Years Of Marriage

{Our wedding day - July 21, 2001}

Scott and I celebrated 12 years of marriage on Sunday and enjoyed a lovely day of relaxing with the kids (is that an oxymoron??) and then a nice quiet dinner with just the two of us (thanks to my fab in-laws for free babysitting!). 

{Last night's celebration of being married 12 years to the date!}

Here are 12 things I've learned in the dozen years of being married...

1.  LISTEN to your spouse.  Don't always talk over them, you might learn something.
2.  Love your spouse the way YOU would want to be loved. 
3.  Have DATE NIGHTS.  Even if they are just at home after the kids go to bed (put them to bed early!), crack open a bottle of wine, turn off the TV + the iPhones, and catch up and chat!  We can rarely afford to get babysitters every week with 3 kids, but some of my favorite nights have been right at home in our den or on our back porch.
4.  LEARN from your parents and his parents relationships.  You can take away from the good AND the not-so-good.
5.  This might sound super materialistic, but keep up your APPEARANCE.  Just because you're now married, doesn't mean you can let it all go!  I want my hubby to be proud of me (and vice versa,) so working out, getting a regular hair cut, putting on a cute outfit, and concealer + lipgloss is a must!
6.  If you're a newlywed, GET A PET.  Our dog Sophie (who is now 11 years old) was the best practice before having children on how to take care of and nurture another living being.  Fish don't count - ha!!
7.  SHARE A MEAL when at a restaurant.  It's a small way to learn how to agree on something, to keep the weight off as we get older, and to keep your total bill down!
8.  Know how your spouse takes their morning COFFEE.  My hubby usually makes my coffee and brings it to me before the kids wake up and it's a great way to start the day knowing he has already thought about me and is taking care of my caffeine fix!!
9.  Keep up with OUTSIDE FRIENDSHIPS. As important as the two of you are together, it's important to also have a great friend base outside of each other to lean on.  
10.  LAUGH together. Life with 3 kids is pretty stressful, but can also be such a joy if we make the effort to laugh off the struggles and tiredness and make an effort to find the funny in everyday life.

These of course are personal reasons of why I love being married to him and why each year gets better and better for us.  I'm no marriage counselor by any stretch, so these are things that work for us and not necessarily for any other couple, but thought they'd be fun to share!

Here's to many many more years!!! I love you Scott.

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July 19, 2013

Primping Has Its PERKS With L'Oreal Paris + Pretty In My Pocket

I've got some super exciting news for those of you ladies who love to buy makeup in the NYC area!!

Starting today, July 19th through October 19th, 2013, the best beauty app for iPhone, Pretty In My Pocket, has teamed up with cosmetic giant L'Oreal Paris to offer their PERKS (coupons/discounts) right on your iPhone at select Walgreens and Duane Reade stores.  This means no annoying paper coupons - just pull up the perk displayed on your downloaded app - you have downloaded this free app right??  I think this so awesome because as a mom of 3 who shops in these types of drugstores all. the. time. it would be amazing to actually receive discounts on makeup products I buy anyway.  And don't worry your pretty little heads you non-New York City ladies, perks will soon be available to the rest of us really soon!!

My LOOKS profile page on the PRIMP app

Since I am a proud Power Primper for Pretty In My Pocket, once you have downloaded the app, you can follow me and any of the other primpers and makeup mavens.  Why would this benefit you? Because you can find out all sorts of things about me like...

  • what products I love/don't love, 
  • tried and true products that are my must haves in my "virtual makeup bag", 
  • read my personal thoughts and reviews on anything and everything beauty related, and 
  • best of all, see "looks" I have created with various L'Oreal Paris products that you can recreate yourself!  

Just for fun, here is a look and manicure I've created with some fabulous L'Oreal products that you can find on the app right now AND get perks on these fab products if you're in the NYC area!

L'Oreal Paris products used on this look:

Magic Perfecting Base + True Match Foundation in N2 (not photographed)
Colour Riche eye Shadow in "Blue Haute Couture"
Voluminous False Fiber Lashes (not pictured)
Colour Riche Balm in "Pink Satin"

I am obsessed with their latest shades in nail color and they have really great staying power.  I took the photo below in front of my fireplace mantel because I was amazed how closely the polish and my paint color resembled each other!!  Obviously I love this nail color because I've used a similar shade in my home that I look at every day! Ha!

L'Oreal Paris nail color in "Now You Sea Me."

So if you're in the NYC area, get this app downloaded ASAP, click here I'm making it easy for you, and get to primpin' and perkin'!!  There's nothing wrong with getting your look for less right?!  

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July 18, 2013

Vacation Snapshots : Part 2 San Francisco

Here are the remaining photos from our family trip out to the west coast while in San Francisco through the July 4th weekend.  I'm already missing this beautiful area.  Sit back and relax, there are a bunch of these!!

The big attractions we did along the way were:  Pismo Beach, a long drive from LA to San Francisco, the Golden Gate Bridge (unbelievable up close and personal!), Miur Woods (once again, unbelievable, you've never seen trees this humongous!), Fishermans Wharf, the Children's Creativity Museum, driving down Lombard Street (the crooked-est street ever!), and basically walking everywhere, riding cable cars, and eating our hearts out!  We took a picture of Alcatraz above out in the distance, but was one attraction we didn't get to.  Hoping we will do that next time because I've heard it's cool - just wasn't sure our littles would get into an old creepy jail:)  We did get to hang out with Scott's cousin Mark who lives right outside of San Fran and basically was the best tour guide a family could ask for!  

If you missed the first part of our trip to LA click here and the amazing movie trailer my hubby created here.

I left my heart in San Francisco and I hope to go back soon!