September 30, 2013

Georgia Bulldawg Game Day Style

I am a proud graduate of the University of Georgia.  I am fortunate to now live in the same city of Athens, GA where I went to college and met my husband in. Which means, being from an SEC school, we take our bulldawg football season very seriously.

If you're not a football fan, you might not get how exciting these games can be and what a big deal they are.  I'm not claiming to completely understand the ins and outs of the game, (I know what offense and defense are, isn't that enough?) but just because my 7 year old knows more about what's happening on the field than I do, doesn't mean I can't enjoy myself!

These pics are from three separate Georgia football games this year against South Carolina, North Texas, and most recently, the BIG WIN against LSU!

Back in college (sans hubbies + kids obviously) Saturday football games in the fall were what we students lived and breathed for.  Really, the tailgating was what I lived for as a sorority girl (go ZTA!) because it meant an excuse to get really dressed up, hang out with my girlfriends (and cute boys), and maybe watch the game in between.  And when I say dressed up, I mean dresses, or black pants and fancy red top, sky high shoes, and lots of accessories and makeup! Thank goodness for attending a school that had a very wearable color combination of red and black.  

But now with three kids, dressing like I'm going on a date night or that I'm 18 again to a football game, doesn't fit my lifestyle.  Trekking all around campus with a 3 year old on my hip requires a mom to be a bit more practical.

As you can see from the photos above, my look is super casual now.  However, I do my best to try to look as festive as possible but comfortably chic.  I definitely have a formula when picking out my attire for this outdoor athletic event :
  • A good baseball cap.  We own more UGA caps than any one family should. But my husband and I have the same size head, so we find it a good investment because we can share. Plus in this southern heat, my hair always ends up looking terrible anyway so why not cover it up with a cap from the get go? And, since I dye my hair, it keeps the blazing sun off of my locks! This website has some great head gear options.
  • One statement accessory.   Big hoop earrings, a statement necklace or bracelet works to fancy up my casual attire.  Luckily our bulldawg team is also called the "silver britches" so silver jewelry always works.  Which means I can also use the whole investment excuse again when buying nice silver stuff because I can wear it everyday too and it's not just relegated to football games.
  • Ray Bans.  My classic aviators (like these) get worn a lot under my baseball caps because the ear part is so thin and doesn't bother tops of my ears. And they look sportier than some of my other fancy glasses!
  • The perfect lip color.  Red lipstick is an obvious choice and gets worn a lot.  Especially MAC "Russian Red" worn in 2nd photo from the top. But of course red is a lot of maintenance, so on the games I know I'm going to be outside for a long long time and eating a lot of greasy tailgate food, I stick to a great nude gloss, suggestions from the end of this post here.
I get this might seem like an over the top blog post and feel kind of, well, "nerdy" for those that don't like or care a thing about college football.  And I respect that.  If I hadn't gone to a college that didn't have a football team, I would think it odd to care about figuring out a formula for your game day outfit as well.  But then for those of you that do know where I'm coming from, I feel you giving me a virtual high five. 

Are you a college football fan? And for those of you that cheer for teams with really difficult color combinations (hello Miami - orange + green?!), I'd love to know how do you pull it off?

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September 27, 2013

Oh What A Night : Photos From The W ThinksPink Cure On The Catwalk Event Supporting Pink Heals Foundation

There are some people you get the opportunity to meet in this world that can change you for the better.  Last night in Atlanta, I got to meet some of the most amazing, resilient, and positive women at the fashion show to benefit the breast cancer survivor organization, Pink Heals Foundation.  To say last night was AMAZING would be an understatement.

Me with my fabulous and fun survivor Sherri. 
We are both sporting looks from Tootsies Atlanta. 
My dress was this Nicole Miller stunner!  I wish I could have sneaked it home with me!

Hair, makeup, and iPhones in action at the W Hotel Buckhead

How cool did my hair do turn out??  I've never had this much volume!
Thanks to Van Michael Salon for the fab ponytail! 

Setting up on the wet deck before showtime!

Silly and beautiful blogger friends, Kate and Tameka, photo bombing my pic!  Ha!

All of the blogger stylists from the Southern Blog Society posing with our celebrity host Julie Moran.

The reason we were all there tonight - to celebrate THESE 
amazing breast cancer SURVIVORS!!

Me doing my best not to fall in the pool!

Our finale shot! 

A Sherri & Jennifer selfie! How FAB are her hot pink lips?!! 

My wonderful friends and sister in law who came out to support me! 
Our cocktails in hand were "Tata-Tinis" thanks to Vixen Vodka.  They were waaay yummy.

That's a wrap!! 

The swanky and hip W hotel was the perfect spot for this energetic event.  It was so upbeat because we were celebrating all of these amazing breast cancer survivors and their journey after treatment to feel as fabulous as they did before cancer hit.  

After getting to hear my survivor Sherri's story from start to finish, it was completely inspiring but also hard to grasp.  From the moment she first found out she was diagnosed on the phone while in the middle of the classroom of children she was teaching, to the wig she had to have made to cover up her shaved head, to her now being cancer free after multiple chemotherapy treatments, it's all difficult to imagine going through as a female.  But the way Sherri and some of the other survivors I spoke with tell it, once you find out you're diagnosed, you just go into fight mode.  You have to take on the mindset of taking the cancer head on and not looking back.  

To quote its founder Lisa (also a breast cancer survivor) on her reasoning for creating the foundation, 

"Pink Heals goal is to help young women who have been stripped of their confidence, looks, and sense of self - in what would normally be the prime of their lives - reclaim their "mojo."

Thank goodness I got the opportunity to meet these ladies who have bravely gone through and beaten the ultimate health scare.  I'm also equally as glad I got to meet and make some new blogger friends who styled these survivors.  Now I've got a bunch of new inspiring friends!  Oh what a night.

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September 26, 2013

My Skin Saviors

There is no doubt that at 35 years old I should be treating my skin like I would a newborn baby - around the clock care, gentle, and super protective!  Plus a side bonus would be to LOOK like I had newborn skin - smooth, wrinkle free, and no discoloration!!

Shop my latest skin saviors:

These are just some of the products I've been using lately that I feel provide all of the above descriptions.  Here's a brief take on what I'm loving about each:

1. eclos cream. This was a product I got from a Klout perk and I was hooked immediately after using.  It can be used a.m. & p.m., but I typically just use it in the morning.  It's a medium weight moisturizer with a fresh clean lemon-like scent that is hydrating for dry dull skin like mine.  It's got apple stem cell technology in it...which sounds really cool and powerful doesn't it??  

2. benefit concealer.  I've used this for at least 8 years now and even though I switch out with other concealers every now and then, I always go back to this one because it's a medium to heavy coverage which requires you to use very little.  And that very little bit of product covers a multitude of sins like sleepless nights and not drinking enough water that lead to those pesky dark under eye circles!   I especially love it for spot treating breakouts with a tiny concealer brush because of it's awesome stay put coverage. 

3.  RoC retinol cream.  Retinol has been proven to be the BEST over the counter wrinkle smoother, and this is my 3rd tube of it.  It is super powerful, so sensitive skin beware, but after a couple nights of redness, my skin got used to it and I can tell it makes the surface of my skin glow the next morning.  This is a NIGHT cream so don't wear it during the day, or slather on the SPF so your skin doesn't burn!

4.  Estee eye cream.  This advanced night repair formula has been around FOREVER, and that's because it WORKS!  I love this serum-like eye product because it's lightweight and I still don't have crows feet after using it for a couple years now:)

5. Youthful wear powder.  This is my second purchase of this powder, and I love it because it gives my skin the most beautiful finish after I apply my foundation.  Watch out if you're an oily gal though because you could come off looking shiny after a couple hours.  But if you've got normal to dry skin like me, this is an amazing pressed powder because it is seriously illuminating!!

What are some of your skin saviors?

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September 25, 2013

Dark Beauty

Cooler temperatures get me in the mood for richly colored DARK eye makeup and nails.  And I like to sport both at the same time for added drama!!

{Matchy matchy eyes & nails!}

I cut a moon shape out of the top of a cotton round to keep the dark shadow 
from falling into my already applied concealer & foundation.

Wine colored shadow + polish used here:

If you like the idea of dark eyeshadow but are scared of looking too "goth" or overdone follow these tips:
  • pick ONE dark shade only,
  • omit eyeliner all together and just use that shadow to get as close to your upper & lower lash lines as possible,
  • add a neutral shimmer shadow right in the tear duct area and right in the center of the lid to brighten things up,
  • liner your inner waterline on the lower lash line with a flesh colored pencil. I used this one,
  • load on the mascara on uppers & lowers! I used this one by Lancome,
  • add a light matte colored shadow right on the brow bone,
  • and lastly, keep your cheeks and lips light and let the eyes do the talking!  Cheeks by Nars "Mata Hari," and lips by Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter in "Juicy Papaya."
This OPI shade has been around for quite sometime, but it never gets old to me! It is rich, opulent, and sexy at the same time especially when sported on short rounded nails.  The "sketch" shadow I used is a perfect compliment as it's in the same dark family with a purpley-eggplant base.  Or similar to the Pinot Noir shown above, whichever floats your boat...veggies or wine!  Ha!

Do you go darker for your makeup and polishes when fall arrives?

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September 23, 2013

Makeup Monday Emmys Edition : Beauty OR Blunder

The Emmy's were last night and like all of those celebrity TV award shows, there's plenty of glitz, glamour, and gloss to be seen on the red carpet!  And so for today's edition of beauty or blunder, I've got two examples of a PALE NUDE LIP.  The right way and the wrong way...

Now this might seem that I'm being super picky because Maria (left) is an absolutely gorgeous girl and it feels a little wrong to put her in the "don't" category.  But when you put her beside Julianne (right) doing the same idea of a pale lip, you can compare and contrast the difference.

{BLUNDER : Maria Menounos.}

{BEAUTY : Julianne Hough, with her brother Derek.}

DON'T : Maria's nude lip is the EXACT same color as her skin, so those lips almost disappear into her face if it weren't for the high shine of the gloss.
 DO : Julianne's are very light, but have a hint of pink to them which keeps them from becoming part of her face and makes them stand out like, well, lips!!

This is a very easy lip mistake to avoid - just don't match your lip color to your actual skin tone then you will be okay!  Make sure there's a touch of peach or pink to your nude lip color to create a healthy glow to your pout and balance out the need to go too beige!  
Here are some of my favorite pale lip colors...

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September 20, 2013

EYE Want That

{Eye image via Pinterest.}

All of my fall magazines are torturing me with the massive amounts of new beauty products hitting the market.  Here are a few that sound like reason enough to start swiping the credit card...  

1.  Avon Mega Effects mascara, $10.  This is apparently the holy grail of mascara in terms of getting maximum lashes with it's crazy looking fat applicator.  And 10 bucks is a steal of a price if it delivers what it's advertising!

2.  Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Lipshine in "Boy," $32.  Do you really need a reason to buy another Chanel lipstick? This color seems super wearable and is the perfect pinky/nude hybrid I need for everyday wear! Oh, and it's actually not new at all and has been around for awhile. Which means in the cosmetic world, if it hasn't been discontinued in a couple years, it's a keeper!

3.  Bumble And Bumble Surf Spray, $15. I love the wavy bedhead look and feel it would be an easier hair do to pull off in the cooler months to come.  This spray apparently gives you beachy waves without the surf and sand.  My hair could use a little texture help like this!

4.  Stila Magnificent Metals Foil Eyeshadows, $32. I actually played with these in a recent trip to Sephora and am kicking myself for not actually buying one!! The metallic look turns out to be the most amazingly reflective finish and would make the ultimate night out eye look.  I'm feeling metallic merlot and vintage black gold.

5.  Katy Perry Killer Queen perfume, $39.  I don't typically like celebrity endorsed perfumes and find it kind of hokey for some reason.  But I  will make an exception because I do love Miss Perry, and I have been obsessed with the perfume strips in the magazines of her new scent!  The notes of jasmine and powdery musk make it feminine, sexy, and it smells royal!!!  Oh, and the bottle is gorgeous too which is a big reason I'm drawn toward fragrances - cool packaging gets me every time;)

What are some of your current beauty wants this fall?  Have you tried any of the above mentioned? 

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September 19, 2013

Fancy Fingers

I'm really into the whole nail art, nail designs, glittery polishes, overall fun and fancy fingernails.  This is an area where I feel you can get really creative without risking a whole lot.  It's a lot easier to pull off polka dots on your nails than your waistline, right?!

So I was recently sucked into buying some OPI nail strips that were in a sale bin at Sephora (shocker...not really, anything that goes on sale at Sephora I feel a need to buy!).  The designs were so stinking cute and they were only 6 bucks.  I had nothing to lose.  Speaking of polka dots, they actually offered a pink and white polka dotted nail, but I went for the gusto and bought this peach and black lace design and these turquoise blue birds print. The best thing about nail strips, NO drying time - SCORE!! I had to fold laundry right after applying these, and know what, I could without messing up my new fancy fingers!! I'm officially obsessed with printed nails and I have a feeling there will be more to come.

I also love the idea of all the MIDI RINGS on trend.  They're easier to pull off than nail designs and even easier to apply!!  Just another way to fancy up those fingers!  Here are a few I'd love to own...

Are you into adorning your fingers with nail designs and midi rings?

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September 16, 2013

Why You Should Wing It...Your Eyeliner

{Just a few "wing" selfies}

I have a slight obsession with winging my eyeliner.  It's my go-to eye look after much practice.  I draw it on with liquid liner (major drama), gel eyeliner (moderate drama), and even eyeshadow applied wet (subtle soft drama), however the mood strikes me!

So WHY do I wear this eye look so much?  Here's a few reasons...
1.  It's playful.  I think makeup should be fun, and this look has some wearable flair without involving glitter and neon.
2.  It gives an instant eye lift without the surgery.  The subtle (or dramatic!) flip up at the corner of the eye gives the illusion of a more lifted eye.  No droopy dog eyes here!
3.  You can wear it colorful without worrying about bright eyeshadow.  I often wear bright blue, purple, or emerald green winged liner because it's so much easier to apply one stripe of noticeable color than doing an eyelid full of color with shadows!

{Winged eye perfection on film icon Sophia Loren!}

4.  It never goes out of style.  Especially worn in black or brown, the winged cat eye is always going to look sophisticated and timeless when done right.  This isn't some fly by night makeup trend - think  1950's Sophia above!   Of course this look does take practice and a steady hand, but I promise, once perfected, it will be one you want to wear often.  Here's a post I did awhile back on just exactly how I draw on a cat eye.

Do you wing it??

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"Gettin' Cheeky With It" With butter London's Cheeky Cream Blush

As a lady who struggles with dry skin, yet always wants to have that fresh faced dewy look despite the flaky alligator face, I am drawn towards cream blushes as opposed to powder ones.  Cream and gel formulas can give that naturally flushed look better than any powder blush because it sinks into the skin looking like your glow is coming from within.  

When I received this cream blush from butter London, I couldn't wait to dive in and see if it could give me that pretty youthful glow I strive for...

 {Notice the cheeks + lips match! Double duty product!}

Not only does this mainly peach based blush deliver the beautiful dewy cheeks I long for, but it also worked as a lip color too!!  It actually had better staying power on my lips than it did on my cheeks! Go figure.  I do love a makeup product that can do double duty.

Like I said, this blush would be great for you normal to dry cheeked ladies, but I probably wouldn't recommend for the oily gals because it could get real slippery and have no staying power.  But if you're like me, this cream blush was just what the doctor ordered for a beautiful and healthy looking blush that literally melts into the skin.  *Bonus tip : If you want super staying cheek power, you can layer a cream formula like this with a matching powder blush on top!*

For a more punchy and bright look, I would love to try out the Pistol Pink cheek that is the sister shade to the hot pink eye liner I blogged on HERE!

Are you a cream or powder blush girl...or Both?!

*This product was sent to me for consideration by butter London.  This is not a paid review and all opinions and views are honest and my own as always!*

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