October 31, 2013

Happy Happy Halloween!!

My girly girl has chosen to be Snow White for Halloween for at least two months now.  She keeps reminding me that's what she's going to be, just in case I forget;)  I believe she got inspired when she saw my take on this princess. This picture was taken for her preschool fall festival last week, so it was our trial run.  My boys have chosen to be these little monsters.  And the hubby and I are going to go along with the Disney classic theme...

Can you guess who we will be from this costume accessory pic??

I hope everyone has a spooky & spectacular Halloween!!

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October 30, 2013

Little Monsters

Gone are the days where my two sweet boys wanted to be things like super heros, football players, and Elmo for Halloween.  They have now decided to put moms makeup skills to the test with the un-dead look...

My Walker, dressed up as a "WALKER."  
(You probably only get this if you watch the creepy series the Walking Dead)

My Jack dressed as a VAMPIRE.

This is actually a dress rehearsal for the big day, as we did these looks the other night for a local Halloween carnival thing.  I did not include either boys fake blood capsules, because we were hanging around a lot of much younger children in a small group, and I didn't want to totally freak everyone out...just yet. Their baby sister was scared enough.  

Here's a simple breakdown for how I did their looks:

1.  What I used for both looks were pre packed Vampire and Zombi kits (must need fake teeth included!) like these from Party City.  For the zombie skin, I used grey all over, for the vampire skin I used white all over.  Make sure to cover the ears with these colors bc flesh peachy ears give it away!!  For both of their eyes, I made them darker with a blend of browns and blacks to create a sunken in look.  I also added sunken in cheekbones for the vampire by drawing a little bit of black from the ear towards the mouth.

2.  I added a little bit of my red matte eye shadow to create a more sunken and sickly look around their eyes.  I also used an old slanted makeup brush that I dipped in the red shadow and did quick back and forth strokes on Walkers face to create scrape marks.  

3.  We will also be attempting the latex on my baby zombie to create flaking skin, so wish me luck.  This will really test my makeup artist skills!!

4.  For hair, we spiked up Walker's and added lots of hairspray to make it look dirty, and for the vampire we will be adding lots of water and slicking straight back (his hair creeped back up throughout the night so I think we need to get some major gel for tomorrow!).  For vampires, you have to add a small downward V in the center of the forehead with black makeup to create that widows peak. 

What do you think of my little monsters makeup??  
Do you like wearing dramatic makeup for Halloween or are easy masks the way to go?

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October 29, 2013

Super Blue Eyes

My BLUE products:

But they do have a Royal Blue alternative here, $5.99 that isn't as bright as the above.  

I might or might not have taken a little inspiration from Jessica Alba at a Philip Lim for Target shindig...

I feel like a super hero mom when I wear bright blue shadow! I don't know what it is about punchy ocean blue eyes that makes me feel like a combo of superman + wonder woman!  This look at me makeup look makes me feel like I can scale tall buildings!  Well, not really, but I can at least handle a temper tantrum or two.  And my daughter ALWAYS comments on my eyeshadow when it's this bright, she loves it!

Of course there's a delicate balance when wearing a bold eye shadow shade like this, so my keys to pulling it off are:
  • ground the blue with a neutral brown or taupe shadow right in the crease of the eyelid to give some definition and warm the eyes up a bit.  I used MAC "cork" as usual.  Are you tired of me talking about this perfect brown yet??
  • wearing the colored mascara only on the upper lashes, and using my usual black mascara on the lower lashes.
  • applying a black or brown liner on the upper lash line so my lashes don't blend into my lid (which is kinda the idea when I matched my mascara to my shadow, but I still wanted a little more definition!).
  • keeping the rest of my makeup super soft and non-confrontational with my bright peepers!! I'm wearing Too Faced Leopard Blushing Bronzer & Fresh Sugar lip treatment in" Sugar Honey."
What types of makeup and colors make you feel SUPER?!! 

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October 28, 2013

Makeup Envy : Reese Witherspoon

Every week I enjoy seeing what really great makeup looks pop up on celebrity faces that travel around the Internet.  Instinctively, when I find ones I truly love,  I immediately try and figure out in my head how to recreate them with certain makeup products I've had experience with.  It's the makeup artist (and female!) in me to want and steal these amazing looks. I like a good challenge.

{Radiant actress, Reese Witherspoon.}

Which leads me to the first installment of this idea of recreating current celebrity looks called "Makeup Envy."  Today I am focusing on the beautiful southern belle, Reese Witherspoon, at the Elle Magazine's Women In Hollywood celebration.  This fellow mom of 3, looks super luminous and works just the right amount of shimmery taupe eyes with a soft cheek and lip. 
Here are the products I would choose to copy cat this look...

Eyes : 
Start with MAC "cork" eyeshadow applying it from lash to crease.  I would then swipe along the upper lash line, a dark shimmery brown pencil, like my favorite Urban Decay "Bourbon" 24/7 glide on pencil.  I would follow that up with L'Oreal Paris Infallible shadow in 'bronzed taupe" and brush it over the eyeliner to create a soft smokey look and also along the lower lash line.  
Finish this up with two coats of black mascara on top and bottom lashes.

Skin :  
When you're on the red carpet, you need super good coverage for flawless skin.  I would go with Benefit's Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow liquid foundation.  And every mom of little people has a few dark circles to cover, so I'd go for a a rich creamy one like Benefit's Erase Paste.
(I bet money Reese would def be the fair shade!).  
For her soft peachy cheeks, Sonia Kashuk blush in "melon" seems to be a perfect match.

Lips : 
I would keep this part super simple with just a couple swipes of sheer pinky gloss, 

Congratulations Reese on a makeup job well rocked!  

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October 24, 2013

Black Lipstick : Would You Wear It?

I present to you, two totally different skin tones, sporting the black lipstick look, Rooney and RiRi.  And neither one of these women were taken at a Halloween costume party. They were just out on the town doing their celebrity thing of being on the red carpet and attending an NBA game.

And now I give you my everyday woman (non celeb!) attempt at wearing the almost black lipstick look in broad daylight. I wanted to play around with this lady of the night look before I went to pick up my boys from the bus stop, just in case it didn't go well and I needed to wipe it off with a kleenex before meeting them out in front of their friends!

The shade I'm wearing is an old YSL Rouge Pur Couture lipstick in shade 18, Noir Laque, $34.
I don't think it's around anymore, but a similar shade is #206 this one.

It's not a true black, but as close as I could get without going super goth. I was trying to give this shade a real chance, so it's more borderline-black.  It has been in my makeup drawer for over a year now after a girlfriend gifted it to me because she bought it for herself then realized it wasn't a good fit and figured I could do something with it!  And so it's just now getting photographed!

Despite the fact I'm wearing a very pricey and creamy lipstick and actually smiling while wearing (almost) black, this shade just doesn't cut it for me.  I'm not hip (or dare I say, young??) enough to pull this off.  I had to wipe it down to an almost stain before walking to the stop sign to greet my boys.  I think had I have kept it on, my kids might would have walked on the other side of the street from me!! 

What do you think - would you sport BLACK LIPS?
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October 23, 2013

Wednesday PowWow : Do You Celebrate Halloween?

 {My spooky mantle.}

Today I am wondering who all gets into haunting on Halloween and who could care less for this creepy holiday? Me, I am obsessed with Halloween - from the candy corn, the scary specials on TV, to figuring out my kids AND my own costume,  and especially the decorating of my house inside and out (my personal decor examples included in this post), I get into it all.  

I try to keep my home decor, chic, not cheesy, when it comes to the decorations, but my husband might would disagree:)  He is sweet to put up with my glitter skeleton heads and orange lights!  My boys would love for me to take the decor a step further with fake headstones in the yard and skeleton bones coming out of the ground, but I'm actually not there...yet. 

So what about you, do you get into celebrating Halloween?

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October 21, 2013

Product Review : Straighten Up With Sultra Wicked Wave & Straight Iron

There's something about giving myself stick straight hair that makes me feel instantly sassy because it's such a completely different vibe than my naturally semi unflattering wavy hair.  I feel as though I'm channeling 1970's icon/club diva, Cher...

Look-alike Cher image from Kevyn Aucoin's Face Forward book.

This Sultra iron has proved once again that a high end heated styling product is necessary to achieve a really good looking straight hair style that stays.  Here's a peek at the steps I take to achieve the shiniest and smoothest looking hair.


1. Do your straightening in very small pieces rather than big sections.  This might seem time consuming, but it's actually quicker AND better than going over and over large sections until the heat gets thru all the hair.  Smaller sections get straighter faster and make the overall look so much smoother.  

2. I pull up the top half of my hair in a clip and start straightening 
from the underneath then working my way up towards the top of the head.
Excuse the fact I cut off the top of my head in half of these pictures. 
That's what I get for attempting the self timer on my camera and not checking the finished pics 
until the hair was already complete!! 

3. This iron is so small it gets even my tiny bangs with ease.

4.  I add a little bit of tease in the back to give some life to this super flat hair I create!

FINISHED PRODUCT. Ultra smooth right?! 

*Tip* Now of course I did use a heat protectant like this Alterna Iron Spray, $28, before I touched my hair with the iron.  This is just to make sure I get a protective barrier against frizz and that it would make the straightening last even longer.

This iron really impressed me with the ease and quickness it straightened.  I haven't attempted the wavy hair with a straight iron yet (seems ironic huh?), but I am sure it will work because the outside of this iron is even hot (so beware when touching it!) so it will heat all sides of the wrapped hair.  Another benefit of this iron in my eyes - it heats up very quickly and the long cord.  I can't stand waiting around for my irons to heat up, and although I haven't actually timed this one, it seems to reach its maximum hotness (is that a term??) in only a couple of minutes. 

Think of all the easy celebrity Halloween costumes you could pull off with a straight iron hair transformation and a fab costume.  Looks for the short and long haired!

 Lady Gaga | Twiggy | Cher

*This iron was sent to me by Sultra for consideration and review only. All thoughts expressed are  honest and my own.*

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October 20, 2013

Links Of The Week

{Throwback Katy Perry from Interview magazine spread in 2012.} 
The winged eye and strong brow are everything!!!}

It has seemed like a busy busy week of things going on, but then again, all of my weeks are starting to seem that way!  Mainly because my kids got out of school early for 3 days this week for teacher conferences. Whichw means they've been at home with me more than usual, in turn, driving me bananas...even though I love them to pieces.  Both boys got excellent progress reports from their teachers which really warms a moms heart!  Makes me think the hubby and I are doing something right with them. This weekend we have been doing a lot of family time because my husband has been working so much that all he wanted to do was hang with me and the kids.  Sounded perfect to me.

Here are some fun links from around the web this week. Some beauty related, some kid related, and a few random things in between.  Hope you all have had a wonderfully relaxing weekend!

1.  "Failure is the mother of success." A great article for helicopter parents.

2.  I'm proud to be a part of the PRIMP app that just got featured on InStyle.com + theZoeReport.

3.  It is possible to be female and pull off a member of Duck Dynasty for Halloween.

4.  My favorite celebrity mom is pregnant with her 3rd child.  I feel we have a bond now.

5.  Katy above is the new face of Cover Girl.

6.  9 fall trends you can make work with your summer clothes.

7.  Who wore this sexy Dolce & Gabbana better - the 68 or 22 year old??

8.  Cool fall temps make me want to eat more grilled cheeses - especially this delicious looking one.

9.  Martha Stewart has still got it - spook-tacular kids crafts for Halloween.

10.  If I had an extra 50 bucks laying around, I'd treat myself to one of these Guerlain lip colors.

October 17, 2013

Would You Go Makeup-Less?

I did a little experiment the other morning after reading this Huffington Post Style article, Young Women Aren't Using That Many Beauty Products.  (Note - This study was done on 18-25 year olds - I am 10 years older than the maximum age here, ouch.) So maybe this study isn't super relevent to my age group, but I wanted to test myself anyway to see just how many products I use daily.  I counted up what I used the morning before I headed out to a parent teacher conference with my sons elementary school teacher.

This is a typical look and amount of products I usually don't go a day without wearing...hold onto your eyelash curlers...

1. moisturizer
2. skin primer
3. foundation
4. concealers - yes, multiple
5. liquid bronzer
6. blush
7. eyelid primer
8. 3 shades of eyeshadow which counts for..
11. eyeliner
12. mascara
13. lipgloss
14. eyebrow pencil

This probably seems absurd to those of  you that consider yourself in the 0-3 daily beauty product category.  To me, I wish I had more time to add highlighters, contouring foundations, and setting powders.  Seriously - I LOVE APPLYING makeup, it's a stress reliever to me, kind of like running or reading a good book is to other women.

Could I actually go a day or a week without wearing ANY of this stuff?  I don't think so.  I really don't.  Maybe for a day, when I didn't have anywhere to go or be, but I would at least have to do my brows and mascara!  I admire the women that can go out and feel completely comfortable in their bare skin and natural lashes + lips, but that's just not for me.  My makeup is my accessory, much like someone spraying on their perfume or picking to wear their favorite shoes.  I like the artistic process of enhancing my face, that's it, no deep rooted insecurities or anything.  It's just plain fun and makes me feel better about myself.

What about you?  Could you go bare faced for a day, 2 days, a week, or are you already doing that?  If so, I'd love to know your age and what the average # of products you use daily is in the comments below.  

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October 16, 2013

Navy Is The New Black

NAVY BLUE eye makeup and nails are my latest shade obsession.  
Navy is replacing boring ole black in my beauty regime.

Shop my NAVY products:

Nails: With fall finally here, my nails just aren't feeling bubble gum pinks or pastels.  They long for a dark rich sophisticated nail.  This is going to be one of those nail colors I won't be able to break away from for awhile because it just looks SO good on my fingertips!  And the staying power of this polish (with my Seche Vite top coat of course) is absurdly good.  I've had it on for 5 days now (these pics are at the 5 day mark) with no chips yet.  Big for a mom of 3 and makeup artist whose hands are constantly immersed in water and makeup!

Eyes:  Whether you have brown, hazel, green, grey, or even blue eyes, you CAN wear navy and it will look amazing.  It's just enough color contrast to all types of eye colors that it flatters everyone. And it's a softer version of a black but more of a punch than a brown! Which makes it the perfect in between neutral.

Here's how I applied my eye makeup:
* I chose to mix the lightest 2 brown shades together from this Too Faced palette and applied just in my crease,
* then lined my entire eye in the MAC liner (even inner waterline below) winging it slightly at the ends,
* and finished it off by applying the darkest navy in the palette on top of the liner then smudging it until it blended into the browns.  Then of course 2 coats of black mascara on upper and lower lashes - I used Benefit's "They're Real."  Here's a duo set that includes a full tube + a tiny tube for your purse so your lashes always look luscious!

Additional cheeks & lips products used : Too Faced Glamour Gloss in "Pillow Talk," and Nars blush in "orgasm."  I also got a new hair cut yesterday - what do you think of my new shaggy layers and bangs?? I am SO happy with it.  I showed my wonderful stylist (thanks Lyric at Republic Salon) this pic of beautiful Gemma Arterton on my Pinterest board and she nailed it!  Gotta love Pinterest.

What do you think about the idea of navy being the new black in your beauty routine?

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