November 29, 2013

Am I The Only Person On The Planet Who Doesn't Get Into Black Friday?

"OMG! You don't like going shopping at 3am in the morning??"

Are you surprised when you hear of someone that isn't really into Black Friday?  That person would be me (and my husband).  No deal is good enough for us to get all worked up over driving to my favorite store in the middle of the night or waking up before our kids get up in the morning to hit a retailer.  Especially after a long day of overeating and family fun from Thanksgiving - I was so exhausted from the traveling with three kids and stuffing my face from yesterday, all I could think of was sleeping in today.  I think there really is something to the turkey tryptophan because I couldn't even keep my eyes open past 9pm.

Maybe it's a little bit of lazy on my part because I don't even like to scour the paper inserts or the internet for online deals.  Most of the email blasts that I got for today were promising underwhelming percentages off for a few hours.  Seriously, most of those deals didn't even sound that much different from the daily email promotions I get from my fave retailers - they just had the words BLACK FRIDAY attached to it making me think it was bigger and better values when in reality, they weren't all that different.  And lets be honest, the thought of the crazy crowds sounds very un-fun to me.

So I want to know from you Black Friday veterans...are the deals really that good?? Am I crazy to be missing out?  I want to hear if anyone has ever scored an amazing, TRULY amazing, Black Friday deal.  
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November 28, 2013

Technicolor Turkey Day

It is THANKSGIVING DAY!  Things I am MOST thankful for today - my sweet children and husband, our 11 year old dog, my mother and father, my in-laws, and all of our close friends that are like family.  I also continue to be thankful for the little things like makeup and its ability to help me express my creativity.  Here's my turkey day inspired multicolored eye makeup look...

If you've never heard of an ocellated turkey, well it was my inspiration for this eye makeup combo...I'm not kidding.  It is a smaller, more colorful version of the American wild turkey.  It's known for it's blue & bronze spots, orange to reds, and a touch of gold. Hence my eye makeup sported here! 
Makeup products used:

Olay Regnerist Wrinkle Revolution Complex (base before my makeup applied)
MAC Pro Light palette concealers

For the eyes I used all colors from the e.l.f. palette*Side note - this palette would make a great gift for any makeup lover, because it's good quality for super cheap!* 
1. I started by applying a matte ivory all over my lid.
2. A matte turquoise shadow in the center of my lid up to my crease.
3. Applied a shimmery eggplant/maroon shade along the crease and in a sideways V shape on both eyes.
4.  Lined my lower inner waterline with the emerald liner, and lined the upper lid with the coffee liquid liner.
5. Smudge a matching olive green shimmer shadow along just the lower lash line.
6.  Added a tiny touch of metallic gold in the tear duct area.

Thanksgiving is one of those holidays that I completely get into because the main focus is on eating, drinking, and being merry, without having to wrap or buy gifts!  Just good ole family and friends getting together.   Below is a blessing that applies to today, and everyday, that all of my kids have been saying since my oldest was born.  He was given a bib by a friend that actually had a button on it and when you pressed it, would say this blessing out loud! It's my favorite...

I am also very thankful for all of my wonderful followers and readers of JennySue Makeup- YOU!! 
I hope everyone has a fantastic Thanksgiving Day celebrating with family and friends.  
XO, Jennifer

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November 26, 2013

Easy Holiday Treat Recipe : Nutter Butter Reindeer Cookies

My friends and family know that cooking is not one of my strong points.  Baking has a better shot.  And recipes that require no oven or stove is even better.  This one that only requires a microwave...boom!  So easy, even my 3 year old helped out.

Finished product. 

Vivian helping her grandmother (Gammy!) cover the cookies in chocolate.

Everything you need.

We have been visiting with my parents, my kids "Gammy & Grandpa" for the past few days since the kids are out of school on Thanksgiving break.  My mom decided to pull this treat together to give the kids something fun to do on their visit.  She's so creative like that.  Vivian really took a shine to this project because she loooves chocolate.  But then, what female doesn't??

Here's what you need to do to make these cute little deer:

1 bag of meltable dark chocolate candy melts (to cover the cookie)
1 package of Nutter Butter cookies (for the body)
1 bag small marshmallows (for the eyes)
1 tube of black gel icing (for the pupil of the eyes)
1 bag regular pretzels (each snapped in half to make antlers)
1 bag of red and green M&M's (using only the red ones for a Rudolph nose)
Flat skinny sticks (to place inside the cookies)

1. Open up each cookie carefully, apply a little bit of melted candy melt in the center of the nutter butter cookie, place one stick on top of the melted chocolate, then replace the other half of the cookie on top to seal.  Let dry about 5-10 minutes.
2.  Melt about 1/2 a cup worth more of candy melts (in the microwave on defrost speed to keep it from burning, 6 minutes or so).
3.  Dip your cookie with stick into the chocolate and cover it completely.  Set on top of a tray of wax paper.
4.  Before it completely dries, take your half broken pretzels and stick one on each side of the cookie up top.  We had to add a little extra chocolate at the base of each pretzel to act as glue to make it stick - this was by far the only frustrating part!!  
5.  Cut 1 marshmallow in half and use each half on top as eyes (they're too big otherwise if you don't cut them) and add a red M&M for nose before the chocolate dries!
6.  For the finishing touch, use your black gel to add a small dot on top of each mallow to act as eye pupils.  

These little guys turned out so cute, I think they would make great treats wrapped up for teachers or as a fun addition to any holiday party or ornament exchange!  Who wouldn't want to eat a chocolate, peanut butter, and marshmallow combination?  

Do you have any really easy holiday treat recipes you rely on around the holidays? 
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November 25, 2013

Taupe Is Having A Moment

I'm usually all about color, color, color when it comes to my makeup, nails, and wardrobe.  You won't find me in all black everyday like Angelina Jolie or sporting a fresh makeup free face like Jennifer Garner.  I'm much more high maintenance than that.  However, there are always exceptions to every rule, and lately, and I've been feeling the ultimate easy neutral...TAUPE.

My new favorite wintry, plush, and sophisticated taupe polish : Essie "Mink Muffs," $8.50.

Taupe shadows I'm really into now. WITH FLASH.

Same taupe shadows WITHOUT FLASH.

Left : MAC "Satin Taupe," $15.  
This has a beautiful shimmer base to it without being too flashy.  I find I use this shade a lot on my bridal clients who don't want to look too overdone but want some interest to their eyes. It is the perfect balance of warm + cool eye shadow which makes it very wearable.

Right : Bobbi Brown "Slate," $22.  
Some might consider this to have an almost charcoal-like base to it's brown side of taupe.  This is a gorgeous matte shadow that I sometimes use as a brow filler as well! I've owned this color for years.

Wearing only MAC "Satin Taupe" on upper lid and on lower lash line accompanied by a black winged liner.

My newest winter bag purchase by Hobo, Gabor style in "Charcoal," $288.

The close up of the leather with my flash shows how taupe it is, and the further away pick is with no flash.  The description of this purse is described as "charcoal," but I beg to differ.  It is definitely more taupe-brown based than gray.  Either way, this bag is going to go with everything and is a great big slouchy size to hold all my stuff required for a mom of 3!  It's got pockets for days which I live and die for.  

Now all I need to complete my love of taupe are these stacked suede booties from Nasty Gal...

So as you can see, taupe is truly having a moment in my life and look.  Are you totally into taupe too??
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November 22, 2013

Makeup Tips To Warm Up Your Winter Skin

{Baby it's cooold outside!}

With it getting colder here in Georgia, it's finally starting to feel like the holidays, which I LOVE!  What I don't love, is that with these frigid temps come my paler, color-less looking skin I end up with.  So this calls for the need to change up my makeup products and shades so it looks like I'm getting a little vitamin D in my life!

Here are some of the easy ways I am going to WARM UP my look when the weather cools off...

1. Add a liquid bronzer like LORAC TANtalizer (my absolute favorite!!), $12, to your foundation to ramp up the warmth and glow.  Luckily they offer this in a smaller less expensive tube which is awesome because a little goes a long way! You want realistic looking bronze skin, not a fake oompa loompa face. This product says its for the body, but I've been using it on my face and neck for years!

2.  I switched up my shadows to include a light tan shade first from lash line to crease.

3.  I then chose a deep shimmery copper to place in my crease where you can feel the eye socket. I am using an old ELF palette for these 2 shades, but Stila has 2 great coppery shades in "Twig" and "Barefoot Contessa."  

4.  Then add a rich coffee colored brown to your lash line. This one is my new must have by Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On eyeliner in "Corrupt," $19.  It has an ever so subtle shimmer to it...gorgeous!

5.  My skin gets super dry in the winter months so I usually switch to a cream/gel blush like this one by Maybelline Dream Bouncy blush, $8.  I am wearing "peach satin" which is a coral peach shade, and "tamale" is a good deeper shade for darker skin.  Replace your light pink blushes for peachy based shades for a warmer look.

6.  I just recently received a sample of Stila's Color Balm Lipstick in "Vivienne," $22, and I am thrilled with it.  Not only does the formula have a smooth, hydrating, buttery-like feel, it has a bit of minty tingle to it and a rich color payoff!  I would buy 5 tubes of this shade if they had spelled her name right...hahaha! 
(If you're just now reading my blog, my daughter's name is Vivian, tee hee)


I hope everyone has a great weekend! The cooler temps should be sticking around here and I'm heading further south to visit my kids grandparents, which means mom gets a little bit of a rest with 2 extra sets of hands around!  Awesome.  What are you doing this weekend?

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November 20, 2013

Sephora Inspired Looks To Wear On Turkey Day

With the upcoming Turkey Day festivities, it's fun to think about how to spice up that special day with a new look.  Holidays always call for something new and fun because you usually see friends or family members you haven't seen in awhile! The following are looks I am currently loving that can be made possible through a few of the latest and greatest products offered at my favorite store...Sephora!!

This is an effortless look that is youthful, chic, and not hard to create.  
I would try Bumble & Bumble Dryspun Finish Spray, $29, that would help create instant fullness at my roots and give my hair that texture it needs to stay put without looking stiff! 


I have heard wonderful things about Marc Jacob's new beauty line, so I think one of the easiest things to try out first from him would be his lip gel in "Saboteur," $30. It is described as a deep maroon that gives a long wear sleek and shine finish with a gel like texture! Yummy like cranberry sauce right??


Healthy glowing cheek color + sculpted cheekbones + the bronzed skin look, can all be accomplished with the newest limited edition Nars One Night Stand Cheek Palette, $65. It's literally got every shade you need to recreate Rachel's flushed look and luminous skin!  
This is at the top of my wish list.


I am SO into multiple colors on my fingers because it is just too much fun and you can be so creative with your manicure.  I would want to try these graphic but simple designs like Gwen above that differ on each nail, by using this rocking Ciate Nail Lab kit, $65.  It's literally got everything you could ever  need or want in one box, from tools, sparkles, and multiples colors, you've got a mini nail salon on your hands.  
And this would be super fun to bust out at the dinner table after a big turkey dinner to have a little creative fun with your family members while you let the turkey settle in your tummy! 


We don't get all fancy for Thanksgiving Day in my family.  It's more about a casual get together at one of my family members houses around lunchtime and we all are wearing jeans. There are usually mimosas involved, so that's about as fancy as it gets to involve bubbly.  But that doesn't mean I can't rock some of these looks at the festivities - it is still a celebration right?!! 

Which one of these products or looks inspires you the most for the upcoming Thanksgiving Day celebrations??

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November 18, 2013

The One Place You Probably Didn't Think Of To Put Your Concealer

If you read my blog regularly, you know I harp on 2 things all the time - BROWS & CONCEALER.  So today I'm filling you in on a quick trick that blends 2 of my favorite things together.

{After with NO flash.}

{After WITH flash.}

Remember brows are the framework of the face, so if you have put a lot of effort into tweezing and cleaning up the area while also filling in the sparse spots (all of which I do!), then you should highlight that hard work.
Which is easily done with two things :

  • A concealer brush.  I'm using my EcoTools one, similar to this one.
  • Plus your favorite concealer.  I'm using my MAC pro palette in the lights, but Sonia Kashuk makes a fabulously priced palette option here.

By literally tracing around your eye brows shape on the upper side and lower side (also known as brow bone) with your concealer, you have lightened up that area that can sometimes have a bit of redness or ruddiness to it,  therefore creating a sharper and neater looking brow!  Set it with your favorite pressed or loose powder and voila you're done!  

Is this news to you or do you usually lighten up your arches with concealer??
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November 15, 2013

Victoria's Beauty Secret

When you think of the Victoria's Secret brand, I'm sure the first thing that pops in your head is, fancy undergarments.  But what you should also realize is, VS knows beauty products.  And they make some of the best ones!

{My VS products taken with NO flash}

{Taken WITH flash}

{NO flash}

Whenever I mention that any makeup products I'm wearing are from Victoria's Secret, I always get a shocked look from people.  "They carry makeup?" is usually their response.  It's a well kept secret that I'm going to share with you today.  Their cosmetics are actually really well priced and the quality is also super and sexy!  With all of the recent hullabaloo over the annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show that just happened (airing on December 10th), I figured it appropriate to give some love to their beauty products that can help give us non-supermodels, that sexy angel face...
minus the skimpy thongs!!  

1. Smokey & shimmery eyes. 
I used the VS eyeshadow duo here in "Fresh and Fierce", $15, which is a silver and charcoal shimmer combo.  The silver is used from lash line to crease and along the tear duct area.  The crease is played up with the dark charcoal.

2. Flawless and slightly dewy skin.
Angels should look like they're glowing from within with flawless skin. Their Prime and Glow Kit, $24, is the perfect solution to achieving this type of look through primers and highlighters! I apply a primer all over my skin plus my eyelids before the eyeshadow duo above to make it go on even smoother and have better staying power! 

3. Super glossy lips.
Nothing says VS angel, like a nude pinky pout that doesn't fight with your smokey eyes.  They can still say "look at me" with just their super shine! I adore their click pen Brilliant Lip Shine glosses, $12 (I like "Undress"), and their Color Lust Lip Laquers, $16.  I also live and die by their VS Pro Smooth FX Lip Scrub, $16 - use it nightly with the yummy sugar scrub and balm that is good enough to eat.  Remember when I gave it some love here on my personal skincare post?


4. Don't forget the flowy and feathered hair!  
Think soft angel wings on your head! I use a large barrel curling iron and roll my bangs and face framing layers towards the back of my head to get this look.

Did you know Victoria's Secret carried makeup?  Have you ever given them a try?

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November 13, 2013

Wednesday PowWow : Biggest Makeup Don'ts

We've all been one at some point and time - A Makeup "Don't."  Normal people make them and even celebrities make them (or their makeup artists do!).  So the best thing we can do is to learn from those mistakes.
{Left, Claudia Winkleman and Right, Kourtney Kardashian.}

Can you spot the above "don'ts"?  

Claudia Winkleman on left, I had not heard of until I saw an article on the GQ Men of the Year awards she attended where her eyeliner was, well, a little bit too smudgy and her foundation a bit too orange.  And then of course one of my favorite Kardashians on the right, Kourtney, whose makeup artist went a little overboard with her too light concealer.

I know Claudia admitted via Twitter that she recognized her mistake and owned up to the messy eyeliner mishap. Hey, that takes guts.  And I'm sure Kourtney just relies on her multiple MUA's to help her put her best under eyes forward without feeling the need to look in a mirror.  She has 2 small kids, so I totally understand wanting to try and cover those dark circles from lack of sleep, but sometimes less is more.

Goodness knows I've been guilty of multiple makeup mistakes in the past (old photo albums don't lie!) but the good news is, I have learned from those bad photos and looks and try not to repeat them.
My choice for biggest makeup mistake, over plucked eye brows.  That's the worst. I did it in high school to myself, didn't realize how bad they looked until mid college, and learned finally how to fill them in with pencils, powders, and waxes.  Life changing.

So lets discuss. What is the biggest makeup crime you have committed??
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November 11, 2013

Military Green

In honor of Veterans Day today, I want to share with you all my military green eye makeup inspired combo! 

Products used from left to right:

(3rd line is a combo of the shadow on top of the liner to create the perfect military green!!)

So I took this up close photo of the products with a flash, so the "club" shadow looks slightly brown in this pic, but when the light hits it just right, it's got a gorgeous green shimmer to it.  I have owned this shade from MAC for over 5 years and it continues to be a go-to shadow when I want some fun drama on my eyes!  It looks awesome on ALL eye colors by the way.  The liner also looks more blue in this photo, but is a green based teal in my opinion.  And like I've said before, Urban Decay liners are my absolute favorite in terms of staying power and how smoothly they go on! And if you're a huge liner fan of theirs like I am, you can get their whole vault of colors for $295!! Hello Christmas present!!

How to : I layered the club on top of the liner along my upper and lower lash lines while just keeping the shadow darker in my crease and fading it lightly upward toward the brow bone. it was a fairly simple look but has a lot of pow! to it because of the deep shades of both products and shimmers! I also added a little bit of the lightest green from this current L'Oreal quad I posted on here, right in the center of my lid between the liner and crease color.  And of course 2 coats of black mascara finishes it off. 

Thank you to all of those who have served and are currently serving our wonderful country 365 days a year!!  We should all be so appreciative of the hard work and sacrifice these brave men and women have taken on to protect us all.  Happy Veterans Day.

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November 8, 2013

Links Of The Week

{My version of the Evil Queen from Disney's "Snow White" I created for Halloween 2013.}

This might sound narcissistic, but I am stilling loving looking back at pictures of my costume from Halloween last week!  It was my favorite costume to date and this sweet little thing inspired me to go the evil queen route so we could match up. This costume was a lot easier to recreate than one would think.  I didn't have to do anything with my hair bc it was covered up (score), the makeup was just a bold red lip, purple eyeshadow, and major dark brow pencil (check, I own all of that), and I wore my own black shirt, leggings and boots.  So all I had to really buy was a cape, plastic crown, and some gold rope from the sewing section of Wal-Mart, and Voila! 

There is something about dressing up like someone completely opposite from your everyday character that I find super fun.  (I would hope this is true and that my kids don't think of me as an evil dictator around the house!) It was hard however keeping up the evil stare the whole night when I was approached by all of the cute trick-or-treaters that visited my house!  

Here are some recent links from the week that will definitely have you smiling! Unlike my evil persona above...

1. Karen gives you a breakdown of best face products for pictures from the Makeup and Beauty Blog.

2.  Jennifer and Jennifer both chopped their hair off.

3.  Hot dad alert.

4.  Ballet is the new boot camp for the Victoria's Secret angels.

5.  Best drugstore moisturizers for every age and budget from the Pretty In My Pocket blog.

6.  Home made thankful tree I want to create via Pinterest.

7.  The latest luxury lipsticks. (that means $30+)

8.  Nail it with these gift sets for the holidays.

9. OMG. This recipe actually makes me want to cook.

10.  This is funny. To say goodbye or to slip away, that is the question.

I am working my makeup magic at a wedding this weekend, but then also get the pleasure of attending it as a guest!  So me and the hubby are counting it as a date night, because we won't have kiddos! What are you doing this weekend?

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November 7, 2013

2 Ways To Wear Glitter Eye Shadow

The thought of wearing glitter on your eyes doesn't have to conjure up images of Studio 54 and disco balls...
Left, Look 1: Glitter only on the lower lash line. Right, Look 2 : Glitter all around the eye!

It is possible to pull off wearing glitter/shimmer/metallic shadows in your everyday eye makeup routine without looking like you're attending a raging disco party.  It comes down to picking the right neutral shade and where you place it.  I'm using this gorgeous golden brown color as an example...

These NYX shimmers come in all sorts of amazing shades. The shimmers are finely milled glittery bundles of eye joy!  Walnut, chestnut, salmon, and nude are just a few of the super wearable colors you shouldn't be scared of.  Of course they offer your bright greens and turquoise, but if we are talking easy to pull off, lets stick in our neutral territory.  

Here is a quick pictorial of 2 ways to wear this glitter.

1.  Starting off with my normal matte shadows & liquid eye liner applied. 
 (I used this Too Faced Matte Collection, I seriously can't get enough of it.)

Look #1...

2.  I dip my thin fine tipped eyeliner brush in water, then place in the shimmery shadow I've rolled onto a kleenex.  I then swipe it underneath my lower lash line.

3. You will have to play a little clean up on the under eye bed with a Qtip just to make sure you 
only sparkle where you meant to! 

4.  Easy breezy glittery eye look #1 only on the lower lash line! 

Onto look #2...

1. If you have a big eye bed like I do, you can apply this straight to your lid from the roller ball.  If your lids are tiny and you're worried of making a mess, roll some product onto a kleenex as shown in look #1, and dip an eyeshadow brush in it to apply to your lid. I did not apply the glitter on top of my eyeliner, I wanted to keep it matte, so I made sure to keep it only on the lid and not the lash line on top.  Also only take the shimmer to your crease or slightly above, but leave a little of your brown bone exposed.

2.  Use that same tiny tipped liner brush to add some of the sparkle along the inner tear duct area 
for extra punch! 

3. Finished product for look #2!

Glittery shadows can be a fun way to jazz up your look!  Just start lightly and keep adding layers until you get the lustre you're after!  

Do you get into the glittery eyes??

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