December 30, 2013

Soft And Simple Eye Makeup Look With Naked 2 Palette

Better late than never, right? This rings true as I just got the Naked 2 palette for Christmas. They've already come out with the 3, but I haven't been able to get my hands on it.  So I guess it's appropriate to go in order and wait my turn...

I have owned and loved loved the original Naked palette from Urban Decay for quite sometime.  So I kind of felt like I was cheating on it with my newest Naked 2 palette, $52, I got for Christmas! (Weird I know, makeup lovers problem.)  But this thing was too pretty not to dive right into it. I'm sure #1 will understand.

So I am sharing with you an extremely SIMPLE AND SOFT EYE MAKEUP LOOK you can recreate with this palette.  Why am I not going all out and trying to use all 12 colors in one look??  It was a VERY rainy day and I wasn't leaving my house.  Didn't want to waste an extreme look on the indoors.  But I never walk around the house without any eye makeup on, never. What if someone comes to the door??

How to and shades used :

1. All over eyelid from brown bone to lash line - Foxy (matte).  2. Lash to crease and in tear duct area - Bootycall (shimmer).  3.  Just crease - Tease (matte).  
4. Along up per and lower lash line - Snakebite (shimmer).

When wanting to pull off a simple eye look, it's all about balancing out the shimmery shades with the matte ones.  I went without a true eye liner and just used the "snakebite" shade as my liner to truly keep this look soft with no harsh lines. *Tip - WET your brush ahead of time before dipping in your color - it makes the liner a bit darker and more pigmented in appearance.*

 {Taken with my digital camera and flash}

{Taken with my iPhone, no flash.}

The other awesome benefit of this collection is that it comes with an amazing, I mean ah-mazing eye shadow brush.  One end is rounded and fluffy for all over and crease and the other is thin and flat good for lining.  It's a great weight (not too light, not too heavy) and the bristles are luxuriously soft - unlike most brushes included in a palette.

I plan on posting many more looks with this palette that tend to go cooler (think rosy golds) in the neutral category than my original Naked palette which has a warmer (think yellowy) feel.

Other makeup worn : Blush is MAC "Fleur Power," Mary Kay mascara, and lips are a tiny gloss that actually came with this palette that I've managed to lose in the time it took me to take these pics and write this post - ugh.  If I find it, I'll let you know what the shade was!

Do you own the Naked 2 or 3?  How do you think they compare to the original?

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December 26, 2013

The Christmas Aftermath

This poor doll head pretty much says it all for how the day after Christmas feels.  She was brand spanking new as of yesterday until Vivian got a hold of her and a new cheap makeup palette she got from Ulta.  I tried for a few minutes to let Vivian in on a little secret that lip gloss goes on lips not eyes, but it fell on deaf ears. I guess she wanted her doll to have the dewy wet eye effect!! Can't blame the girl for thinking out of the box.

We are all extremely tired from a very full day of family get togethers, extreme present opening, and overeating.  My house is an absolute disaster but my kids could care less and are trying so hard to play with every single new toy at once!  

 {Literally couldn't get everyone to stay still for a Christmas morning picture - 
they were WAY too excited!}

Favorite gifts :

All 3 kids - The drum set.  Starting to second guess what Santa was thinking bringing them this noisy contraption;)
The boys - They each got brand new Nerf guns so they like battling each other. I haven't stopped hearing the sound of Styrofoam bullets buzzing past my head since yesterday morning at 8am.
Vivian - Loves the doll head above obviously, as well as some brand new dress up princess clothes she keeps switching out.  
Me - My husband replaced my iPhone 5S I recently ruined after 3 weeks of use by brilliantly dropping it in a small glass of water in my car cup holder. This was really all I wanted and I will be much more careful this go around.  I did receive a bunch of makeup from Sephora from my in-laws which runs a close 2nd and will now give me PLENTY of blogging material.
Hubby - It's hard to tell.  He never really wants or asks for anything, so he gets stuck with clothes! 

{Road trip selfie to celebrate with family taken with my new iPhone!}

My makeup from yesterday's festivities was pretty neutral but I did add a little bit of sparkly green eye shadow along my lower lash line only to add to the Christmas spirit.  The green color is from my Too Faced Smokey Eye Kit collection which is in the old one (prob about 2 years old) but I think their newer collection one does not include green.  My lip gloss was my new favorite I blogged on here.   

Overall, from start to finish, I am feeling so blessed to have such wonderful children who bring me so much joy, a fantastic husband, and sweet and generous family members.  Our time together yesterday was awesome - from the quiet and non-traffic-y drive home late last night, with 3 sleeping children in the back, while listening to Christmas music one last time on the radio, while staring at all the lights and decorations, it all gave me a warm fuzzy feeling of how the whole day went down.  

I truly wish it could feel like Christmas every day.

Did you get a favorite gift?  And are you feeling the Christmas aftermath today?

December 24, 2013

Best Makeup Products To Shimmer And Shine This Christmas

With Christmas just one day away and New Years Eve right around the corner, there are endless possibilities for sparkling and shimmery ways to decorate your face for all the festivities!  Here are some products that can get you that all out holiday look.  *Hint, possible last minute gifts for that beauty maven in your life (or yourself!)*

{Miley might have taken the glitter thing a bit far, but you get the point! Shimmer + Shine!}

1.  EYELASHES - Hard Candy Lash Tinsel Mascara, $6.  I would layer this on top of my normal black mascara at the tips to give them a pop of sparkle while still having defined lashes.

2.  EYESHADOW - Bobbi Brown Sparkle Eyeshadow, $32.  This amazingly pigmented shadow full of sparkles would make any face look easily festive!  Swiping just along the lash line or from the lash to crease, or going all out around the entire eye, you can't go wrong.  The shades offered are gorgeous from easy ballet pink to bronzy all spice there's something for everyone.

3.  BLUSH - Stila Kitten All Over Shimmer Powder, $22.  Kitten has always been an all time favorite eyeshadow of mine by Stila (blog post here) and now they make a cheekbone highlighter in the same champagne-pinky shade!! 

4.  LIPS - Violent Lips Black Cherry Glitterati, $5.99. These ombre cherry red glitter appliques are not for the faint of heart - they're for the bold and festive! With no budging or fading, these should last through all of the eggnog or champagne with no reapplying required.

5.  NAILS - Essie "Hors D'Oeuvres," $8. This is a gorgeous way to bring lots of glitter flecked attention of golds and silvers to that manicure.  Even better layered over pale shades of lavenders or nudes.

Do you have any favorite shimmery + shiny makeup products we should know about?

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December 23, 2013

Lucky In Lip Gloss

I fall hard in love with lip glosses when I find one that treats my face right and goes with every outfit and every makeup look I care to create...

My lovely new shade:

I found this product after spending a little time "swatching" (if that's even a word!) in the Victoria's Secret beauty section. I had Vivian with me, and she helped me choose this color while insisting I use her little hand to draw stripes of glosses on! She really has become my mini makeup assistant.  Even though this shade isn't a look-at-me red or bold fuchsia, it still has a wearable wow factor in my opinion.

Why I feel lucky to have found this lip lacquer :

  • It is truly super shiny and lacquer-like and has reflective pigments that gives me that Candice Swanepoel pout (despite lips twice as small as hers), 
  • this neutral nude has an ever so slight pinkish base that goes well with smokey eyes, bright eyes, rosy cheeks, you name it, it works with it. 
For 14 bucks, I feel like this is a good deal for such a beautiful product.  Although I like it so much, I might end up wearing it every day, therefore causing me to buy another one in less than a month.  The only bummer is that this formula isn't offered in a plethora of colors - but then again it keeps the confusion down on choosing from the only 3 color choices!  Click here to see another post I did on Victoria's Secret makeup here.  They've got a good thing going for wearable and well made sexy makeup!

*SIDE NOTE ON ACCESSORIES*  My cute peppermint nail wraps are from and I received them in my POPSUGAR must have box.  They are perfect for showing off my Christmas spirit! And the leopard print faux jacket is an old one from Free People - but found a super similar jacket here from Dorothy Perkins.

What product makes you feel like you won the lip gloss lottery?

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December 19, 2013

The Happiest Christmas Tree Ever

It's amazing what some colorful ornaments, blinking snowmen, glitter, and fake snow can do for a bare tree.  May I present the happiest Christmas tree ever...

My "Be Bright + Be-YOU-tiful " tree.  Photo by Blane Marable Photography.

Ok, so maybe I'm partial because this is the tree I sponsored during the Festival of Trees to benefit the kids of Extra Special People (original post with details) which was made possible by local gift wholesaler burton + BURTON™.  They took my vision for what I wanted for my JennySue Makeup tree to the next level and made it happen with their amazing and unique collection of colorful ornaments and decor.

Here is a look at where I started right up until the final product...

Not the best video ever, but wanted to show it in action! 

I didn't want to go traditional red and greens for my tree. I wanted colorful and bright shades of turquoise, pinks, purples, and greens that represent how much fun makeup can be and really make something plain (my naked fake tree!) into something stunning and happy to look at. Plus with the addition of butterflies and snowflakes to represent the uniqueness and beauty surrounding this foundation of children and adults living and thriving with developmental disabilities.

 The yellow paper lantern was the ultimate tree topper with colorful glitter sprays!

 Blinking snowmen, sequined balls, light bulbs, and snowflakes.  Plus jeweled butterflies!

The Cubez™ balloons that looked like gifts under the tree with beautiful wired ribbon added to them!  
These balloons were a big hit and we had lots of people commenting on how unique these were.

 The wonderful ladies from burton + BURTON™ who made this tree possible.  
From left to right - Erin, Elizabeth, me, Maxine (founder), and Kacie.

My outfit for the night from fab'rik. Wanted to mimic the bright colors of my tree!

The hubs and I made a date night out of it! Photo by Blane Marable.

There were around 48 trees in all that were decorated by local businesses here in Athens and were auctioned off with all of the proceeds going to Extra Special People.  I am so thankful I got to be a part of this community event and got to meet some of the people this organization supports.  

I cannot express my thanks and gratefulness enough to burton + BURTON™ for providing the flair for my tree! Be sure to check them out on : Facebook * Pinterest * Twitter * and their website, for all of your gift and decor inspiration and needs!

Do you think this turned out to be one of the happiest trees you've ever seen?
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December 18, 2013

Wednesday PowWow : Is Peace Possible In The Holiday Chaos?

As much as I truly love the holidays, they stress. me. out.  

{I think Santa stresses Vivian out!  Luckily, my boys are unfazed by their sisters horror! Ha!}

I am the biggest fan of Christmas and everything that comes with it. I love the decorations, lights, holiday music, TV specials, and the smell of pine trees and cinnamon.

What I am not a fan of, is the expectations to have the most perfectly decorated house, buy the perfect gift for every family member, remembering to put the Elf On The Shelf in a different spot each morning - AND it be super creative (those of you with kids and elfs know what I mean), and to have the most beautiful holiday card with my perfectly dressed and smiling children. And you know whose fault that is I feel this way - MINE!!  Every day of this December month, I have felt like a chicken with it's head cut off because I feel like I have to accomplish so many different things before the 25th.  It's almost felt so chaotic and rushed that I almost haven't been able to enjoy myself.

So here is an awesome recipe for "Holiday Merriness." See the complete post from Huffington Post HERE.
Recipe for Holiday Merriness
10-20 oz. of meditation in the morning
(10-20 minutes of deep breathing)
50 oz. of gratitude
20 oz. of exercise
1 lb. of healthy eating
(preferably raw veggies and salads, skip the sugar and canap├ęs)
3 oz. of alcohol at each holiday party
2 beers during football games
(skip the eggnog and Baileys)
Top it all off with: an infinite amount of mindfulness and service to others.
Stir together ingredients joyfully in your mind and body and allow it to penetrate your spirit. 

This blog is one of my responsibilities that I honestly haven't had time to "play" with makeup or create tutorials to help my readers with, and that pressure I put on myself top of everything else is part of my craziness! So here I am being honest with you all - I apologize if the great makeup posts are few and far between now and next week. But if they don't come organically and easily into my daily routine, then it just isn't going to happen.  My kids are about to be out of school and I just can't handle being on my computer the entire time they are home with me on their Christmas break.  I need to be able to BE with them, and enjoy them, not a computer.   Instagram might be an easier way to go when getting my social media fix! Taking pics of my kids and their Christmas cheer is a good compromise.

So I want to take a step back and realize that the holidays should be more about the family time, celebrating the baby Jesus birth, and my children's excitement about the big day.  I need to push aside the fact that my house is a constant wreck with wrapping paper and pine needles everywhere, and appreciate the fact that at least I HAVE a beautifully decorated tree in my house with presents that still need wrapping.

Do the holidays stress you out?  How do you create peace among the chaos?
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December 16, 2013

Red And Green Makeup That Doesn't Resemble A Tacky Christmas Sweater

When you think red and green makeup together, I'm sure it conjures up scary thoughts of ugly Christmas sweaters and scrunchies.  Well it doesn't have to, and can actually look quite sophisticated!  Here's how I sport these traditional holiday colors on my face.

 How to eyes (exact products listed at bottom).  The key to keeping this look tasteful instead of tacky, is to go olive green or spruce green - not lime green! Go as red as you like for the lips:)

  • I applied an all over matte ivory shadow on entire lid, 
  • then a matte tan in the crease, 
  • followed by a small sideways V shape (< >) on the outside of the crease with my green shadow for definition, 
  • plus finished up with green eyeliner (winged slightly upwards) and same green shadow on top of the eyeliner on upper and lower lashes to set and blur.  
  • A shimmery white shadow was placed along the tear duct area to add a slight highlight.
  • Then of course 2 coats of black mascara.

Sorry for the grainy iPhone pic - but wanted to show how I also wore red & green in my outfit! 
Red pants and boots with an olive green vest to pull off those holiday colors without looking tacky! I broke it all up with a denim top which is my go to wardrobe staple.  
Similar western styled denim top here from J.Crew.  

Makeup products used:

Eyes - MAC shadows in "vanilla," (all over lid) "shroom," (to highlight tear duct) "cork," (in crease of lid) and "club" (on top of green eyeliner on upper and lower lash line). All shadows found HERE.

Skin - Mary Kay Skin Primer (my new fave!), Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse, Benefit erase paste concealer in "fair."

Cheeks - L'Oreal true match blush in "apricot kiss"

Lips - Mary Kay lipstick in "firecracker." Previously blogged here.

Would you decorate your face with this Christmas color combo?

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December 13, 2013

Best Ballet Shoe Pink Lip Colors

Vivian recently decided she wanted to give my old toe shoes a try after watching the Nutcracker ballet for the first time on TV.  Seeing the Nutcracker is one of my favorite holiday traditions, and I have tickets for us to see the real thing in person next week and I am SO excited for her to experience her first ballet performance with the Russian Ballet!  Growing up, dancing was my thing - I did it all from jazz, tap, ballet, but ballet on point, was my absolute favorite.  It just warms my heart to see those little toes in my one of my favorite pair of shoes.

Fittingly enough, not only does Viv like to try on my shoes (heels too of course) but she begs to put on lip gloss everyday.  Shocker right??!  So I usually go for the palest pink I can find to satisfy her.

{Jennifer Lawrence nailing ballet pink lips!}

These pale pink ballet shoes and her love of pink lip color has inspired me to share with you some GREAT BALLET PINK LIP COLOR options for grown ups - from glosses to lipsticks!  Pale pink works for the makeup faint of heart who are scared of lots of color but also works for those wearing a super dark smokey eye and need to balance it out with a soft lip!


Do you have any pretty pale pink lip colors I'm missing out on?

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December 11, 2013

Wednesday PowWow : You're Never Fully Dressed Without A Fragrance

Being a mom of three, I'm around funny smells all the time.  Yeh, you get the drift.

I currently smell like one of these three scents:

Alien by Theirry Mugler, $79

So I think the older I've gotten, the more sensitive I have become to wanting to be around things (and people) that smell GOOD!  From fragrance plug-ins in every hall of my house, to candles everywhere, to multiples soaps and bath gels for our showers, pleasant smells are a must.  So myself being included as one of those pleasant smells goes without saying.

If I had to describe the common denominator of these scents, it would be they are dark, mysterious, warm, and sultry.  No girly lightweight florals here.  And it's amazing how the dark and purple packaging of these bottles reflect the same type of feel!  The Desire and Alien are both eau de perfumes so you need very little to get a big scent, but the Sonia Kashuk is a body oil and I go crazy with it!  With my dry skin being an issue in these cold months, spraying this oil on right after the shower is like heaven to my skin and I literally bathe in this stuff.  I don't think you can overdo it!

Here are the basic notes in my three rotating scents:

1. Desire - mandarin, lily of the valley, vanilla infused caramel, and sandalwood

2. Purple Seductia - pomegranate, rose, and patchouli 

3.  Alien - vanilla, amber, and jasmine

My taste in perfumes changes like my taste in lip glosses, so I'm sure once the cold season is over I'll be onto something lighter and more flowery!  But for now, these three scents are keeping me in the winter spirit and smell great next to my leather jackets and wool sweaters!

So for today's powwow - I want to know what perfume or scent are you never fully dressed without this winter?

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December 9, 2013

Red Hot Holiday Makeup Look With Mary Kay

I was recently asked to be a part of the Conde Nast Influencer program and my first assignment was to create a holiday look inspired by some awesome makeup products sent to me through Mary Kay.  This is the sort of thing I really get into...Merry Christmas came early to my face!!

The batch of goodies I received included the main ingredients, Winged Liner + Red Lips.   I was sent the sleek and sexy 70's look they labeled the White Hot Suit look.  But since I was given the freedom to put my own spin on it, I wanted to think more Liza Minelli (big eyes and glossy red mouth!) from back in the day...
*My party look inspiration - Liza Minelli 1977.*

My holiday look recipe included these yummy MK ingredients!




Here was my experience with these products:


1. The FOUNDATION PRIMER is unlike any other I've tried. It made my skin feel like silk before the foundation, powders, and concealers were applied. And once they were, my skin has never looked better.
2.  "SHY BLUSH" MINERAL CHEEK COLOR and the "DESERT SUN" BRONZING POWDER had the perfect amount of shimmers in them and the colors gave me glowing cheeks that I long for. It felt like Christmas lights on my face!
3.  If you want the perfect makeup remover that doesn't leave an oily residue but takes everything off lickity split, try their OIL FREE EYE MAKEUP REMOVER.
4.  This was the first time I had ever used a CLEAR LIP LINER (cue the shock value), and I loved this idea of an invisible liner to keep my red lip from bleeding.  How had I never tried this before?? And can we talk about the TRUE DIMENSIONS LIPSTICK in "FIRECRACKER??" A most beautiful, richly pigmented, and buttery feeling red lipstick.  This is going in high rotation for the holidays.


1. Although I loved the shades of the MINERAL EYE COLORS I used, they flaked really badly when using and got all over my face. Super messy.  Luckily there was that awesome eye makeup remover though.
2.  The MAKEUP BRUSHES were not the best quality and I have definitely used better to apply my makeup with.
3.  LIQUID LINER was a must for getting this look right, but this liner left me underwhelmed for two reasons - it was hard to maneuver (the felt tip part too short and rigid to get a nice smooth line) and it faded quickly.
4. Unnecessary product of the bunch - the LASH PRIMER.  I just want a great mascara that works without having to use an additional product first.  My lashes got clumpier with the addition of the primer, but the LASH LOVE mascara alone works awesomely.

There were 3 Mary Kay holiday looks in all including my White Hot Suit look (even though I chose a hot black leather jacket over my white sequin tank top instead!). So be sure to check out the other 2 inspirational looks and products for creating Flapper Chic and Screen Siren HERE.  Big thanks to Conde Nast and Mary Kay for this opportunity to experience these products.  Now I have a go-to party look in my back pocket...ah bag!

*I received all of these products complimentary from Mary Kay through Conde Nast.  All opinions on these products are my own and honest as always.*

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