Thursday, January 2, 2014

10 Clever Makeup Tricks To Try Now

There are A LOT of tricks I use and mention in my makeup related blog posts.  Some you might catch, some you might not.  So I've decided to compile the the ones that I LOVE, all in one spot.  I use these tricks on myself, my clients, and they are all are easy to implement.  Some might be obvious, others might give you that ah-ha! moment.

{My best Kim K makeup interpretation!}

I used 8 out of these 10 mentioned when trying to recreate this Kardashian look from my newest Scott Barnes "Face To Face" book I got for Christmas. (I didn't use #1 or #9 in case you're wondering!)

Here are 10 of the most clever makeup tricks you should try NOW:

1.  Brighter Eyes.  Tired looking eyes are made whiter and brighter with a flesh or peach colored eyeliner used in the inner waterline (that fleshy inside part of your lower eyelid) to tone down the natural redness in that part of the eye that makes us appear tired.  My current fave - Stila Kajal eye liner in "Topaz," $18.

2.  Bigger Eyes. Curl those lashes with a lash curler first.  Curl in 3 places : start at base of lashes, let go, then curl the center, let go, then focus on the tip of the lashes.  Curling in 3 spots helps to keep the entire lash line curled and from falling.  Add waterproof mascara for extra staying power.  My current fave - Tweezerman Pro Lash curler, $20.

3.  Stay Put Blush.  Use a cream based blush first then add a matching powder blush on top. This layering technique gives the powder something to grab on to.

4.  Less Mess.  Do your eye makeup first, then everything else.  After years of doing my skin first, then following with my shadow and it falling in my eye beds and messing up my concealer, I decided to switch things up.  Now I always do the eye makeup first, clean the eye bed  with a Qtip and makeup remover, then proceed with skin. Fave eye makeup remover of all time - Lancome Bifacil, $28.

5.  Shorten A Broad Nose.  Take a small amount of powder a couple shades darker than your natural skin tone and swipe a small line down either side of your nose.  Then swipe a highlighting powder right down the center of the nose to give the appearance of a thinner nose.

6.  Use the #3.  Contour your face by drawing the number 3 on either side of your face with a small angled brush and your favorite bronzing powder (only a matte formula - no shimmer!).  Start at the top of your forehead and follow the contour of your hairline around to top of your ear, pull in towards your lower cheekbones, then pull back around and under the jawline to finish the # 3 on either side of your face. A great angled brush choice - Studio Gear brush, $36.

7.  Brow Tamer.  But any cheap clear mascara and just swipe the wand over your brow hairs to keep them in place without adding any extra color.  This is less messy than the hairspray and old toothbrush trick.

8.  Get Rid Of Red Face.  If you've got a lot of natural redness to your skin which comes from acne issues or rosacea, choose a concealer or foundation with a yellow base.  This helps neutralize that tired and blotchy red tone.

9.  No More Base Face.  If heavy foundation scares you but you need some coverage, wet your sponge lightly with water before applying your foundation.  This thins it out just enough and make sure to blend all the way down your neck to keep from having a foundation mask. You neck needs some love anyway to match your face! My fave current fave - BeautyBlender sponge, $20.

10.  Best Way To Draw A Winged Eye.  Start your line from the OUTSIDE of the eye and work inward.  I start the line from as far out as I know I want my wing to go, then draw the line straight down towards my last lash on the outside of eye. Once connected, then I start back near the tear duct area and draw back towards the line I drew.   My current fave liquid liner - Kat Von D Tattoo Liner, $18.

Which ones do you already use?  Are there any I'm missing that you can share?
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