Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Product Review & Giveaway! : Motions Hair 3 Step Straight Finish System

*This is a sponsored post through Lunchbox for Motions Hair*  If you've been following me for awhile, or even looked at a few posts, you've noticed I don't have curly hair.  It slightly bends at best when air dried.  So when I received this box full of hair products that were specifically for women with natural curls, well, I didn't want this system to go to waste on my boring limp hair.  I figured I've got some curly & wavy haired readers out there who might like some attention!  So I did something I haven't done yet on my blog until now...I reviewed a product based on someone ELSE'S experience!

 Cleanser | Leave-In Conditioner | Shine Sealer

This before/after visual of my models hair speaks for itself going from 
super wavy to stick straight using this system.

Right off the bat, it's obvious my model is not African American, which most of these Motions products are generally marketed towards. However, my friend Ashley, has naturally wavy and uber thick hair (jealous) so she took this system for a ride then gave me her personal feedback. Obviously there are women of all ethnicity's out there with wavy and curly textures along with dry coarse hair that could use this system just as easily.  

We chatted on how this shampoo, conditioner, shine serum, and flat iron worked for her as compared to her usual straightening and cleansing routine after she used them.  Here is her feedback:

1. Straight Finish Cleanser - the smell was awesome, although I wish I could tell you exactly what it smells like other than super fresh and lightly fragranced.  It's creamy white formula is obvious right off the bat that it is more hydrating for drier and thicker hair types. It includes ingredients like shea butter and keratin protein.  Not good for thin or regular weighted hair, FYI.  It will weigh it down.

2.  Straight Finish Leave-In Conditioner - She applied a tiny dime sized amount of this product  just at the very tips of her hair before she let it air dry (bc she could tell her hair felt a little slicker than normal just after shampooing).  She said she had NEVER used a leave in conditioner before!  This formula also includes great ingredients like argan oil and keratin protein.

3.  Straight Finish Sealer -  (Disclaimer to you non-curly/wavy/thick hair types I actually did try out this product for myself and really liked it! I just used a teeny tiny amount at the tips of my hair before blow drying and it sealed it nicely and created some good shine).  Ashley applied just a drop of this to the ends once again so as not to get any more greasy feeling and since the tips of the hair are more broken anyway than the roots. This product helps before you flat iron with heat so it helps to control less frizz, promote smoothing, and of course, SHINE SHINE SHINE!  

*Overall rating from my wavy haired friend - She gave the 3 part hair care system a 4 out of 5 (5 being awesome) and the iron a 5 out of 5.*

What the big deal about this system is that for you ladies with extreme curls is, these 3 hair care products help to keep your natural curls coming back to their brilliance even after your next shampoo from straightening with compromising your natural texture.  

If this post spoke to you and you love taking care of your natural texture but dig going straight every once in awhile, I am now running a TWITTER SWEEPSTAKES through Friday January the 24th to where 5 lucky ladies will win this same 3 Part Heat Styled System shown above (no flat iron included) just by

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Or if you just want to go out and buy these products for yourself you can find a store near you here : 

(This was a SPONSORED POST through Lunchbox for Motions Hair.  However all thoughts, opinions, ratings, and photos are honest and original by me and my friend who used these products!)

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