Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Southern Living

We just got hit with a couple of inches of snow here in Georgia yesterday and you'd think we had just gotten dumped on with a few FEET of snow! Us southerners just aren't prepared for this sort of thing. We were sent scrambling for layers by adding pajama pants under jeans (no long johns of course) and trying to sled on Styrofoam boogie boards meant for water sports.
So in the spirit of southern living, here's a look at my real Southern Living magazine debut...

Vivian doing her best modeling job with this magazine her mama is in! 

That's my name right there on page 32 of the February issue of this months Southern Living magazine!! Ahhhh!! It's still crazy to see my contribution to a magazine that started in 1966 and has since become the largest regional lifestyle publication in the U.S. - that stat found on Wiki of course.

I was honored to have been asked to help with their "Beauty Icon" page which highlights a southern Hollywood icon and tells the readers how to recreate the look.  I was given this black and white photo of actress Joanne Woodward (so yes I had to use my imagination and think about the era it was from) and shared some of my favorite products that could help give it a modern day spin.  I'm sure if you read my recommendations and you've been following my blog for awhile, you'd recognize 85% of these products I've "oohed and ahhed" about many times before, from the YSL creme de blush to a great red lipstick. 

Well now that school has been cancelled for this snow day, I've got to keep us all from going stir crazy inside.  So it's time to bundle everyone up and figure out how to function and play in all of this cold white stuff!! Southern living at its finest.

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