Tuesday, February 4, 2014

6 Brilliant Beauty Storage Ideas

Applying makeup and trying out brand new beauty products is my passion.  Finding ways to organize and store all of that beauty and makeup stuff is something I struggle with but long to implement because my vanity is a hot mess.

A gigantic mirror, lots of natural light coming in from a huge window, fresh flowers, comfortable chair, lavish chandelier, and a martini waiting on me to do my makeup??  This vanity is my version of heaven!!! 

So in my search to fix my dis-organized self and make applying makeup more fun, here are 6  BRILLIANT beauty storage and DIY ideas I have come across that could help me in my struggle to be more organized.  Of course the picture above is a bit over the top when it comes to a realistic space, but a girl can dream.

1.  Organizing your lipsticks.  If you hoard lip colors like I do, you probably have at least 5-10 of the same brand in the same tube.  Or in my case 10-20.  And when you're in a hurry, it's hard to decipher which one is which unless you take the time to open them up to look at the color!  Here is an easy way to get that color you want without even opening the tube from DeliciouslyOrganized.com.

2.  Mason Jar your makeup.  How should you store those pretty makeup brushes to where they aren't getting squished in your makeup bag all the time? Here are 2 different ways to decorate a simple Mason Jar that will stand pretty and proud on your vanity.  Personalize in black here or paint in bright colors here (just replace the flowers shown with beautiful brushes!).

3.  Save the lipstick stubs! You know what I mean.  Those last little remnants of your favorite lipstick stuck in the tube that you paid so much money for or that favorite color that was already discontinued?  This is an oldie but goodie from yours truly : A  DIY idea I have implemented and it works great to get every last penny out of that tube and gets rid of multiple lipstick tubes that fill up makeup bags and drawers.  Make you very own lipstick palette with ease!  Save the broken shadows and blushes too!  In the same idea as the lipsticks above, you can also save all of your broken powders very easily.  This is one of those beauty blunders that gets to me because it's usually the brand new full products that somehow bust into millions of tiny pieces! Visit LoftissSays.com to see how to save them without throwing away perfectly good products.

4.  Pipe your hair tools.  I have more flat irons and curling irons in every barrel than you can shake a stick at.  Here is a simple picture idea of how to attach plain old PVC pipe from your local hardware store to the inside of your bathroom cabinet for easy storage!!

5.  Storing your lacquers.  I've also got plenty of polish that is spilling out of various department store bags (yes, that's what mine are in right now, the paper ones with handles-very lazy of me).  Here are some great ideas for storing some of your favorites (or all of them!) in 8 DIY ways to organize those lacquers from BeautyHigh.com.

6.  Style your vanity.  Here is a chic step by step tutorial from ElleDecor.com on the multiple ways to dress up and organize your vanity from start to finish!

Which one of these beauty storage ideas is your favorite?

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