Friday, February 14, 2014

Snow White Eye Liner

We have just experienced the craziest amount of snow I've seen here in Georgia in a long time.  We usually get 1-2 inches and that's it, maybe once every 3 years.  So this covering of white powder stuff inspired my want to try out the WHITE EYE LINER TREND.  Making my own modern version of Snow White if you will..

Products used for this look:

I was curious if this was going to be a very wrong trend for me and wash me out because it's basically layering white on white!  But I had to give it a try since Glamour Magazine called this THE IT eye makeup trend for spring 2014 here.  My key to making this look NOT wash me completely out, was to pair it with one of my favorite taupe shadows with a bit of shimmer, plenty of black mascara, pretty pink cheeks and a shiny lavender lip.   I applied this eyeliner after my shadow and used my trick of drawing it out pretty far to create a winged eye, then cleaning it up with a Qtip along the under side of the eyeliner to give it that swoop!  I knew I had pulled this off because my husband gave it the thumbs up and said it looked really cool.  A cool eye makeup look inspired by a very cool day. 

Here is a short video my husband created that documented all of the fun we have had during our winter storm. We had to document this because we seriously might not see this white stuff again for a few years.  All of this went down in my very own front yard with our whole neighborhood basically gathering to play together.   And yes, we busted out an air mattresses and Fisher Price rocking horses to sled on bc we weren't prepared with real snow gear or sleds!

Speaking of Snow White, do you remember my Disney version here?  
Would you incorporate the white eyeliner in your makeup routine?

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