Friday, February 7, 2014

Sochi Olympics : Gold Medal Glamour

{U.S. gold medal hopefuls -Ice dancing pair, Meryl Davis and Charlie White. 

I am so excited about tonight's opening ceremonies in Sochi! It is always such a grand performance of scenery, music, fashion (the part I most look most forward to -seeing what each country wears!), and just watching all of the world come together on one stage.

The winter Olympics aren't really my favorite, I prefer the gymnastics and synchronized swimming personally of the summer games.  But I will be definitely be watching the figure skating for sure!  I love the the gracefulness of the skaters and am constantly amazed what they can do on those teeny tiny blades.  I do good to dance in tennis shoes or high heels!  And once again, their costumes and elaborate makeup are much more fun to watch as opposed to boring bulky ski suits and hockey garb. I admit, I tend to gravitate to which sports seem more glamorous while going for the gold!

Here are a few COOL links about these Winter Olympics starting today:

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2.  Have you ever wondered how much a gold medal really cost?
3.  Ralph Lauren created these team USA uniforms. 
4.  The Sochi Olympics have 3 cute mascots.
5.  #1 most difficult sport in the winter Olympics. 
6.  The Olympic torch has actually been all the way to outer space
7.  Total price tag of these games...wowza!!!

Are you going to be watching the 2014 games?

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