Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Wonders of The NYX Wonder Pencil

As a mom, one of my strengths is the ability to multitask.  So of course I am also drawn to any beauty product that has that same ability.  Let's call this one the Wonder Woman of pencils...

Here are the FOUR ways you can use this ONE pencil :

1. To cover small blemishes.  I spot treated a small red zit that was cropping up on my chin, and it was the perfect tool to do that because of the small head of the pencil.  Way better than trying to use my finger to apply concealer since the spot was actually pretty small and I didn't need that much product.  It's also a great consistency for this bc it's not real slippery and stayed put!

2.  Invisible lip liner.  I lined around just the top of my cupids bow and right underneath my lower lip to give it almost a highlighter appearance.  Which also helped with lip gloss bleeding.

3. Brow highlighter.  I traced under and over my brows once they were filled in to give them a more defined look!

4. Waterline brightener.  My favorite trick, lining my inner waterline along the lower lash line with a flesh colored pencil to take away any redness from late nights or lack of sleep (every mom encounter this problem if they've got small children!). Don't forget the the tear duct area too!

This fleshy corrector pencil comes in 3 shades - light, medium, and deep so there's a color for everyone.  I am really impressed with everything I could do with this ONE pencil and might even try out the medium shade once summer hits and I get a bit more color on my face.

I actually caught wind of this pencil while browsing through some of my fellow Power Primpers beauty bags over on the Pretty In My Pocket app.  Most of them raved about this one product, so naturally I had to have it!  Check me and my other product reviews out over on the app if you haven't already downloaded it, it's FREE.  And not to mention SO much fun to use the handy dandy scanner while you're browsing the aisles of your fave drugstore to read reviews so you can make your purchase decision right there!

Have you tried this wonder-ful NYX pencil yet??

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