#WinTheDay With Superfruit Skin By Clearasil

If my skin looks clear when I roll out of bed, it’s going to be a GREAT day no matter what the kids throw at me or the day brings.  Being a wife and mom to 3 and juggling everyone’s busy schedules along with running my own small business, the stress of it all can certainly show up in the form of ugly blemishes on my face!  I have that one stubborn spot below my mouth that always creeps up-why do those zits pop up in the same.place.every.time??!
So thanks to the folks over at Clearasil for hooking me up with three of their newest Daily Clear products to help combat that issue:

  • face wash, 
  • scrub, 
  • refreshing pads.  

All three of these contain the power acne fighting ingredient salicylic acid while also combining the refreshing smell of super fruits like cranberry + raspberries.  These yummy smelling products merged with the ability to keep the pizza face away = how I #WinTheDay.

Yes, I happen to have raspberries around the house because 2 out of my 3 kids LOVE this tasty fruit! Who knew they’d make such a great addition to my product shots??

My all black outfit is complimented by shiny clear skin + my new gold belt + chain mail shoes! 
My favorite product has to be the refreshing fruit pads (shown in top shot) because they are out of the ordinary face washes and scrubs of the world.  I typically only wash my skin at night time before bed…because who gets dirty skin while they sleep on clean sheets right??  I have found these are a refreshing way to wake up in the morning and all I have to do is just swipe these bad boy circle pads quickly over my face and I’m done!  No washcloth needed.

Want to try these out for yourself and get your own super fruit clear skin? Then take advantage of their FREE REBATE OFFER HERE within the next week! Get cracking on doing something great and refreshing for your skin!

(And if you’re wondering about my lipstick in the picture up top that happens to match the cranberry/raspberry combo perfectly, it’s this YSL Sheer Candy #4. My gold chain mail shoes are Steve Madden.)

*This is a sponsored post by Clearasil through Refinery29, although all opinions are uniquely my own as always.*

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