Monday Beauty Mantra

“I believe in LOVE at first sight.  Because I am a MOM.”
author unknown
This weekend was crazy busy and filled with so much fun despite a lingering chest cold I’ve had for a whole week.  My cousin got married at an outdoor farm and Vivian was the flower girl in his wedding which are what these pics are from.  She made it down the aisle (while my holding her hand, PS- I was not a bridesmaid!), but then decided she’d rather sit down with me than stand up for everyone to see her pretty ‘bride dress’ as she called it.  Scott and I got to go out Friday evening with just adults…this rarely happens!  We also made an impromptu stop by my best friends new house and hung out with her family which totaled 7 kids between the two of us until late into the night!  Then Sunday enjoyed being outside in the beautiful weather with all of our neighbors while the kids enjoyed the first slipnslide of the year.  
This weekend proved just how much I love hanging out with my kids.  Of course Friday night was glorious for a couple hours away with just me and the hubby, but it was also nice to have had a new babysitter who gave my children glowing recommendations that they were wonderful and she’d come back anytime.  If you’re a parent, you know just how hard it is to leave your kids with a new person but when you find someone that seems to like them just as much as you do (ok, not that much!), then you’ve struck gold.  
This quote is true about love at first sight because when I first laid eyes on them when they were born, it was almost like my heart hurt I was so in love with each one of them.  Funny, I also fell in love with my husband the first time I laid eyes on him as well, but that’s another blog post;)  Guess I am a sucker for love. *My lipstick in the picture above is L’Oreal Colour Riche British Red in case you were wondering!*

ONE MORE thing – if you are a mom or soon to be mom, you must watch this YouTube video shout out to all moms from Kid President.  It is a riot and will no doubt make you smile today! “Mom is Wow upside down.”

Happy Monday to everyone!