6 Bloggers : 1 Lipstick + 1 Blush

I’d like to take this moment to thank Danielle over at TheStyleAndBeautyDoctor.com for dreaming up and then making the following fabulous collaboration happen.  She had the idea to see if 6 DIFFERENT bloggers with DIFFERENT skin tones could pull off the SAME shades of lipstick and blush…

I am wearing the products we all were sent by Milani Cosmetics : 

When I heard about this idea, I couldn’t have been more excited – this is what bloggers live for is to collaborate with others that genuinely love doing what you do and to pick up new talent to follow and be inspired by!

Click over now to TheStyleAndBeautyDoctor.com  to see her great breakdown and swatches of these products, plus all of the individual shots of these bloggers for comparison, and other makeup products we wore with our Milani products.
I have included their Twitter handles for you to follow as well :

Danielle from TheStyleandBeautyDoctor.com, @StyleNBeautyDoc
Trina from BabyShopaholic.com, @BabyShopa
Lara from PrettyConnected.com,  @PrettyConnected
Alissa from StylishCurves.com, @StylishCurves
Ren Ren from MakeupByRenRen.com, @makeupbyRenRen

My personal experiences with these 2 products :

Lipstick – Beautiful finish that had an ever so slight blue based undertone that tended towards a pinky red.  It was bright, but not obnoxious on my fair skin.  I swear it made my teeth seem whiter! Bonus! The finish felt hydrating enough but not slippery and had good staying power.
Blush – Blush is my thing, so I’m pretty picky.  But Danielle had told me before I had received this blush, that I would no doubt love it.  She was right – this baked blush is SO pigmented you’d think it was a department store one.  It is matte with no shimmer but looks so smooth on the skin, it’s like you’re blushing from within!  I needed just a touch of this blush bc it is so bold, so this will last me a long time!

All of my new blogging buddies look amazing in their own individual way and I am honored I got to be a part of this project.  Happy Friday everyone!