Camouflage A Late Night Face in 5 minutes

We all encounter those nights that leave us waking up looking less than bright eyed and bushy tailed. And that usually happens when we have very little time to get ready the morning after because we end up oversleeping to make up for that late night!  Whether it be due to babies that refuse to sleep when normal people do or when the bubbly has gotten the best of you until 2am…Here are the quickest ways to camouflage a rough night…

{Julianna’s messy bun perfection.}

1. Throw that slept in hair up into a MESSY BUN.  No time for a shower, no problem.  Start by spraying in some dry shampoo (Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Dry Shampoo is my absolute favorite), rub it in with your fingers to give better texture than a brush, and then pile it up high on your head with a strong elastic.  The more haphazard the better and this gives you a mini face lift too!  If you have shorter hair,  still try the bun thing, but keep it around ear lobe height and pull it to one side, like Jennifer Lawrence below.

{Jennifer’s low bun for shorter hair.}

2.  CONCEALER is key.  Forget taking time for foundation – concealer is where it’s at when in a time crunch. It’s really concentrated and if you apply it in the correct spots you will erase those late night dark circles. Apply it on the eyelid and under the eyes, on both sides of the nose, and in the center of the chin to immediately brighten the complexion and get rid of any ruddiness that is sticking around.  I will forever swear by Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch bc of it’s subtle highlighter properties.  I hope they don’t discontinue this stuff anytime soon.  Think poor mans version of the YSL touch éclat.

{Olivia Wilde following the concealer + light eye makeup rule.}

3.  Keep the EYE MAKEUP LIGHT but GO BIG on the MASCARA.   If you’ve got concealer on the lid you have beaten half the battle of brightening up the eye bed.  Apply 2 coats of black mascara on those upper and lower lashes to frame the eyes.  Dot some light champagne shimmer shadow right in that tear duct area if there’s time – Stila shadow pan in “Kitten” works wonders.

{I found this girl on my Pinterest, and her bright lipstick is the jam!}

4.  BRIGHT LIPSTICK doubles as a your blush.  We all know how too many cocktails and not enough sleep can drain color from the face. So go with a bold lip color to distract from the pale and boost your complexion!  Lipstick is best so that you can also dab a little on your fingers and rub it into the cheeks for a bit of color.  A couple happy bold shades I blogged on and rely on HERE and HERE

How do you disguise a late night face?  Any additional tricks up your sleeve?

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