Monday Beauty Mantra

As I sit here writing this blog post, my head is swimming thinking about all I have to, need to, and want to accomplish today and this week.  From work priorities, blogging stuff, and the everyday personal things, it all just seems overwhelming when I start to actually list it out.  And on top of all of it, as of this Monday my children have officially started their summer vacation.  Which sounds nice and relaxing doesn’t it?  Unless, you are a stay at home mom who also runs her own business out of her house and has been used to having a quiet house to herself from 9:30am-3pm to accomplish things.
Now I have three little people to keep happy and entertained all while trying to still run my same schedule.  I’ve literally been attempting to write these 2 small paragraphs for the past hour and a half now because I’ve had to either get someone something to eat, break up a scuffle between 2 brothers, give them ideas of things to do that don’t involve TV (because they’re SO bored already on the first day at home), or help my toddler in the bathroom.  So I needed to read this by David Allen (no I don’t know who he is, but I thank him for this quote) because I must realize that it is not expected of me to do everything.  I think this is a pressure many of us moms put upon our selves on a daily basis of trying to do it all.
I’m going to have a lot of alone time with these 3 angels this summer!
As my blog and my freelance business grow, I am thankful but it also presents challenges.  I find myself wanting to respond to every single inquiry and “opportunity” from brands that contact me to work with me. And I tell you, I get at least 20+ a day, which on top of other emails,  is practically impossible to respond to them all.  Especially if I actually want to parent, interact with my children and husband, and have some sort of relationship with them over my computer.  I want to blog every day (ok at least 5 days a week) and for my business to get bigger and better because isn’t that what I am supposed to want since I started this blog?  Why would I want it to just stay status quo, never want my page visits to grow, never want a bigger number of my Instagram or Facebook followers and just be happy with whatever number of people choose to follow me?  I value the readers that continue to come back and comment, but why would I want even more to have to respond to which equals more time on my computer?  Because I am human, and we like to be liked, and isn’t that what social media is all wrapped up in?  
I read a fantastic article in my June Glamour magazine by the actress Zosia Mamet from the show Girls.  Which I have never seen an episode of, but I hear is pretty entertaining. We watch more Disney channel than HBO in my house.  It’s called “No, I Won’t Lean In, Thanks” and it’s short but hits the freakin’ nail on the head discussing why isn’t it ok for women to be perfectly happy with just running a small coffee shop (or makeup blog) instead of feeling pressure to run an “empire?” Why is it looked down upon if I don’t want to start my own makeup line, have a raging YouTube following, or I haven’t worked with Oprah’s face yet?  What about the hundreds of brides I’ve worked with on the most special day of their life?  I think that’s a pretty big deal to get entrusted to work on those faces and it is very fulfilling.  I’m thankful that as being a small business owner, I am the maker of my own destiny.  If I want a “promotion” it’s up to me and only me as to how I’m going to get it.  And that promotion might be to stay put and happy with my current job description because it’s manageable.
So in conclusion my ranting comes on a Monday, which isn’t surprising, as it’s the day I always feel most overwhelmed. Hopefully I can take my own advice to just take each day as it comes and try to prioritize what is most important each day in my work life.  I must always remember that I am a mom first, and these three people at home with me until August deserve a fun summer.  Which means not looking at the back of moms head while she answers emails!  Hang in there with me readers, I love this blog and will be posting good stuff during these summer months but it might not be every single day because hopefully I’ll be at the park or teaching my kids how to be stronger swimmers.  But have no fear, I’ll still be wearing makeup during all of the above activities and feel the need to share what I wore…hahahaha!
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