The Real Cat Eye


Sometimes I like to give my mommy self a slightly edgier look when it comes to my makeup.  I usually do this with what is considered the “cat eye” or winged eyeliner.  However,  I’d say 95% of us are doing it wrong if we really want to look like a feline…  
Winging your liner towards the outside of the eye is only going to get you 50% of the way to getting a cat eye.
You have to take this winged look one step further to get a TRUE looking cat eye by extending that wing towards the interior tear duct area also.  Case in point – the furry lady above.


Products used for this look:
Lancome Le Crayon Kohl “Black Coffee” (inner waterline and tear duct inside)
NYX Studio Liquid Liner “Extreme Coffee” (upper lash line and tear duct outside)
Highlighting the tear duct area by extending and exaggerating the V shape is what gives you that bold cat eye.  Even though I used very neutral colors for this look (browns) it still creates quite a statement.  Imagine if I had used black or a bright color like purple or blue!!  The Lancome pencil I used is one of my all time favorite brown pencils – have bought it over and over for 5 years now bc it goes on like butter and is sooo dark brown it’s almost black.
When my husband saw this look, he admitted that he thought maybe I had “done something wrong” and that I looked “kind of crazy.” Oh how I love his honesty.  I had to remind him that I knew exactly what I was doing! Ha!
TIP : If you try this look, you have to add eyelid primer all over the perimeter of the eye and use a very waterproof liner and pencil (I did not on the pencil part, lesson learned) or it’s going to end up smudging all over the place real quick and then your cat eye looks like a smokey mess instead of sharp and dramatic!
What do you think of the REAL cat eye?