The Secret To Getting Nude Lips Like Jennifer Lopez

 Nude lips just like Jennifer Lopez.

How do you get them?  It’s actually really easy.  Just buy the L’oreal Paris Collection Privee “Jennifer’s NUDE” lipstick , $7.99, created specially for her with her name on it…



 I am a big fan of a good nude lipstick that doesn’t wash me out.  It’s my comfort zone look.  So when I found out that L’Oreal had this one named “Jennifer’s Nude” well, let’s just say I had to buy it just because it had my name on the sticker…seriously.  Ok, so they didn’t name it after moi, but it is still cool to own a really AWESOME lipstick with your first name on it!!  I’m also a big Jennifer Lopez fan so that added to my intrigue of buying it, because the singer/celebrity/mama can rock a NUDE LIP like no other!

This shade I’m wearing is part of a 4 piece collection of different nude variations from L’Oreal Paris starring 4 celebrity names that go with their skin tones :

After some research online it looks like they also had ones for a couple other female celebs like red head Julianne Moore, but I didn’t see them when I bought mine at Ulta.

What I love about J.Lo’s nude :

  • The black matte packaging with the gold touches makes it look like a super expensive lipstick you would buy at Sephora or fancy department store.  Y’all know I’m a sucker for a pretty tube of lipstick.
  • The formula and texture of this is divine.  It glides on and feels extremely hydrating and buttery to the lips without being too slippery.  Which is also a shame it feels so good, because I have been constantly applying it, which means it’s going away fast!
  • It smells nice, which means it almost has no scent.
  • This specific color is literally my perfect nude, because being a fair to medium skin tone (NOT like JLo ironically) it has the right amount of warmth to it where I don’t look dead or washed out, but still has an ever so slight bit of pink that makes my lips look healthy and not brown like some nudes do.
  • And for the $7 price I paid – well it is worth every penny.

If you want to see an awesome comparison of all four colors, check out and the swatches of each nude offered.  I really like the looks of them all except for the Doutzen one that seems like it would wash me out being a bit too frosty light pink.  Overall, I’d say this collection is a must look at for anyone in the market for an easy to wear neutral lipstick.
*I’m wearing Stila In The Light palette on my eyes and my usual Nars “Orgasm” blush in case you were curious!*

Have you gotten a hold of one of these limited edition nudes?

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