Top 4 Long Wear Lip Color Products That Lock In

I actually like to apply lipstick and gloss.  It doesn’t bother me to reapply throughout the day…it’s practically therapeutic.  But I know there are instances when we don’t really want to be busting out the lip gloss in front of a dinner guest or during a big event.  So I have a few long wear favorites for when those times arise and you need your lips to be locked in for hours.
Here are my Top 4 Favorite Stay Put Lip Products…

Shop the stay put lip products shown (from left to right) : 

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in “Carina,” $22 (Product I’m wearing in these pics)
L’Oreal Infallible Lipcolor, (2 step system with a clear balm put on top) $11
MAC Pro Longwear Lipglass (“Full Speed Ahead” shown above), $20
I am super hard on my lips – I am constantly drinking coffee, water, wine (in that order), I enjoy snacking (all day long), and I love kissing on my kids, so lip products don’t have a chance on my mouth.  
After trying out my fair share of long wear lippies, these 4 definitely perform the best of the ones I’ve tried.  Many long wear products tend to dry out my lips and make them feel like they’re suffocating – these don’t do that.  Now when they promote “all day” or “long wear” I do take that with a grain of salt.  If they say it lasts 8 hours, I usually cut that in half and have an expectation of maybe 4 hours.  I’m not an unrealistic person.  If a lip color stays for at least 2-3 hours and actually still looks like it did the moment I put it on with no fading, I’m pretty happy.  
The key to keeping stay put products working to their full potential is to :
  • have well exfoliated lips (no flakiness!), 
  • don’t overdue the application with multiple layers – if it gets too thick it will prob end up having that suffocating feeling and start to clump.  One, maybe 2 thin layers max is enough,
  • and don’t rub your lips together or lick your lips for at least 1 minute after applying these so it can have time to lock in.

Other products I’m wearing in this look just in case you like:

What are your favorite long wear lip glosses and lipsticks? How many hours do you consider long wear? 

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