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These are all of the magazines I currently subscribe to.  And having them all spread out like this makes it look a little ridiculous. Especially since it’s very hard for me to ever sit down and actually read anything in my house with my kids around!! Ha!  But I am a sucker for a magazine to flip through as opposed to looking on my iPhone or iPad.  When I have a chance to relax in my favorite chair in my house (a papasan), with a glass of wine (pinot grigio), and a candle burning (Votivo Red Currant), there is nothing better than a good magazine to get inspired on what’s the latest and greatest in fashion and beauty.

I’ve started to realize that a couple of these magazines aren’t holding my interest like they used to though.  This is obviously bc my tastes and likes are changing.  I actually enjoy reading the cooking articles in Redbook (I might not apply them but they’re fun to read) and some of the self help articles in Journal and Glamour.  This shows that I truly am getting older bc in the past, those types of articles would bore me.  Lately I’m falling out of love with Lucky magazine because it doesn’t seem to have enough “meat” in it and the repetitive layout of bags and shoes in a row seems stale. And as much as I love the photographs in Elle, it’s just too high fashion for me and unrealistic for my mommy lifestyle.  But how gorgeous is Angelina on this months cover???
My absolute favorite that I never get tired of – InStyle.  It’s just the right mix of celebrities, fashion, beauty, home decor, and the occasional cocktail and appetizer recipes!

I might need to cut this pile in half soon because two of these were still in their covers before I shot this picture.  That’s usually what happens to my least favorites;)
What’s your favorite magazine and why?

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