Accentuate Your Eyes With These Must Have Makeup Tricks

Eyes are the windows to the soul.  So we should make those windows easy to see and exaggerate them as much as possible, right?!

easy makeup tricks to make your eyes look bigger











1.  Add a CORAL SHADOW to your normal eyeshadow routine.  I like to play up my crease area with a deep taupe and then add a bright coral colored shadow just right above the crease where you can feel your eye socket bone to really accentuate this area and make the eye pop.  This is a trick I learned from a drag queen class I took…not kidding. This coral shade is key to add some brightness and dimension.

how to make small eyes look bigger with makeup
2.   I decided to put these next 4 steps into one picture. (A) Line your inner waterline with a WHITE PENCIL. This helps to whiten the whites of the eyes and instantly add 2 hours of sleep to your eyes. (B)  LINE it and FLICK it!  I don’t care if you line it with navy, purple, brown, or black, liquid or pencil,  JUST LINE IT!  This helps to thicken the look of that lash line, which in turn makes your eyes look more awake and aware.  Don’t forget to flick it up at the edge of the eye for that instant eye lift without the surgery.  By only lining the top it creates a more open eye than adding color on the top and bottom lashes which actually recedes the eye and makes it appear smaller.  (C)  Don’t leave out the BOTTOM LASHES!  I know this sounds contradictory to the previous step, but that mascara helps to frame the entire eye and adds minimal color without having to figure out the right amount of eyeliner.  Even touching those bottom fringes a little makes a world of difference.  If you have trouble with smudges thru the day, use a waterproof formula and add some translucent powder under the eyes. (D) SHIMMER that TEAR DUCT.   Want your eyes to twinkle?  Always add a champagne or nude colored fine shimmer shadow.  Trace that sideways V shape around the upper and lower tear duct for just enough shimmer, to make people wonder what you’re up to!


makeup tricks for bigger eyes


Exact shades used from products shown above:
1. Eyes – Coral shadow is “Free To Be” by MAC and the shimmer tear duct color is “Iced Latte” by L’Oreal Infallible.
2. Cheeks – Nars The multiple stick in “Portofino”
3. Lips – Maybelline Color Elixir lip gloss in “Captivating Carnation”
These tips get used frequently on my eyes and once you get in the routine of them, you don’t want to leave the house without them.  None are really out of the ordinary but when used together make a BIG impact!
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