I’m Back

I have been a very, verrrry bad blogger.  I know I’ve been MIA for almost a week but I had a very good reason to be.  Vacation in Costa Rica with my husband.  It was INCREDIBLE and I decided it was my chance to take a much needed break from computers and relax.

I have read that to go as long as I did without posting is a horrible thing for bloggers and you’ll lose your readership, but I figured my loyal followers would understand.  Everyone deserves a break, and I took advantage.  I posted some pics on my Instagram account every now and then because I was so fascinated by the scenery I was surrounded by but that was about it.  WiFi isn’t the easiest to come by in Costa Rica so I figured that was my sign to just enjoy the people around me and my hubby.  We were there with 6 other couples and did a lot of talking, laughing, and enjoying the sunshine (and the occasional rain bursts which don’t slow this area down bc well, it’s surrounded by rainforest and the locals are used to it!).

All of us couples have children but none were with us. So of course it got hard towards the end of the trip because we all just wanted to hug on them but we talked and exchanged parenting stories which eased the pain a little.  I also attempted two activities I never thought in a million years I would do – Zip lining and Surfing.  That is me above – I still can’t believe I conquered it plus my fear of heights on the zip line.  Both of these things made me realize how fun living life to the fullest is, and it felt awesome.

But now that I’ve had my break and reunited with my kids,  I’m totally refreshed and re energized to conquer real life!   The only hard part of reality is not wearing a bathing suit all day and being able to drinking pina coladas with lunch…hahaha!!

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