Monday Beauty Mantra

“When you look at a field of DANDELIONS, 
you can either see a field full of WEEDS, or a field full of WISHES.”

How GREAT is this quote??!!  We can look at everyday obstacles/troubles and have a negative attitude about them and let them fester inside of us OR we can turn them into something positive and at the very least, learn something from them.  Such a simple idea, but the comparison of weeds to wishes is awesome.  Here are 2 recent obstacles that I turned into positives…
1.  I was approached to to do 2 weddings in one day – that’s fantastic for a small business like myself.  The obstacle was that one was not in the same city as mine.  That same wedding also had an additional obstacle of a 3:30am start time – no kidding. That means I left my house at 2:15am while some people were just getting in from a night out!  The positive of that early start time, was that they were both at totally different time frames due to their ceremonies.  The 2nd wedding was in town, however was a very large party that needed to be done in a time frame I physically would not be able to do alone.  Obstacle! Did I want to give up this party bc of that?  No way!! So I searched around for an assistant to help me complete the 2nd wedding.  And by the grace of God, found the perfect person who helped that hectic day flow seamlessly and I was completely confident in how she represented my company.  Thank you Wendy, you are a makeup angel!!! 
2.  The picture above was taken early one morning when I decided to get all 3 of my kids off the couch (I know that’s the beauty of summer break, but the laziness was driving me crazy!) and take them for a walk. Vivian got lucky and had me pull her in the wagon because the boys were riding scooters and she couldn’t keep up:)  We were doing this because I am having a bit of an issue with the gym I currently am a member of and was doing my own little “protest” if you will, of not walking through their doors because they recently started charging me additional money for the fact I have over 2 kids.  Not a huge deal, but it wasn’t what I signed up for when they basically begged me to renew this year.  I renewed because child care was FREE at the time, then after I paid in full for the entire year (of course), now they’re changing the rules of the game on me.  It troubles me to feel I’ve been had, so taking my kids outside for our own “free” exercise made me feel better about my situation.  The gym still has my money, so I’m sure they could care less that I haven’t walked thru their doors with my kids again.  But including my kids in my exercise routine was a good feeling, rather than putting them in that gym childcare where the person that should be watching them is actually glued to their iPhone the whole time.  

I know these aren’t world problems I’ve been dealing with and I am thankful these are about the most difficult issues I am currently having.  

Vivian calls dandelions “flowers” and I will never let her think otherwise.  

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