Monday Beauty Mantra

“Now matter how SERIOUS life gets, you gotta have that one person you can be completely SILLY with.”

My boys sadly have to make trips to buy makeup and beauty stuff with me ALL of the time.  Luckily, they usually know how to make the best of these outings to Sally Beauty, Sephora, or the Target makeup aisles.  On a recent trip to Ulta, I happened to lose sight of Walker and his older brother (don’t judge, they’re really quick to disappear) until I found him being very serious about trying all of the different fake hair buns on the top of his head!! And him being serious about this was what made catching him in the act all the more funny!  
I know I can always count on Walker to crack me up even when he has no idea he’s doing it. He’s my “wild child” I guess you could say and even though he’s a handful at times, he is not afraid to be silly which really helps in those moments when you need a good laugh or even when you didn’t realize you needed one.  He can be inappropriate at times, but in the most hilarious of 6 year old ways where you know you shouldn’t laugh, but you can’t help yourself.  I hope he never loses his zest for life and trying to make his family and friends smile any chance he can get. 
Of course he thought it was comical once I caught him and suggested I take his picture with his favorite hair piece…ok, twist my leg funny guy. 
Do you have that person in your life you can count on to be silly with?
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