Super DUPE-R! Too Faced Shadow Insurance VS Milani Eyeshadow Primer

Who doesn’t love a good splurge versus save post?? Especially when it comes to makeup products that you wouldn’t love to spend a whole bunch of money on if you didn’t have to.  Eyelid primers are one of those categories in my opinion.

Time lapse showing the wear of my eyeshadow look using Milani eyeshadow primer.

Product color comparison:
Top stripe is Too Faced Shadow Insurance, $20, bottom stripe is Milani Eyeshadow Primer. $6.
Eye lid primer is one of my must have everyday products.  It’s not a glamorous product like a fancy YSL lipstick or pressed Tom Ford finishing powder, but it is very useful.
And since I wear one,  I have been longing for a cheaper version of my Too Faced Shadow Insurance I’ve been using bc it starts to get pricey buying it over and over again.  And I will not give up my lid primer bc once you start wearing one, you realize how beneficial they are in keeping on your shadow to stay put and just making it work harder!   I went on the hunt for a drugstore version and found a good review on the Milani primer while using my bar code scanner option through my Pretty In My Pocket app (if you haven’t downloaded it for free, you should now for beauty product comparisons, rates, and reviews at your fingertips!).  I decided at 6 bucks, what did I have to lose from the 20 bucks I had been paying for the TF?? 
Thank goodness, it performed and reminded me of a cheaper twin of my Too Faced!  There is a bit more product in the TF at .35oz compared to the Milani at .30oz, but not enough to make up for the huge price difference! Both go on silky smooth and rub into a colorless application.  The Milani feels a tiny bit thicker which is ok by me because in my head, I think that it’s going to have better staying power!  As the pics above show, my eyeshadow look 
OVERALL, the Milani is going to be my new go-to dupe.  I will now be able to spend that money I will be saving on lid primer to go towards buying a Marc Jacobs Lip Vinyl gloss…I’ve been dying to try one!
Do you think an eyelid primer is necessary?  Which one is your favorite? 
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