BodyBrite Pure Oxygen Facial Review

I recently had the opportunity to try out an oxygen facial at my local BodyBrite franchise here in Athens.  Which honestly when I heard the description was a bit wary.   They were going to shoot oxygen into my skin??  Well yes, kind of…

^^The tools and skincare products used on me during the treatment.^^

^^The big ole oxygen machine!^^

^^ Car selfie – My skin AFTER treatment was completed.  Makeup free (okay tinted lip balm + leftover mascara) and the pics really don’t do it justice.
It really was glow-y and very dewy looking!^^
^^ From left to right – Owner Annie, and Christy who performed my treatment.^^ 
*I’m really taking one for the team here people posting these pictures sans makeup! Hahaha!*
The 45 minute oxygen facial proved to be more relaxing than expected.  On their official website it is marketed as:
After the age of 25, the skin’s normal oxygen supply decreases and skin loses up to 65% of its moisture content, resulting in a tired, dull complexion. We’ll put that life-giving oxygen back into your skin, neutralizing free-radicals, strengthening the immune system against acne-causing bacteria and fighting skin redness, wrinkles and pigmentation. Adding back oxygen also strengthens your existing collagen and elastin, which keep your skin young and dewy.  
In the DermaOxy O2 treatment, concentrated oxygen combined with five different herbal mixtures is sprayed on the face and décolleté. This cocktail penetrates deep and delights the skin, smoothing it from the inside out to stimulate blood circulation and cell renewal.
My Experience :
  • There is no soothing music like in a typical spa atmosphere but the hum of the big oxygen machine is enough white noise to put you to sleep.  However with me I was asking questions the entire time so no sleeping here – but between the questions in my head, I felt myself dozing.  
  • When it came to the oxygen part with a tiny blower (looks like an airbrush makeup  stylus) that pushed O2 into my skin, I had a tickle takeover.  I could NOT stop giggling bc it tickled so bad on me!! I was actually kind of embarrassed but couldn’t help myself.  I think I gave Christy a big kick that I couldn’t pull it together.  She said it doesn’t usually have that effect on people so guess I am the exception!
  • My facial consisted of skin cleaning, serums, moisturizing, exfoliating, and this cool flat instrument (above) that rolled the products in and felt awesome.  
  • The description of the facial on the website says it goes all the way down to the décolleté (chest) however my treatment didn’t go past my neck. 
  • The after look of my skin was beautiful and glowing.  I have dry skin, so this treatment kept it feeling super hydrated and dewy throughout the rest of the day which I loved.
They said the oxygen facial is a great treatment for brides the day of their wedding and that makeup goes on really smoothly afterwards.  I however chose to go makeup-less the rest of the day and let my skin enjoy the rest since I’m ALWAYS caking on the makeup.  Overall, this wasn’t the type of facial experience I am used to.  Typically my facials are done in a spa atmosphere which involves low lit rooms, soothing music playing, the smell of candles burning, and cushy bathrobes followed by hot tea or a glass of water.  The BodyBrite facial is more about the facial without all of those other bells and whistles, with a clean and bright simple interior.  You have to get that elaborate spa environment out of your head and realize you’re there JUST for the treatment and not the ambience.
Three other treatments offered at BodyBrite include their most popular, which is HAIR REMOVAL then SKIN REJUVENATION and TEETH WHITENING.  All of their facials are performed by licensed estheticians.  Big thanks to Christy who did my treatment (and answered all of my annoying questions!!) and to the owner Annie who has had this business for 2 years and was also super friendly and welcoming.   After chatting with them both about their successful hair removal treatments, I’m thinking seriously that underarm hair is the next to go! 

Follow them on Facebook here to find out specials they are constantly having – just saw that this same oxygen facial is HALF PRICE ($44.50) thru this Saturday the 12th of July!! 

Have you visited a BodyBrite before?

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