Happy Anniversary

They say 13 is an unlucky number.  I’m here to prove that is completely untrue because today I am celebrating what I consider to be 13 lucky years of marriage to my best friend.

I’m not hear to paint a picture like everything in our past 13 of years of marriage has been perfect, because picture perfect would be boring and we have grown stronger from our ups and downs.  Cliche, maybe, but very true. I think the downs and the way they are handled in a marriage, are a true testament of what your bond is really made of.  This man has had the best outlook on our trying times and it carried over into my views on everything and made me love him more.

I have found a partner in crime who truly gets me and cares for me (and our children) more than I thought humanly possible for one person.  Scott makes even ordinary moments more fun in our house.  He is an encourager who makes me and the kids feel like we can do anything and supports me in my decisions.  Even if he doesn’t agree with them, he talks them through with me and never makes me feel like my ideas or ways of doing things are stupid.   Overall, Scott brings out the best in me and I hope I do for him as well.

I never could have dreamed that becoming parents would also make us so much stronger and closer.  Not to toot our own horn, but toot toot!, I think we’re pretty fun parents to our three.

I mean these pics above shows that Scott helped me conquer my fear of heights with a zip lining tour and we as a family have a blast together (even in the car waiting out the rain!). We both have parents that are still together (mine just celebrated 45 years together) which I know is a pretty big deal nowadays.  Our parents have set a standard of what it means to love each other unconditionally and I think they are a great example for our relationship.  Like the Pooh bear quote above says that caring too much equates to love, I truly believe and feel that in our own marriage.  I definitely already pray and hope that my children never settle for anything less in choosing a spouse or relationship.

Even though we got married fairly young, me 23 and him 25, I guess we just got lucky that our hearts knew they were meant to be together.  I’m sure this sappy blog post has you a bit uncomfortable right now Scott but I just had to put it out there how much you mean to me.  Happy 13 years and cheers to many more.

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