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(Hash-tag)… Noun  
On social networking websites a word or phrase preceded by a hash mark (#)
used within a message to identify a keyword or top of interest and facilitate a search for.
I know you saw this necklace already from my recent post here, but it pretty much sums up my life as a blogger, every other blogger, and social media addicts alike.  Everything is about key words and trying to make it easier for people to find you.  As much as I love getting creative with hashtags, I also get annoyed at myself trying to always attach one to my everyday life.  When did hash tagging everything become such a “thing?” Remember this hilarious skit all about hashtags with cutie Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon?!  If not, I’ve attached it for your enjoyment.
So this weekend I am going to be busy busy with wedding makeup and teaching sessions then we are off to spend some time with my hubby’s and my family out of town. (#makeupartist #ilovemyjob)So that means a lot of preparation and packing to do. (#norestfortheweary)  I always love visiting my parents bc I do little to no laundry or dishes and we get to go out to eat a lot!  (#score) And the kids can get away from their boredom of being at home which will be refreshing bc I think the summer time is getting to them since we don’t have much of a schedule.  Honestly, it’s getting to me too. We love each other, but we’ve had a lot of time together, and sometimes that can backfire! (#winkwink #family) You work from home moms know where I’m coming from. (#workfromhome #impossiblewithkids) What are you up to this weekend?  
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I’m going to leave you with the most appropriate hashtag for today….#TGIF
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