Help PRIMP Grow! : Empower The Mobile Beauty Shopping Cause

I believe in the entrepreneurial spirit of women. I believe that cosmetics and beauty products are a simple way to make us feel like better versions of our natural selves.  I believe we should be able to shop the vast beauty aisles of a department store and/or drugstore without being completely overwhelmed and confused.  

I believe there is an app for that – it’s FREE and it is called Pretty In My Pocket.  It is now looking to expand its audience and provide more help to the masses through a crowd funded project with Plum Alley.   

You MUST watch this short video above by the female creator, Caroline Van Sickle.  She is not a makeup professional, just an everyday woman who saw a gap in the beauty market and wants to fill it to make our lives easier when it comes to shopping for our beloved beauty products.  Especially when there is no one in a one mile radius around you in the makeup aisle at Target and you just need to find that right lipstick or eyeshadow in a hot minute or find honest reviews on a product from real women, not the advertisers.  The bar code scanner on this app is your saving grace when it comes to this issue!  I’m obsessed with it.

Although I am a makeup artist and beauty blogger, I am still just as curious as you when it comes to various products on the market when I’m in a store and there is nobody from that specific brand around to help me or answer my questions.  
What I provide on the PRIMP app as one of their Power Primper experts (as well as some of your other favorite beauty bloggers + professional makeup artists from around the country) is : 1. A collection of my own personal PHOTOS of looks I have created, 2.  Honest REVIEWS on products I have purchased and used, and 3. “MY BAG” which contains my very favorite products I can’t live without for you to look through!

Pretty In My Pocket has partnered with Plum Alley to run this crowd funding project to help them grow!  So I’m here to spread the word because I truly believe in this product and it’s future.  I know since I’m an expert for this app, people might assume I get paid for this post or to say these things.  I do not.  Not a penny.  But I believe in the entrepreneurial spirit of women like Caroline and I fully support anything that is being designed to make our lives easier and more cost efficient when it comes to making purchase decisions on our must have beauty products.  If this app grows and reaches more women, that means more beauty brands jump on board to offer “perks” (discounts/coupons) to us right from our phones (no annoying paper trail).  And that means I do make money, because I am saving on the things I would already be buying!  

PRIMP is the FREE mobile beauty shopping tool that is going to revolution how we discover and get rewarded while we shop.  Please donate if you are a fan of the app or if you are in support of women-owned startups.  Remember, NO amount of support is too small!!