Makeup To The Stars

I will almost always try out a makeup product that is touted by a celebrity.  Let me be more specific – NOT products for an ad they got paid to be featured in. But if they’ve been questioned off the cuff in an article for a magazine or their personal makeup artist says what they’re must have products are, then yes I’ll go buy it.  Looks like my credit card better rest up because it’s about to get put to work!  Here are some of my favorite female stars and the makeup their famous faces rely on…

Victoria Beckham : CHEEKS
She highlights those killer cheekbones with a radiant glow using Giorgio Armani’s Sheer Blush, $44.
Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen : LIPS
They say they always get asked about their beige matte lips, and it’s actually a Make Up Forever Aqua Lip Waterproof lip liner, $19, that is filled in – no lipstick or gloss needed!  
Lauren Conrad : LASHES
The first thing I always focus on LC are her eyes.  She relies on the very affordable 
Maybelline Full N Soft mascara, $7 to get her lashes noticed! 
(via Glamour Magazine June 2014 issue.)
Beyonce :  SKIN
Her MUA, Francesca Tolot, uses Amazing Concealer, $44, (which I had never heard of until now!) to give her that beautiful flawless skin.  Def going to check this product out pronto!
Drew Barrymore : BROWS
Ok, so this product was actually created by Drew herself for her Flower Beauty line, but it was recommended as a great brow pencil choice by MUA Jake Bailey who is in charge of Katy Perry’s pretty face.  Raise Some Brows Pencil, $6. 
Spill the beans – have you ever purchased a makeup product just because your favorite celebrity uses it?

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