Monday Beauty Mantra

“Andy Warhol realized ART could take any form.  
Putting on your MAKEUP is kind of a self portrait.”
Francois Nars, creator of Nars Cosmetics

This photo was a car-makeup-selfie-check before I arrived at the Coffee Talk hosted by the Southern Blog Society I attended this weekend at the W Buckhead hotel. (If you are a southern blogger, you should def check out becoming a member.  A fun recap of the event will be posted on my blog later this week!).  
As a makeup artist, beauty blogger, and female who just all around adores what cosmetics can do for my self confidence, it really is all about using your makeup to express who you are or what you want to be that day.  I had to pull my look together for a 6am drive into Atlanta that morning, and was thankful that my green eyeshadow (MAC “Club”– seriously an all time fave greenish-brown I’ve owned and re-purchased for the past 5 years!) and liner combo (a recently discontinued Revlon green – boo) I picked helped make me look more awake than I really was!

Makeup is all about experimentation, playing around, and working with different products until you find that just right shade or techniques that make you feel most like you.  And if at first you don’t succeed, try try again. That’s why God made eye makeup remover and face wash:)  

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