Photos From Washington D.C. Part 1

The 5 of us are traveling to Washington D.C., and for 4 out of the 5 of us, it’s our first time.  Hence the lack in posts lately due to preparing for this trip and actual travel!  We have gotten incredibly lucky with the weather (not as hot as I had heard it could/should be) and there is more to do in one weekend than we can see, but we are doing out best to live it up!  Here are some photos from our journey so far…

^^Washington Monument^^

^^ Something magical about flying through the clouds for even me as an adult!^^

^^We are staying at the Fairmont Washington D.C. and it has been a wonderful experience!  
The kids got a welcome treat of some of the best chocolate chip cookies EVER delivered to our room!  What a way to start the trip. ^^

^^There are ice cream trucks on EVERY corner which is a brilliant business move in this touristy city.  Our kids think this is a real novelty and don’t allow us to ignore these frozen treats, so we have enjoyed our fair share of ice cream so far.^^

^^The amount of go go going we did on the first day proved slightly exhausting to Vivian and Walker who BOTH fell asleep while in the Air & Space Museum!!^^

^^Must eat at the Old Ebbitt Grill thanks to a fab family friendly recommendation from my blogger friend Cathy at Poor Little It Girl.  (It pays to know bloggers in different cities to get great recs from!) Jack deemed their massive PB&J the “best he’s ever had” and he’s eaten a lot of them in his life time! *TIP* Get a reservation ahead of time if you’re thinking about coming – it was PACKED so I was glad we did that without having to wait with 3 kids! ^^

Makeup from the first two nights in town, wearing my Esqido mink lashes in style “Unforgettable” in both looks.  Remember, my JennySue Makeup readers can get 10% OFF any purchase of their lashes right now using the code : BEAUTIFUL at checkout! ^^^

 ^^ World War II memorial was just breathtaking. My husbands grandfather and mine both served in it, so it felt extra special to be walking around this tribute.^^

^^The big July 4th day parade along Constitution Ave.^^

Our meal on July 4th at The Palm restaurant proved to be a bit nutty as we were all exhausted from a full day of sightseeing and still trying to stay awake for the fireworks!  They put us in the way back of the restaurant, ha!! Probably pretty smart seeing our crew.

BIG THANKS to Andy our concierge at the Fairmont Hotel for probably the BEST ADVICE so far on where to watch the fireworks without having to get in all of the madness at the National Mall or the Monument.  He told us to go to 19th street between M and Dupont Circle, which was the perfect spot to see the fireworks being shot off, minus the crowds, and we just sat outside at a restaurant, had a glass of wine and let the kids run around.  It was perfect.

Let’s keep this vacation going. Still lots to do and see…

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