Photos From Washington D.C. Part 2

Here is part 2 of 2 of photos from our travels to Washington D.C..  (Part 1 right here if you missed it!) I already love looking back at these pics and reminiscing even though it was just a couple of days ago!

^^If you follow me on Instagram, you already saw this lovely pic.  What is a family vacation without a little attitude?!! I like to caption this one, “IMAGINE a family vacation with no meltdowns!”^^

^^Great pizza place rec around the Capitol Hill area, called We, The Pizza which was created by a Top Chef contestant Spike Mendelsohn.  I highly recommend the chicken and andouille slice – out of this world super yummy and creative pizza options!^^

^^ The Capitol is WAY bigger than it looks on TV!!^^

^^ How do you get around in a big city like D.C.?  Why Uber of course!! My kids were thrilled to not have to sit in car seats and to get to ride in mini vans – HA! We found it actually cheaper, more efficient, and a thousand times cleaner than the metro or cabs.^^
^^Paddle boating to the Jefferson Memorial.  Cool, but not as relaxing as it looks when you have small people that do little, to no paddling!!^^
^^ We went to a Nationals game because what’s more American than a good ole baseball game?!^^
^^Thumbs up from Walker with his “W” Nationals hat, thumbs down from the Braves fans!^^

^^Took a visit to Old Town Alexandria, Virginia, which was such a neat place on the water!!^^

^^Got to visit with a friend I’ve known since elementary school who lives up in the Virginia area which made this trip even more special! We hadn’t seen each others children in person since our oldest ones were born, so that was such a neat experience!  Wish we were closer in distance Claire!! 
I love how you can pick right up with old friends despite the years being apart.  Obviously the sun was not Vivian’s friend in this pic -HA Ha!^^

^^Goofing off was a big part of this vacation.^^
^^On the plane ride home, we realized that our last row seats had NO window view! This was a huge bummer for the kids, but luckily Vivian ended up falling asleep 15 minutes once 
we got off the ground. ^^
Overall, D.C. was a huge success and I would highly recommend it to anyone that with kids.  The history of the place is amazing and it’s so neat to experience all of the monuments and buildings you see in your textbooks and on TV.  Truly a great city to visit and I would definitely go back again.  
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