4 Keys To Haircut Heaven

Ok, maybe Heaven is taking things a bit far.  But every time I finally schedule my hair cut (I was about 2 months too late with this one), and it happens, I realize how necessary a great cut is to achieving my own personal hair nirvana…

^^ Two pics is better than one of my AFTER!! ^^
^^ Car selfie BEFORE a couple of inches were chopped off! ^^

^^ Proud AFTER hair selfie! ^^
^^ I rarely see the back of my own hair, but lots of other people do so don’t forget to pay 
some special attention to it!! ^^

In my line of work as a makeup artist, I of course think that concealer, mascara, and gloss are the magic wands to looking better.  But I also know that when you really break down your complete look, if you’ve got a bad hair cut or hey, no cut at all, (has it been a year since you snipped your ends??) that gloss can only distract so much.  Makeup and hair are a package deal.  

Couldn’t resist sharing this funny quote I found on Pinterest because I’m sure it sums me up whenever I walk into my salon…“I want a change, but don’t cut any length off”…hahahaha!

Here are some key things I’ve learned on how to be happy with your hair cut every time :

Find a stylist that isn’t a “Yes Ma’am.”  I will say that a good hairstylist will tell you truthfully when something isn’t going to work for you and then steer you in another direction.  I always long for a severe middle part, but I also have an amazing cowlick that begs to stay on a side part – so my stylist made sure to cut/style my hair so as not to fight it.  And now I appreciate that side part because I’m not struggling with my hair style in the morning to do something it doesn’t want to.  I also occasionally bring up the idea of wanting my brown hair dyed to white blonde Gwen Stefani-like and she’s also like, “no, not a great idea, you’ll regret it for life when that peroxide permanently ruins your hair.”  She could of course say YES let’s do it, take my money for the multiple expensive processes it would take to achieve Gwen’s look, but she doesn’t. I genuinely appreciate this.  I will always wonder what it would look like though…guess that is what wigs are for;)

Bring an inspiration photo, or two, or three.  This is something I love that I ask my own clients to do, especially when it comes to bridal makeup.  My interpretation of a look, and someone else’s description of a look, could be totally different.  But pictures, speak a thousand words and give a visual for both parties that are easy to understand.  Bring multiple photos because then it’s possible to blend different parts of what you like together to create one unique look.

Pay attention to the blow out when it’s happening.  My stylist uses at least 5 round brushes when drying my long hair, so no wonder it always looks much better than when I use my sad 1 round brush!!  Even though realistically I’ll never use multiple round brushes in one sitting, it is important to notice placement of each of those and which way they are turned while blow drying to get a similar end result.

Products matter.  I own 1 can of dry shampoo and 2 cans of hairspray – one of those hairsprays is usually clogged and doesn’t work and I maybe use hair spray once a week.  But again, while watching my stylist closely during the blowout, she uses LOTS of dry shampoo & hairspray. Who knew?? I thought dry shampoo was just for 2 day old greasy hair!  This gives you immediate and lasting volume…minus the old school teasing.

*Big thanks to my fantastic, wonderful, and talented stylist Lyric of Republic Salon in Athens, GA for ALWAYS giving me a great blend of what I want and need.  You can follow them on Facebook here to see some great example of their work.*