Show Stopping Silver Shadow

I get into a seasonal rut with my makeup looks every now and then just like everyone else.  Lately with it being so blazing hot, I’ve been into bright lipsticks (fuchsias and oranges) and bold eyeliner (think emerald greens and electric blue!).  So I decided to bunk my hot summer weather looks and go for something polar (get it, cold) opposite…Icy hot SILVER eyeshadow!! 






For the EYES, I showed the step by step of “what to put where” above to try and make it a bit easier to follow.  I know I know I should do some videos, but those take FOREVER to edit, so I’m sticking with my still photos for now! Promise to bring some video life to the blog soon when I get more time on my hands (will that seriously every happen??).


I like to mix my shimmery silvers with a matte grey in the crease (Bobbi Brown “Slate”) to balance out all of the shiny! I actually used an old Kat Von D palette for my silvers (discontinued) but Too Faced makes this awesome Smokey palette with a plethora of silvers as shown above.
The key to this watercolor effect is to put your lightest and brightest silver in the center of the lid, in the tear duct area, and along the lower lashes.  Then add your darkest silver/charcoal on the outside of the lid and between the tear duct and center lid silver.
Add your favorite black liquid liner and wing it out just on top.  A white pencil was added in the waterline to make everything as bright as possible! Finish off with loads of super black mascara on top and bottom.
I completed my look with a warm rosy pink creme blush and lip gloss.  Have you tried these Maybelline Elixirs yet?? Gosh I’m a huge fan, especially the Captivating Carnation used here. The eyes are where it’s at so that’s why I kept the rest of the face so low key.  And anyone can wear silver, seriously.So what do you think of this show stopping silver look?? I couldn’t keep the entire look so wintery though, so I kept it slightly hot with my red-orange mani:)