Makeup & Style Tips For Staying Cool At A Hot Outdoor Event

I was recently a co-host of a Girls Day Out Event with one of the local radio stations here in Atlanta, Star 94, and the day of the event was a scorcher!! We were all set up outdoors at one of the area outlet shoppes in the courtyard, so it was like we were in a pressure cooker despite the tents and their minimal shade.  Luckily, I dressed appropriately from my outfit to my melt proof makeup (hair is another story!). 

^^ Me and Elizabeth Herrin, style blogger of MzSavvyStyle, just goofing around – 
Me with my brushes and her with her mannequin!
This lady is such a sweet (and fashionable!) soul, I just loved being around her!^^

 ^^Me and Elizabeth with Star 94’s on air personality, Cindy Simmons, who was such a sweetheart!
I was wishing I had her braids & hat that day instead of my hair sticking to my neck. 
Now SHE had the right hairstyle idea!! ^^

^^Me in action doing mini makeovers on the busy ladies and moms that came to the event.
I had someone in my chair every second of the 2 hours we were there and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting each woman and helping her with a quick pick me up makeup look!^^

Xhiliration Romper (Similar ikat print one here) | Black Wedges (on sale!) |  

What’s the best OUTFIT to choose on a hot hot day in Georgia?  A sleeveless romper of course!! This one I got from Target but apparently they aren’t carrying anymore but I found a similar ikat print from Forever21.  I chose one with a big loud print, because I knew I’d be sweating (ew) and if you’re wearing a solid colored fabric, those ugly sweat patches are going to show!! So a print is good and distracting.  I paired it with a lacy bandeau underneath (no extra straps showing and more comfy than a real strapless bra).  My black cork wedges were worn to give me longer legs but are SO comfortable!! Key when working an event outside, in the heat, on the uncomfortable concrete, and on your feet for 2 hours straight!!  I had heels in my bag, but immediately bailed on them when I saw where I was to be working! And of course you can’t do an outdoor event without the perfect large black sunglasses!

Now onto my speciality, the melt proof makeup look!!  


This was tricky, but luckily even though I kept dabbing my forehead with a kleenex to pull off the sweat, my stay all day oil free foundation stayed great!!
My other tips for melt proof makeup:

  •  Don’t ever keep adding pressed powder to a sweaty forehead, it’ll just get cakey. Use blotting papers or a thin kleenex (not the lotion kind of course!),  
  • I used a skin primer to double up the longevity of my long wear foundation, 
  • a major waterproof eyeliner (Urban Decay “Minx” I’m wearing is my new navy fave!), 
  • a bright powder blush (cream would have slid right off!) **Remember you can get my exact Plā Thing blush plus a special offer with purchase by using my promo code from this recent post!**
  • a simple lip gloss kept me looking fresh, 
  • and I locked in my look with a makeup setting spray so for those 2 hours I looked fresh…not sticky and sweaty!  
Overall it was a super fun event and I enjoyed meeting each and every lady who sat in my chair!  Luckily I was able to keep my cool look without looking like a hot mess:)  
What are some of your favorite style & makeup tips for the heat?

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