Mommy Daughter Fun At American Girl Doll Boutique & Bistro

Even though I have three kids and we do a lot of stuff together as a family, I do love being able to spend some individual time with each one of my little people.  So this past weekend I decided to give my little princess some quality time with mom as we did an early birthday celebration for her at the American Girl Doll Boutique and Bistro.

^^Every girl needs these Cinderella glass slipper heels.^^

 ^^ Not a real ballerina. Cardboard girl^^
^^They even have a booster seat for your doll to enjoy a meal with you!!^^

 ^^They provide a tiny box of questions that can spark conversation with your child! Love it. 
No iPhone games – only used it to take these pics:) And no, she can’t read these on her own but she liked to pretend to.^^
 ^^Vivian’s answers:^^
1. If you owned a horse, what would you name it?  Vivian : Vivian. of course.
2. What is the best class you’ve ever taken?  Vivian : nap time.
3. Would you rather take a shower or a bubble bath?  Vivian : pink bubble bath.
4. Who’s the smartest person you know?  Vivian : Walker (her youngest brother).
 ^^They don’t just serve regular Sprite.  They serve PINK Sprite!!^^
^^Some of the best comfort food you’ve ever eaten.  
Who knew a doll bistro would satisfy even the adult appetite??^^
^^They hooked the bday girl up with a candle and the yummiest chocolate ice cream sunday with whipped cream, chocolate fudge, and sprinkles!! They even came out and sang to her!!^^
This was our first time experiencing anything American Girl Doll related and I must come clean…Her doll (who’s name is Peyton by the way), is actually NOT a REAL AG doll.  Those things are over a 100 bones!! 
So a good friend of mine (thanks Ashley) turned me onto the idea of getting an Our Generation Doll from Target, that closely resembles an AG doll in size and look, but for only around $32. The main difference I can see between the dolls is the hair quality – OG doll is not as silky and easy to brush as the AG ones, but who cares.  I was all in for this idea because honestly, my almost 4 year old doesn’t know the difference and is notorious for not treating her dolls with the best care, for example – applying nail polish on their faces as “makeup.”  I knew if I got her the real thing, I’d want to put a bubble around the doll and hold it myself so Vivian wouldn’t destroy a hundred dollars worth of toy.  And that takes all the fun out of having a doll.   
Luckily, this store treats ALL dolls the same and were totally cool with us bringing in our fake one:)  All of the clothes and accessories available fit these Target dolls so I did splurge and buy Peyton a pajama set (so they can both change at nighttime!), eye glasses, and a wire brush which works better than plastic for their hair.  This store even offers a hair salon for your doll – no joke.  For a price, they’ll sit your doll in a salon chair and you can choose her hairstyle. Although, if you bring in a fake, your choices are limited, because, well their hair isn’t as easy to style.  But that was okay, I only paid 30 bucks for my doll and didn’t want to pay half that to get her hair did;)  Vivian didn’t care either – we had fun once we got home creating our own hairstyles. 
Happy early birthday my sweet Vivian.  I love doing girly stuff like this with you…xo, Mom
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