Monday Beauty Mantra

” EYES, as they say, are the boobs of the face.  
And LASHES are their push-up bras.”
(From the article “Thick Lashes” in the August 2014 issue of Allure magazine)
I laughed out loud when I read this quote while at the same time completely agreeing with it!!   Nothing is more feminine on a face than a good set of look-at-me-lashes.  A coat, or two or three of mascara, brings a face to life while lifting the eyes! I wouldn’t walk out of my house without a bra on…same goes for mascara;)  
One of my most frequently asked questions by friends and clients is, “what is your favorite mascara?”  Probably because this is one of the most widely used makeup products by women who are minimalists to maximum makeup wearers.  It makes a big impact with little to no makeup skills required!  
So here are some of my current favorite drugstore + department store mascaras if you feel like it’s time to try a new formula for your fringes.  Plus the best (cheap!) mascara remover without all the tugging.

What mascara is the bra for your eyelashes??
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