Product Review :: Sheer Cover Studio Perfect Shade Mineral Foundation

I always say that I won’t try or buy a product JUST because of the celebrity it is endorsed by.  But then, never say never.  That’s why when I was given the chance to try out multiple products from Modern Mom on the Sheer Cover Studio line that is endorsed by beautiful mom Brooke Burke-Charvet, well, I couldn’t turn it down.  If it’s good enough for Brooke, it HAS to be good enough for me right??

Have you seen this woman?? She is a machine!! She is 42, has 4 kids, a hot hubby, and the most sick body you’ve ever seen!  Check out this video for her recent shoot with Shape Magazine where she even mentions these Sheer Cover products towards the end!  She’s got all of that plus a beautiful face that never seems overly “done” (unless you count her time on Dancing With The Stars, but that was part of the job:)).

Here are the products I was sent from the line to give me that effortless but flawless looking skin.

^^The Concealer & Brighten Trio in Light/Medium plus a concealer brush.^^
^^ Bare skin and bad hair. Ha!! It gets better:) ^^
I applied the Base Perfector Primer before anything else.  I took a picture of it, but honestly you couldn’t see a difference on camera so I didn’t include it. However, it feels just like the original Smashbox Photo Perfecting primer once applied. Really smooth and silky and has an ever so slight light powdery scent. 
Then I applied the Concealer (the lighter of the two) under my eyes, sides of nose, under chin, above upper lip, and down center of nose. ^^crazy looking placement above^^

 After rubbing the concealer in, I then brushed the loose Mineral Foundation in “Medium” over my entire face and really focused on top of the concealer placement.  I used the foundation brush included to apply this.  I applied two layers of powder because y’all know I like a lot of coverage!!  ^^This pic above is just after concealer was rubbed in, mineral foundation had not yet been applied^^
Then to top off my mineral foundation, I added the Sun-Kissed Bronzing Minerals around the perimeter of my face and under my cheekbones with their smaller headed slanted bristled blush brush.  This was a trio mosaic of shades that really worked well with my skin tone and had minimal shimmer to it which I prefer when using a bronzer.  It gave a realistic glow and was not orange at all.
^^Excuse the CRAZY bug eye face!! This is after the bronzer. ^^
 The Lengthening Mascara and Lash Extending Fibers was one of my favorite products.  I have tried a similar concept before here with Younique, but this duo produced more realistic lashes that didn’t clump up and were not quite as dramatic.  

I added the Brightener (white section of the concealer trio) just in the tear duct area of my eyes and along the top of my lip. I actually really liked this product and found it to give a dewy appearance that really did brighten without being glaring or glittery. 

^^Finished look after adding blush & gloss (and blow drying my hair)!^^

Overall Take Away:

  • Although I’ve never been a huge fan of mineral makeup because I don’t feel it provides the best coverage like a liquid does, I did find this stuff to do a decent job of giving me a very natural look. And it felt like I literally had nothing on my face.
  • Staying power, not so great.  Felt I needed to brush on more powder within hours of first application despite the primer.  Yes, I think these pics look great, but they were taken right after application.  It literally started to fade an hour later.
  • Without the primer, this would not have looked nearly as good, so the primer is a MUST.
  • Love the lashes, definitely gave more volume than mascara alone.
  • My favorite products – the concealer and brightener were pretty awesome.  Very creamy, lightweight, and blended in beautifully and provided great coverage. 
  • I consider my skin to be light to medium in tone – so I was shocked the medium shade of mineral powder worked for me.  But I definitely could not have gone lighter or I would have looked like a ghost! 
  • This won’t be what I would wear for a big event or going on a date with my hubby, but it will be something I would wear if I was in a time crunch or to go to the gym (yes, I wear a little bit when I workout, don’t judge).

If you like the looks of these products, Sheer Cover & Modern Mom are hosting a GIVEAWAY for 10 lucky ladies to win all of these products reviewed here.  Just go to THIS LINK to enter to win!

Are you a mineral makeup fan or have you tried Sheer Cover yet?

*These products were sent to me by Modern Mom for consideration only.  All opinions and thoughts expressed are honest and my own. *