Tips & Products For Becoming An Eyebrow Queen

BROWS are the FRAMEWORK OF THE FACE.  This is one of the only features and products (next to mascara) that I am not ever seen without fixing when I walk out of the door.  I plucked mine into scary thin McDonalds arches in high school and now spend lots of time filling them back in theses day. Here are some women with inspirational brows and some of my must have products and tips to help you get/fake them.

 The ultimate brow queen – Cara Delevingne. 

 Jessica Alba

 Lucy Hale
Miranda Kerr

My Tips for getting your BEST BROWS :
1. Fuller is better and gives a more youthful appearance.  Point blank.  Super thin brows are extremely aging. 
2. Do the pencil test : Need to know your best shape?  Place a pencil on the side of your nose vertically going up to your brows and down towards your mouth.  If you brows go past the inside of the pencil towards to your nose, pluck them.  If they don’t touch the pencil, fill them in until they reach the pencil.  Now keep the bottom of pencil still on the side of your nose and move the upper part to above your pupil, that’s where the arch should be at its highest point.  Then keep pushing it over until you line the pencil up with your last lash, straight above that should be where the brow should stop.  Either fill into that point or pluck past the pencil there.  Here is a visual.
3. Clean them up.  I like full, but not unruly.  Invest in a great pair of slanted head tweezers like these gold Tweezerman beauties to get the cleanest outline. 
4.  Fill them in.  Most of us have spotty brows where they’re thick in parts, thin in others. Choose whatever product you need for the kind of outcome you want.  Want the perfect outlined brows, use  a pencil with a really thin tip like this one or this one.  Want a more natural look? Use a tinted brow wax or brow powder.
5.  Set them.  All you need is a a cheap clear mascara to brush through your finished product to set it and go.
6.  Want to go a step further?  Remember this concealer trick here?
(All celeb photos found on Pinterest.)
What are your best brow products and tips?
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