Labor (LESS) DAY

This is very difficult for me to do…RELAX.  

As a mom, I think it’s just innate in me to feel like I should ALWAYS be doing something more.  Even on a holiday like today.  
I struggle with thinking I am never doing enough when I reflect on my freelance business, my blog, and even my family.  I think, “I could always do better right??”  Do I have enough unique visitors and comments on my current blog post – don’t those define me as a great or not-so great blogger?? Shouldn’t my content I put up there be enough or do I really need those numbers to define how good I am?  Am I doing enough marketing of myself for my freelance business and shouldn’t I want to be busier and more booked on a weekly basis?  I know I don’t do enough in terms of trying to get my kids to eat healthier or to be more adventurous in their eating habits. Why won’t they just try and like okra – other friends kids do??  (I don’t even eat okra but for some reason feel like my kids should)

So this Labor Day, I am going to attempt to not focus on any of those above worries and I’m going to relax with my family and tell myself I am enough.  I’m going to quit worrying if I’ve done enough Tweeting and Pinned the appropriate amount of pins at the right time of day to get the most views and repins, sheesh. If my kid does something really cute that I must capture, I’m going to Instagram it without thinking, “Will my followers feel compelled to “like” this?” In all honesty, yes, that thought does go through my head sometimes when I insta something…Lame.  Shoot, I might even just let my kids eat an extra cookie and enjoy their boring chicken nuggets for the 4th time this week.

Although as I am writing this simple blog post, I’m realizing that I’m not doing a very good job of relaxing.  It’s a vicious cycle. At least I’m aware of it.  I hope you all have an amazing, and Labor (less) Day!!!

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