February 27, 2014

The Only Brow Pencil You Will Ever Need : DiorShow Brow Styler

I am brow obsessed.  It's the one part of my face I literally won't walk out of the house without them being done.  It's also the first feature I work with on my makeup clients because if the brows look good, the rest of the face is well on its way.  Yet it is always tricky finding just the right brow product to match each persons specific brow color...until now.  Introducing a "universal" brow pencil shade...

So when I was introduced to the following DiorShow Brow Styler, $29, that only comes in one shade, Universal Brown 001, I was skeptical. How can they offer only ONE shade choice for the gazillions of different shades of brows out there??  No other company does that - most brow options come in at least 4 options from blonde, light brown, medium brown, to dark brown, and black!  But seriously, it lives up to its claims - it is universal - it works on every client (including myself) I've used it on so far. Amazing.

{Yes this is my attempt at drawing a mini-eyebrow on my hand to show you the color swatch!!}

Here is a before and after comparison of Olive to show you what this pencil can do.

I was demonstrating a brow tutorial on Olive for a few other beauty industry folks here in town recently, and usually I use a couple different products to fill in brows whether it be brow wax + pencil, or shadow + colored brow gel, but this Brow Styler was all I needed.  Even though she is a different skin tone than me with much lighter natural brows than mine, this pencil still worked for her just as well as it does on me.

I love the consistency of it because it's just dry enough to have staying power but draws on smoothly and is easy to layer if you want to keep going darker.  The outcome is super natural and doesn't look scary or produce harsh lines.  And the spooly thing on the end makes brushing the product through a breeze, so it's literally an all in one product with no extra comb or brush needed.  I'm a fan for life of this pencil.  I hope it lasts me a long time at the 29 bucks price tag, but honestly, it's worth every penny in my book.

*Just a reminder to all of you Atlanta, Ga makeup lovers! If you are in the area on March 15th, come see me at Lenox Bloomingdale's for a fun beauty event - details HERE.  They have a Dior counter so you can come pick yourself up one of this babies!*

Have you tried this Dior pencil?  What did you think?

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February 25, 2014

Knockout Neutral Makeup

Makeup Products Used:

I find that a lot of women think that neutral colored makeup tends to look really boring, but I say NO WAY, it definitely doesn't HAVE to!  My tricks for making the khakis and the taupes of the world look like a knockout on the face is to incorporate just one touch of color (in this case my peach cheeks!) or mix up your finishes, i.e., glosses, creams, matte and shimmer balance.  

In THIS look - I used a very neutral shadow palette that consisted of all matte shadows but added one of my fave Urban Decay liners which has a touch of shimmer in it to make the eyes a bit more playful.  I also lined my entire eye with the liner to give it a sexy smolder-y look.  This DiorShow brow styler I should probably devote a whole blog post too bc I recently was introduced to it by another makeup artist, and I am IN LOVE (thanks Melissa!).  It's a universal shade so it literally works on 90% of the ladies I work on - it's crazy good and has a spooly tool at the end so it's all you need to bomb the pencil through.  I finished off my look with a warm peachy cream blush and high gloss neutral lip color to again contrast with the matte shadows by using these opposite finishes (no flat powders or matte lip colors).  

There you've got it - A neutral TKO.

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February 24, 2014

Monday Beauty Mantra

"Every flower that blooms, has to go through a whole lot of dirt."
author unknown

We had the MOST gorgeous weekend here in Athens.  Especially after our wild southern snow spell, the 70 degree temps were a warm welcome.  So when the weather gets spring-like, it inspires me to plant flowers.  Even though I have the blackest thumb on the planet and kill these things as soon as I plant them, it still makes me happy to try and keep them alive.  And who knew that Vivian would be so into the planting process?! She absolutely loved it, even with all of the dirt and soil involved.

So I love this quote because it is the perfect analogy of how things in life happen.  You have to endure a lot of yucky "dirt" to get those beautiful "bloom" moments.  I have often felt sorry for myself when going through unfortunately tough moments and seeing those stumbling blocks as dead ends - that nothing good can come of them.  But as cliche as it sounds, those bad times actually make the good times look and feel even better.  In my life, I've had difficult moments like the struggle to have children, to watching my husband endure multiple layoffs in business, to wondering why I put so much effort into my blog when at times it doesn't seem to be going anywhere - the end results always trump those extreme hard times we have had in our family.

We now have 3 healthy children (I always prayed for at least ONE when I didn't even think I would have any), those layoffs made my husband finally find a job he is proud of, and my blog has landed me amazing opportunities I never dreamed of.  Now this isn't to say this makes parenting or keeping these jobs easier, but they make us appreciate both more than if we had easily gotten pregnant and he had kept the same job for years without interruption in our financial situation. And even when my husband was going through those tough times of job searching, he stayed positive and encouraged me to start my own business and blog as something we could focus our energy on, which now I couldn't imagine my life without.  We are living proof that blooms are a direct result of dirt.

*And speaking of 'blooming', be sure to come see me as I host Bloomingdale's Beauty Event on March 15th at Lenox Square in Atlanta.  This will be a great way to get inspired for your spring makeup look and treat yourself to some new products - Details for registering here!*

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February 21, 2014

Leaving Las Vegas

Wearing Esqido mink lashes in style "unforgettable" at the airport!

As you can tell by my lack of posts this week, I have been a very bad blogger but have a very good reason why.  I have been working at the WWD Magic Market show out in Las Vegas for my old boss I used to work for before I had kids this past week.  It wasn't exactly a pleasure/vacation trip but it turned out to be a nice "mommy break."  I was able to get back into my old days in the wholesale apparel market while also mixing and mingling in the exciting city of Vegas with other people in the fashion industry.  Oh, and apparently I missed a few celeb sightings like Snooki, Fergie, and one of the Real Housewives of Orange County who were also at this same show I was working!  I didn't take many pictures but will share with you the few that I did.

 Me and my girl Jaime who I helped in the Miss Me denim booth.  
You have no idea how many jean options there are per season these stores have to choose from! 
We drank ALOT of coffee to get us through the day.

 My new midi ring, similar style here, and Julep gold sparkle nails in Zelda and Paris.

Inside the Venetian Hotel. Unbelievably gorgeous. 

 It's Sugar - where I bought all of my kids souvenirs! 

Paris in Las Vegas.

 One of the best meals of the trip at Blue Ribbon Sushi in the Cosmopolitan Hotel.

Me and my friend Kayla doing our best modeling pose in front of the Miss Me booth! 

The Chandelier Bar at the Cosmopolitan.  This pic doesn't do it sparkly justice.

We worked from 8:30am until 7pm most days.  So there wasn't exactly much time for blogging which as you know comes with creating makeup looks, photographing them, editing them, and then actually writing the blog post!  I must admit, I felt like a piece of me was missing when I didn't blog Monday-Friday - yeh, nerdy I know.  However, there was also something freeing about convincing myself to not pay the $20 a day for WiFi in my hotel in order to blog, when I was barely even in the hotel to use it!  I had just read an article by fellow blogger, ElleSees.blogspot.com, where she nailed down how us passionate bloggers feel about our craft, and how that passion can sometimes lead to "blogger breakdown" which was a path I was headed on.  I needed this tiny break from this blog I love so much and to actually go a few days with just living life and talking to actual people -  not living by talking through my computer.

And in all honesty, my makeup didn't look that great after almost 10 hours of working a booth anyway.  The only saving grace to my face (the weather was SO dry my skin looked horribly alligator-skin like for most of the week) was that I brought my Esqido mink lashes along with me (review here) and sported them all day long so at least I had long full lashes! When in Vegas, do as the showgirls do right??  Oh, and lots of lipstick and gloss.

There is something about being in Las Vegas where time goes by so fast that the days literally run together and you're not quite sure how it happened. The city literally never sleeps and I kind of feel like I didn't either.  So now that the adrenaline rush of Las Vegas is over, it's time to leave and catch up on my zzz's and hug on my children and husband I missed so dearly.  Thanks Vegas for allowing me the opportunity to take a little break but also reminding me that I really like my mommy role.  

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February 17, 2014

Come On A Makeup Date With Me At Bloomingdale's

I am beyond thrilled to be hosting a HUGE beauty event for all of my fellow makeup lovers (and those that want to be a makeup lover) over at the Lenox Square Bloomingdale's!  I will be emceeing this upcoming makeup date on the morning of March 15th at 8:30am.

If you want to start your spring off with some brand new beauty ideas and products from some of the best brands in makeup, go ahead and secure your spot by calling Laurie Baker at 404.495.2872 or emailing lenox@bloomingdales.com .  Thanks so much to Bloomingdale's for inviting me to be a part of this event, I can't wait! I hope to see you all there and please come to say "hi!"

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February 14, 2014

Snow White Eye Liner

We have just experienced the craziest amount of snow I've seen here in Georgia in a long time.  We usually get 1-2 inches and that's it, maybe once every 3 years.  So this covering of white powder stuff inspired my want to try out the WHITE EYE LINER TREND.  Making my own modern version of Snow White if you will..

Products used for this look:

I was curious if this was going to be a very wrong trend for me and wash me out because it's basically layering white on white!  But I had to give it a try since Glamour Magazine called this THE IT eye makeup trend for spring 2014 here.  My key to making this look NOT wash me completely out, was to pair it with one of my favorite taupe shadows with a bit of shimmer, plenty of black mascara, pretty pink cheeks and a shiny lavender lip.   I applied this eyeliner after my shadow and used my trick of drawing it out pretty far to create a winged eye, then cleaning it up with a Qtip along the under side of the eyeliner to give it that swoop!  I knew I had pulled this off because my husband gave it the thumbs up and said it looked really cool.  A cool eye makeup look inspired by a very cool day. 

Here is a short video my husband created that documented all of the fun we have had during our winter storm. We had to document this because we seriously might not see this white stuff again for a few years.  All of this went down in my very own front yard with our whole neighborhood basically gathering to play together.   And yes, we busted out an air mattresses and Fisher Price rocking horses to sled on bc we weren't prepared with real snow gear or sleds!

Speaking of Snow White, do you remember my Disney version here?  
Would you incorporate the white eyeliner in your makeup routine?

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February 11, 2014

Matte And Shimmer Makeup Balance

Products Used:

L'Oreal Infallible eyeshadow in "bronzed taupe" | Anastasia Brow Wiz pencil in "brunette" | Physicians Formula Eye Booster Eyeliner in "black" (one of my fave liquid liners!) | Maybelline Color Tattoo Pure Pigments in "brash blue" | L'Oreal Voluminous False Fibers Lash Mascara | Mary Kay "shy blush" (seen here) |  Stila Stay All Day Foundation in "light" | | Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in "elusive." 

I am a big fan of mixing up my matte and shimmer makeup products.  I don't like a face full of shimmery things or a completely matte face - it feels too flat and uniform, I'm all about balance.  When I start doing my makeup, there's usually one specific product I'm feeling at the moment and start from there. Whether it be I'm in the mood for matte purple eye shadow or super glossy lips, I take cues from what I initially want to work with and balance out the finishes from there.  

With this look it all started with my brand new Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm and worked from there.  By the way, I LOVE this lip crayon.  It's not so matte that it dries your lips out or looks crusty, it's just the perfect matte finish and feels like velvet, seriously.  This rosy shade "elusive," is super easy to wear and now I want to try their more bold colors!  So since I knew I was working matte lips in a very soft color, I decided a shimmery eyelid on top was in order along with a punch of bold color on my lower lash line of blue to spice things up!  I am pretty fond of how it turned out. 

Do you like to mix and match your makeup finishes?

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February 10, 2014

Monday Beauty Mantra

"I believe that HAPPY girls are the PRETTIEST girls." 
Audrey Hepburn

Watching my little Vivian in a makeup store, makes me happy, because SHE gets really happy.  Her eyes seriously light up as she skips from aisle to aisle, "oohing and ahhing" at glitter nail polishes, bright pink lipsticks, and every eye shadow sample she can get her hands on.  I don't blame her, I love a good makeup store too. Could spend all day in one and never get bored.  She's becoming a lot like me in that respect.  It doesn't take expensive battery operated toys or jumbo stuffed bears to make her grin come out.  Just a simple colored lip balm, with a little bit of sparkle of course.  
I always remind her that she doesn't need a lick of it though to be pretty.  But I sure do understand how much fun it is to play in.

Happy Monday and I hope your week gets off to a beautiful start!

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February 7, 2014

Sochi Olympics : Gold Medal Glamour

{U.S. gold medal hopefuls -Ice dancing pair, Meryl Davis and Charlie White. 

I am so excited about tonight's opening ceremonies in Sochi! It is always such a grand performance of scenery, music, fashion (the part I most look most forward to -seeing what each country wears!), and just watching all of the world come together on one stage.

The winter Olympics aren't really my favorite, I prefer the gymnastics and synchronized swimming personally of the summer games.  But I will be definitely be watching the figure skating for sure!  I love the the gracefulness of the skaters and am constantly amazed what they can do on those teeny tiny blades.  I do good to dance in tennis shoes or high heels!  And once again, their costumes and elaborate makeup are much more fun to watch as opposed to boring bulky ski suits and hockey garb. I admit, I tend to gravitate to which sports seem more glamorous while going for the gold!

Here are a few COOL links about these Winter Olympics starting today:

1.  Zimbo.com thinks these are the hottest winter Olympians.
2.  Have you ever wondered how much a gold medal really cost?
3.  Ralph Lauren created these team USA uniforms. 
4.  The Sochi Olympics have 3 cute mascots.
5.  #1 most difficult sport in the winter Olympics. 
6.  The Olympic torch has actually been all the way to outer space
7.  Total price tag of these games...wowza!!!

Are you going to be watching the 2014 games?

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February 6, 2014

The Wonders of The NYX Wonder Pencil

As a mom, one of my strengths is the ability to multitask.  So of course I am also drawn to any beauty product that has that same ability.  Let's call this one the Wonder Woman of pencils...

Here are the FOUR ways you can use this ONE pencil :

1. To cover small blemishes.  I spot treated a small red zit that was cropping up on my chin, and it was the perfect tool to do that because of the small head of the pencil.  Way better than trying to use my finger to apply concealer since the spot was actually pretty small and I didn't need that much product.  It's also a great consistency for this bc it's not real slippery and stayed put!

2.  Invisible lip liner.  I lined around just the top of my cupids bow and right underneath my lower lip to give it almost a highlighter appearance.  Which also helped with lip gloss bleeding.

3. Brow highlighter.  I traced under and over my brows once they were filled in to give them a more defined look!

4. Waterline brightener.  My favorite trick, lining my inner waterline along the lower lash line with a flesh colored pencil to take away any redness from late nights or lack of sleep (every mom encounter this problem if they've got small children!). Don't forget the the tear duct area too!

This fleshy corrector pencil comes in 3 shades - light, medium, and deep so there's a color for everyone.  I am really impressed with everything I could do with this ONE pencil and might even try out the medium shade once summer hits and I get a bit more color on my face.

I actually caught wind of this pencil while browsing through some of my fellow Power Primpers beauty bags over on the Pretty In My Pocket app.  Most of them raved about this one product, so naturally I had to have it!  Check me and my other product reviews out over on the app if you haven't already downloaded it, it's FREE.  And not to mention SO much fun to use the handy dandy scanner while you're browsing the aisles of your fave drugstore to read reviews so you can make your purchase decision right there!

Have you tried this wonder-ful NYX pencil yet??

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